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'Kate Plus 8'

Takes Her Weave Shopping

5/12/2009 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With none of her eight spawn in sight, Kate Gosselin of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" took time out from moussing her '80s hairdo and hit up a Target in Reading, PA yesterday.

Kate Gosselin

Kate's husband was not spotted leaving with her.


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Some of you are nuts. Did you not see the memo that this show is a fraud? Kate has a small army of nannies and when they finally admitted to having ONE she had to say that they felt it best that the nanny not get any camera time. God forbid they confuse you yokels who believe the lie that she is somehow raising all of these kids on her own while she peddles her books and tries to keep Jon from going mental and dumping her for some 25 year old.

1968 days ago

my my my    

Why so nasty? You didn't make comments about Posh with a similar hair-do. Tired of all the meaness , just like a bunch of silly highschool kids.

1968 days ago


I just love her hair style. I think you are all jealous

1968 days ago


Lay off TMZ...

1968 days ago


So, Katie spent one whole day in the same town as her husband and 8 children yet she instead has to run out to Target and the tanning salon instead of being at home. I guess a day without cameras is like a day without sunshine to our lovely, Katie Irene. Notice you didn't include the photos of Mr. Black who replaced her lovah, Mr. Gray. I guess Mrs. Gray grounded him on mother's day!

1968 days ago

tired of octo-lips    

I don't know why everyone wants to pick on this women.........I do watch the show on occasion and I do think that she is very bossy..........but who among us aren't a little like that ........and if we are not we would like to be.............I have more respect for her then I do octoleach............

1968 days ago


Wow! That's a pretty big happy smile for a woman whose husband, allegedly, got his hand caught in the 'cookie jar'! You GO Kate!! Keep exploiting those klids of yours, you're really good at it! When the kids are old enough to understand all you 'did for them', they're gonna love you even more!

1968 days ago


Sad state of affairs. LOL

1968 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Thank God I have no idea who this breeder is and I am happy to say that Miss California can go away too.

1968 days ago

Make them go away!    

Just her staged attempt to show the world that she spends a day or two in PA with her kids a month.

What a FRAUD!

Someone needs to step up and help those exploited kids!

1968 days ago


Umm SHE IS CHEATING ON JON WITH THE BODYGUARD! I am surprised that TMZ missed that one! She confirmed it. That hag is a horrible person and mother, look at how unhappy her twins are in the photos. She is making EVERYONE miserable.

1968 days ago


Her entire life is in shambles. She is making the rounds in the press complaining about being stalked by paparazzi; that they have ruined her marriage and driven away all of her friends and family. And yet she still finds the time to get all dressed up to the nines, spent hours getting her hair to stick up like that and goes in heels to Target?! Big smile, looks like she is loving the attention!

Personally, I think I would stay at home and try to resurrect what's left of the family.

Like Kate, I am a SAHM to small children. I only have 3 vs her 8, but I am lucky if I have matching flip flops and a clean t-shirt on when I make my Target runs. And I have at least one child with me to do it!
Where does she find the time?!
Must be nice!

1968 days ago


He cheated on her because her hair is so gross and unfeminine. Women who think they can wear short weird hair are just asking for it. Do men ever cheat WITH women with gross hair? Nope. They like nice, normal hair, girls. This chick looks like a chick - a big bird chick.

1968 days ago


Soooo...the truly caring mom/wife leaves her children at home ON THEIR BIRTHDAY so she can go pick up some paper towels and TP with coupons. I bet she really made a scene at Target in her heels and orange shirt. She's asking for attention! go your mansion and take care of your own kids. Are the 'not-a-nannies' watching them today?

1968 days ago


MY goodness......leave them alone! They were doing a show that was good family entertainment and people like TMZ follow them and trash them! TMZ needs to do something worthwhile instead of digging in peoples lives!

1968 days ago
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