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Eminem's Chances for Swine Flu -- Slim to None

5/5/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that the swine flu epidemic has infected a staggering 4 people out of France's 60 million residents, Eminem was taking no chances of contracting the devastating illness while tooling around Paris yesterday.


Pigs aren't the only thing with a bad rap these days.
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Rap sucks    

Ha ha what's wrong shady scared of getting ill? well boy go back to the trailer park and stop dressing like a moron. How the hell do people even take his lyrics seriously when he acts like a kid and flashes his ass all the time. I don't know blonde girls are just dumb i guess but everyone takes rap seriously look at everyone who gets killed. Ya'll made him, but he doesn't give a damn about you THE REAL SLIM SHADY YO!

1998 days ago

Rap sucks    

Yeah he's dumb and acts like a 5 year old trying to be a tug even though he's never even been in a fight. But i thought even rich people could get the best protection for anything. Swine flu is so annoying and stop blaming mexicans what if it started somewhere else huh?

1998 days ago


If this is a joke which it probably is, its not least the families with real cases aren't laughing I'm sure.

1998 days ago


.....From one PIG to another!............

1998 days ago


whats the big deal? so he's being safe. i dont blame him.

1998 days ago


You know what's the most hilarious part about this? I live in the Detroit area near where Eminem does, and we have TONS of cases here. Like 50 of them. Schools are closing all over here! Eminem was more likely to give it to France or the airport than France or the airport was to give it to him.

1998 days ago


wow m$m is back i thought he dropped off the earth

1998 days ago


he is smart damn minority has all kinds of nasty germs

1998 days ago


For all of you calling Eminem a "thug" shut the hell up. What the hell does it matter how he dresses? That's how some people are comfortable. So what he doesn't wear some whitey tighteys riding up his ass with his shirt tucked in and his pants around his belly button. This is the new millenium and we can do and dress and say whatever we want, and should without being criticized. but thats part of the problem with all the world is ignorant ass people who "blog" I have never written one of these before but I have to speak my mind.

And to Craig who says he's never been in a fight.. Why don't you do a little research you dumbass. He's been in plenty, both private and public. Look this stuff up and than speak you clown.

Eminem is a normal guy who has a tremendous talent on the mic and writing these raps. He is a great father who adopted two other little girls when their parents weren't able to take care of him. He's a changed man, get the Fu*k of his back. Unbelievable.

1998 days ago


It seems the writer of this article is quite uneducated.(This is TMZ though and journalistic credibility is not what their reporters were hired for.) Wearing a mask does not protect the wearer. It protects others. So perhaps Eminem is ill?

1998 days ago


I don't blame him.

1998 days ago


the disease isnt even air borne...the mask wouldnt stop him from getting it if he actually came in contact with someone who has it.

1998 days ago


Should be called the Bull flu.....what a bunch of BS

1998 days ago

Load of Idiots    

Standard Surgical masks are not the proper masks for keeping the spread of germs from you to someone else or vice versa. He appears to be wearing an N95 safety mask which is what the News Reports are telling you to buy. Getting the stupid surgical masks like say Heidi and Spencer wont' do a damn thing for you.

Its better Safe then Sorry to use hand santizer adn if your on long flights to have a mask. Airplane air systems are germ incubators they're not filtered etc infact you have a higher chance of getting sick flying then you do going to the movies.

1998 days ago


Not very Hard Ass Gangstar of him!!! What a wuss!

1998 days ago
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