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Brooke Involved in Kiefer Caper

5/6/2009 10:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Shields, Kiefer SutherlandRegarding the Kiefer Sutherland headbutting incident in NYC Monday night ... new details from law enforcement, and they back up Kiefer's story that Brooke Shields was in the middle of the spat that left designer Jack McCollough injured.

According to one law enforcement source, "Brooke was definitely involved." As we reported, Kiefer and witnesses say McCollough pushed Brooke and Kiefer stepped in and demanded he apologize to her. Kiefer's peeps say Jack pushed Kiefer, and the actor responded with a headbutt.

There are reports Kiefer was drunk at the time of the incident.

Law enforcement sources also tell us they have been in touch with FOX studios, asking for them to arrange a time when cops can interview Kiefer.

Story developing ...


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He is a very good actor, but seems very angry. I always wonder why people who have so much still seem to be so unhappy. I have had many ups and downs in my life. I never laid a hand on anyone. I think the demon rum has him..

Good luck to them all..

1993 days ago


Hey for everybody outheir, if you see Brooke get knocked down, punched out, robbed & getting rapped, don't I repeat don't help her out. She will take the perps side.

1993 days ago


no mena, i WAS head butted. i laughed and then 2 hit him to the ground, and then laughted some more as did his "friend" who sat there and watched it all go down
no grown man would head butt. the only ones that would are pu55ies and know that if they punch they will do even less damage

1993 days ago

Tiger Woods    

Well, if had been "Jack Bauer" rather than "Keifer Sutherland" involved in this matter ... Jack would've KILLED the sonofabit**. He probably would have used the "head scissors" hold he used in the "Redemption" 2-hour special from last November ... it was totally cool, his arms were tied above his head to some kind of fence, but he got the guy in a head scissors and snapped his neck with a little "twich" of his legs. Way to go Jack!

1992 days ago


Keifer was just acting like any good Canadian, protecting the fair damsel in distress. From his inebriated perspective she deserved an apology, and he was going to get it for her. Good for him.

1994 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

could`nt knock over a`s a spat!

1994 days ago


Just wondering. Is there any incident in which Keifer is involved where he isn't completely drunk?

1994 days ago

Brian Peppers    

He thought he was on the show, beating and torturing people is 2nd nature to this idiot.

1994 days ago


If the story is true good for Kiefer but what I don't understand is why does law enforcement have to make an appointment to talk to him. If it was average Joe... they would just come knocking at our door!

1994 days ago


Cops would need to make a appointment with anyone in incident like this(its not like a murder was committed).. Because all they have to do is say the magic word Lawyer

1994 days ago

Carrys F.    

Brooke Shields looks like a transvestite.

1994 days ago


The guy shoved him first. That's a physical assault. I say it's self-defense.

1994 days ago


I say complicated. He said, she said, he headbutts......

1993 days ago


only a bltch headbutts, canadian or not

and "asking for them to arrange a time when cops can interview Kiefer."

must be nice. any normal person wouldnt have this luxury

1993 days ago


Hi Terri # 9. I respectfully disagree. There is no verbal provocation for physical assault. The guy put his hands on Sutherland and pushed him. Sutherland acted in self-defense. I say he walks.

1993 days ago
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