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Miss USA -- Not All Topless Photos Are Equal

5/10/2009 7:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's another reigning beauty queen who took some very topless photos before she won her pageant -- but unlike Carrie Prejean, Miss Rhode Island USA's crown was never ever in jeopardy.

According to Alysha Castonguay, she dropped her top for a Maxim magazine shoot and a few swimsuit calenders way before her competition -- but there was no controversy over the pics because they were all seen and approved by the Miss USA pageant officials.

But Alysha tells TMZ she feels for Miss Cali saying, "I personally believe this situation is stemming from the controversy over her opinion and not a photo."

The final decision on dethroning Carrie Prejean is still being deliberated by the Miss USA and Miss California officials.


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Does nobody see the problem of a 17 year old, read: UNDERAGE girl posing topless? That's what Miss Prejean did.
Who gets off on provocative pics of underage children? Pedophiles!
Who belongs to a church that says homosexuality and pedophilia are connected?
Miss Prejean!
Who's aiding and abetting pedophiles?
Miss Prejean!

1962 days ago

Very Interesting    

Very nice pics- both of these ladies are very hot... 2 states down... just 48 to go! :)

(Btw #4- Carrie was 18 when her pics were taken, not 17. I know Carrie has claimed otherwise however It has been proven many times this past week that she was 18)

1962 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

i mean, if it were women raking in all the cash for the magazines and as photographers for all these ladies topless photos, i'd be cool with them. but they are not. it's all men who make a fat crotch livin off naked ladies. AND NAKED MEN!! what's up with that?? give us back our bodies your perv suckers!

1962 days ago


I agree with her in that this is not about the photos it´s all about her opinion on gay marriage. I do not agree with Prejeans opinion but just like I expect people to respect my opinion I have to respect hers.
This has all been blown way out of porportion and it is a shame to see the bullying going on regarding Prejean, escpecially from Perez, he wants understanding ad respect towards gay people but he can not show respect and understanding himself and acts like a big bully.

1962 days ago


Miss California's detractors include a large number of heterophobes. Donald Trump should be shamed into (1) firing Perez Hilton as a judge, and (2) firing his California pageant officials.

An obvious heterophobe has no business judging a pageant composed of persons of the opposite sex. Raging heterophobes can, if they wish to judge beauty contests, judge contestants of their own sex. Otherwise, they are tempted to destroy one of more contestants, as is happening to this poor young woman who simply answered a question truthfully.

Her answer? I don't agree with it either, but that's not the point. She does not deserve the public humiliations she has been receiving.

All those people who supported Hillary Clinton's cries of "sexism, sexism..."Where did they go, and why aren't they assailing Miss California's detractors for sexism for that and heterophobia is what this is all the fuss about Miss California is about.

1962 days ago


Overdue, you know nothing about pedophiles if you think they're turned on by pictures of topless 17-year-olds. You also know nothing about 17-year-olds.

Women do not instantaneously change from helpless vulnerable child to adults in full control of their destiny at midnight on their 18th birthday.

And finally: nudity alone is not pornography. It's all about context.

1962 days ago


Used to read Perez all the time. No more. This girl answered HER opinion and is getting destroyed for it. This is bogus.
Where are gays to stand up against this kind of crap?

1962 days ago


Any way, a pretty woman on the picture.

1962 days ago


Miss California is still a discriminator.

shes a bigot.

she spoke her mind and it happened to be bigotted.

her being honest doesn't change the fact that what he honest opinion spoke was demeaning to a large group of people.

If you want to use the bible as a loop hole you can't do that either because the bible was used for oppressing women for centuries. The whole lesser than due to coming from adams rib. The bible has always been used for good as well as bad, this is just another one of the bad situations.

Her opinion was no different than saying black people adeserve less because their skin isn't white or jewish people deserved the holocaust etc etc. You are still stripping someone of their most important right, freedom....

Gay people are no different than straight people but I guess the human race is going to make a fool of itself again and make them suffer for a while and then eventually give them the same rights all the other minority groups had to fight for.

1962 days ago

Linda Mott    

My Uncle used to have these kind of pictures in his 'MAN ROOM". We were not allowed to go in that room, but I went in one day and saw this type of Cheese cake type photos. You really didn't see anything that was shocking. They are art pictures. After working in a professional photo lab for 25 years, I think you have to show me something a little more shocking to call it pornography.

1962 days ago


Well, well, well, it's okay for one to bare her shirt but not another?????? Give me a break!!!! Remember boys and girls it's only okay to have an opinion if it is the opinion of the popular party!!!!!
God bless America!

1962 days ago


I agree. Perez Hilton is out of control and has been extremely nasty and out of line. How did he ever get on the panel in the first place? Why aren't gays calling him on this. He portrays the very worst stereotype, and negatively impacts all gay people. Maybe, it is because he is only important in his own mind.
I don't have to agree with her opinion about gay marriage, but it is one held by many, including president Obama who said before being elected he did not believe in gay marraiage. Everyone is entitled to their opinion without being viciously attacked. You have to respect everyone's opinion, whether you agree or not. That is what is so great about this country. The hate brigade is what is so terrible.

1962 days ago


Hey wow - If Carrie is biggoted then so is your President and MOST of the state of CA. They voted gay marriage down. I believe 70% of America is AGAINST gay marriage. Go Carrie. Keep your beliefs. Don't drink the kool-aid.

1962 days ago


This girl is being harrassed only becasue she was asked HER opinion & gave an honest answer. I applaud her for doing that. So what if she loses her crown, she will be remembered for sticking to her guns! Lets see how many Americans do that as we move forward. She's entited to her opinion just like every one of us, for now, until this adminsitration completes its move to remove our thoughts. Not all of us are going to turn into ROBOTS. If i was asked that question & my job depended on it, I'd be unemployed today. I am sure she fears God more then the liberals or gay community. Good job Carrie. We all have to stand up for what we believe in, whatever it is.

1962 days ago


of COURSE this is about her honestly held, requested, and given opinion. everyone in the whole wide world knows it.

shame on anyone who supports LavenderMan with his ugly, nasty, self. if, for no other reason, people should shun him for his vulgarity and poisonous ways.

anyone who wants people persecuted for their opinions should be careful what they wish for. it's not often the 'crocodile will eat you last'.

1962 days ago
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