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Lindsay Strips Away Her Pain

5/7/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is refocusing and getting back to basics ... a black bra and stockings.


Holding her yellow wig in place, the 21-year-old former actress posed in lingerie during a Marilyn Monroe themed photo shoot on Wednesday.

Gentlewomen prefer blondes, too.


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1958 days ago


People wonder why I lost faith in a decent human and humanity, and all I have to do is show these comments about someone they do not know personally and at as if the person who they do not know did something to them on a personal level. I mean jeez the amount of hate for this women people be spewing out makes you think she robed a bank, beat a child and killed people by the dozens.

But I forgot people feel safe saying things on the internet that they would not say in real life since it would look pretty stupid since they do not know the person, just what they read which people seem to forget is not the full story just the side being told and they seem to forget that these people they talk about are human just like them and I wonder if people put pictures of the wonderful posters up and have comments like the ones they are spewing would they feel good?

Humanity, judge people based on what they hear and see but not what they know personally and of course it is just fine to hate and call people we do not know names, and we wonder why school bullying happens or things of that nature just pull up any of the comments and wonder why...but people can say what they want but that does not make what they say right or true it is just them wanting to voice their negative opinion. ah I love's ok to say because they are stars!! and it is not them being dissed or made fun of lets join I have to put my negative post about here here?yay...

1958 days ago


Jeez! She's so wizened that her stocking is bagging at the knee. VERY modern sexy! How cringe-inducing.

1958 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

She looks like the white trailer trash whore she is. Stop wasting film on this skank. She's only good for porn.

1958 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

Jaded why done you go preach to your kids, you dumb as whore.

1958 days ago


She looks way to skinny and sorry but she looks so trashy here.

1958 days ago

Black Teef    

One can smell the pu$$y on her breath.

1958 days ago


Plain ugly.

1958 days ago


Some of the thing that iam reading that you guys have put on here is hurtful and mean just because ya lives are no better does not mean ya have the right to put other down and i wish i could see each and everyone of you who put a bad comment on here i bet my life see look better then ya anyday now get a life and stay off the computer lameo

1958 days ago


She looks like a tranny workin' it on Santa Monica Blvd.

1958 days ago

no one you know    

As far as I remember, Marilyn looked like a REAL WOMAN, not an underfed, skanky sell-out!

1958 days ago


What's the deal with all of her Marilyn Monroe photoshoots? First of all, she's too damn skinny to even compare to Marilyn, who was truly beautiful and stacked. LL looks ridiculous! But, why do all these women (Madonna, Jessica Simpson, etc.), always try to do the Marilyn Monroe photos? Its so stupid.

1958 days ago


Get a load of how baggy those stockings are on her skank-skinny legs! I believe that LL's publicist is trying desperately to keep her in the public eye (like the did when Britney was going insane), in the hopes that LL's career will somehow re-emerge like Britney's did. I don't think its going to work. She needs to go away and get healthy again and try then to re-start her career. Its obvious that she's suffering from a real bad drug habit and its going to ruin her for good.

1958 days ago


Ginger Freckled Skin. ew...

1958 days ago


What is that? Ughhh.....girl get back that curve and figure you had before you become your current state. What a disappointment, I thought you were so gorgeous before, now you look like a wanna be...Bring back what made you, like in the days of mean girls.... you're no inspiration now

1958 days ago
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