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Justin Timberlake -- Mother Lover

5/10/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's sick, it's twisted and flat-out wrong -- but this Mother's Day skit by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg from last night's "SNL" is just too funny not to watch.

Kids, definitely don't try this at home.


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LOL. No one is pushing anyone's agenda on anyone. It's a SONG. On a SKETCH COMEDY show. If you didn't think it was funny, you don't have to. Lots of people did. No one reacts exactly the same way to someone. I think it's hilarious when people start involving politics into a sketch. If you are going to go after liberals, need I remind you that Sarah Palin even appeared on SNL and didn't seem to have a problem with that. Sketch comedy is what it is, they make fun of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Given that it's an equal opportunity offender, I'm surprised anyone would take it as a personal thing. You don't have to enjoy it, but don't crap all over everyone else's good time and turn it into something it wasn't intended to be just because you didn't get your kicks.

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1991 days ago


Justin Timberlake is so full of himself. He thinks he's hot...he's not. The only actor who looks worse is Joaquim.

1991 days ago


Timberlake is ugly as hell. Who the hell would have him?

1991 days ago


And people wonder why SNL is dead? This was lame, boring and unoriginal. If it wasn't Justin Timberlake, nobody would be praising this garbage. It's unfortunate that NBC lets SNL stay on the air, because it diminishes the good stuff the show did years ago.

1991 days ago


That was GREAT. I loooooove JT and Samberg together.

1991 days ago


Total genius!!!

1991 days ago


I totally agree that SNL should be pulled... who is this Adam Sandberg anyway? he has done nothing, but is being pushed down our throats... Justin Timberlake will be laughed at in skits in twenty years for the way he sings... he sucks and is too full o fhimself it ruins what could be funny.... this was just crude, vulgar and immature... once again glad I didnt waste my time watching the show last night.

1991 days ago


At least they didn't get arrested this time :)

1991 days ago


Disgusting perverted and SO wrong! Just another reason why Justin was never my favorite member of NSync. Lame-O nerd.

1991 days ago


That was a funny video. Mannequins talking to each other. That's hysterical!...............................

.......................................................Mannequins can't talk.

1991 days ago


The Writers of SNL are Sick and So GAY,NBC Should Be Ashamed,The End of SNL is near

1991 days ago


Totally disrespectful!

1991 days ago


Hey #48 Im just curious as to why this is genius?? two guidos singing about wanting to have sex with each others moms is now considered ground breaking or genius? Im guessing you are 13 so will give you a pass,, but the reality is that there is no longer any imagination or creativity left it seems so this garbage is what we are stuck with.... good luck with your pathetic life if this is considered genius,, im sure you will die from laughing at every poop or pee joke you hear as well...they are genius too...

1991 days ago


You either like it or you don't. i CAN see how some are offended and i won't diss their opinion...But I loved it! But thats because i love comedy and i like to laugh at things i don't have to take seriously. Am openminded and think that sometimes in life you have to laugh. I am like a kid at heart. I don't think it was disrespectful to moms. I am a mother, and i definitely did not take it the wrong way. And im under 30, BUT not 13...But have a gutterminded sense of humor from time to time.. So what? If you hate it thats fine, My mom is 52 and thought it was funny...then again, shes like me...loves to laugh. but don't diss those who like it or hate it. JMO, everyone is entitled to their own. Can't be perfect. lol. if anyone doesn't know what a milf is then i guess its disrespectful lol! But im not offended when someone says that to someone...

The mother lover one was funny as well as the whole show was! (loved him dressed up as a old lady and an implant 44DD lol!), i thought it was hilarious at how he went on about someone pretending to be a virgin and wasn't (in the future), in the grandfather i know who he was referring to lol....himself as well as half of hollywood today under 20 LOL.

1991 days ago
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