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George Clooney Testifies -- The Defense Rests!

5/4/2009 5:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rande Gerber's sexual harassment lawsuit is about to get even sexier -- George Clooney will take the stand. Put another way, he's testifying against the chicks, so they may as well fold now.

Gerber, along with a couple of his employees, are being sued for sexual harassment -- allegedly kissing and fondling two former waitresses. Gerber calls the claims a "blatant lie" and he's even got witnesses to prove it -- including Mr. Clooney himself.

A rep for Gerber tells us, "Mr. Gerber and Mr. Clooney are willing to take a lie detector tests to prove that the allegations against Mr. Gerber are false. Mr. Gerber will not settle this extortion case even for a single dollar and will take all actions necessary to clear his name, including filing a $10 million lawsuit for malicious prosecution once these allegations are proven false."

Case closed.

UPDATE -- Through his rep, Clooney tells us, "I was with Rande the entire night -- as were a lot of people -- they will all say the same thing that I'm saying. This event never happened. Period."


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1996 days ago


WHO CARES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!

1996 days ago


for a 3-way with Mr Gerber and Mr. Clooney, i will drop all charges!!!!!

1996 days ago


You know. I understand that some people may be out for money and not necessarily justice.
But what chance do the girls have in this case with these two powershouses.
I don't know what to think.

1996 days ago


good for him for not being bullied

1996 days ago

who dat    

Oh come on. There have been whispers for years about Gerber bing a puss* hound. Does anyone find it interesting that TMZ (or one of the other sites) had pictures of George lounging on a yaht recently w/ Gerber & wifey. The fix is in. This next part is posturing. When has ANYONE ever taken a pollygraph in a civil case. "A rep for Gerber tells us, "Mr. Gerber and Mr. Clooney are willing to take a lie detector tests to prove that the allegations against Mr. Gerber are false."

There are two stadards of "so-called justice" in America. One for the rich & famous and the other for everyone else. This case is over.

1996 days ago


um...clooney is a witness to what, exactly?

1996 days ago


Um, I'm fairly certain polygraphs are not admissable in a court of law, so big deal on that theory. However, depose them and that's a whole nother ballgame. Better back down chicklets, true or untrue, sad to say, in this matter, money and power will win and destroy you (sorry but true).

1996 days ago


Gee George, Randy is a big boy methinks.
Or is this a case of boys looking out for boys...

1996 days ago

Hilton is a Loser    

If you read the article Clooney is a witness to being in the presence of Gerber during the night in question to say none of the allegations are true. Now I know why TMZ the TV show does so well it's because morons cannot read they can only learn by viewing the pictures.

1996 days ago


It's a well known proven fact, that American women, or women
in general would never lie (cough,cough,) just to make a buck.

So logic would only dictate, that it is the men who are lying.. ..ARTOFWAR

1996 days ago


BigPapi, thanks for your ASSesment.
but is it really possible for George to be with Rande ALL night?
Sorry, but there are still chances to do this even if George was there.

1996 days ago


These men are pigs when their wife and girlfriends are not around with other women. Clooney wouldn't know harassment if it bite him in the butt because it is a way of life for him and Rande!! It's a joke when Clooney is testifying in a sexual harassment case!

1996 days ago

who dat    

How long does it take to slide your hand up a womans thigh, under her dress, up to her crotch area. George was most likely in the bathroom, taking advantage of the glory hole. This is all allegedly of course.

1996 days ago


What a joke Clooney is. He's hardly a credible "witness." Nor is it plausible that he was glued to this guy every moment of the night. Doesn't he invest with the other sleaze and therefore have a financial interest in this matter.

Either way, Clooney made a strategic miscalculation trying to back his partner in crime. Clooney's probably worried that he'll be nailed next for harassment. He's a creepy old guy running around hitting on way too young women using his fading looks and fading celebrity.

Clooney is another sleaze scratching the back of his sleazy brother. It is a way of life for these people and they are used to getting what they demand.

Clooney is so over and needs to get over himself. He's old and done. Only older women like him and certainly not enough to make his movies successful.

These poor women really have the deck stacked against them. They should get every drop of justice they're asking for.

1996 days ago
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