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Kate Gosselin's Bodyguard

The New Costner?

5/15/2009 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0515_gosselin_tmz_audio_launch-1According to Detroit radio personality Mojo from Mojo in the Morning, "Jon & Kate Plus 8's" Kate Gosselin is getting hands on with her bodyguard -- and he saw it with his own eyes!

Mojo says he saw Kate and her busted weave last night at the Marriott with her hired protector, Steve Neild ... and they were holding hands!


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Big Bear    

I am not sure that holding hands is a prelude to sex for this wacko. Now, if she was punching, slapping and berating him, I would believe that we have something.

1987 days ago


The woman is a wacko, but a bodyguard may hold the hand of a female protectee for the same reason that I hold the hand of my 8 year old stepson in a crowd -- to prevent us getting separated and help me protect him. This is truly NBD.

1986 days ago

ole lady    


1986 days ago


I am SO over her! Move on to more important non-celebrities, please...

1986 days ago

Make them go away!    

If her kids are her #1 priority, then why is she NEVER home with them??? Especially knowing what is going on with their family right now. I feel sooooo bad for those kids! It's bad enough that this woman sold and exploited their childhhood for her financial gain, but now she's galavanting around the country charging thousands for speaking engagements and hawking her child exploiting books. Shame on any company that endorses this FRAUD! (IE TLC, Discovery Health, Gymboree, GAP, etc., etc., etc.)


1986 days ago


She is no one. So why does she need a damn bodyguard?

1986 days ago


funny how this skank with a bad hair style is pushing a book on christian values when she's a money hungry wh*re who is never home with her husband and kids. Must be nice for your 4year olds to support you.

1986 days ago

artie help    


1986 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Sadly, I think the marriage is over. What a sham that "vow renewal" in Hawaii was last year. I remember them telling the kids that it meant that "Mommy and Daddy will be together forever." Right.
Got my People magazine with Kate on the cover. Once again, she has NO plans of stopping the show and EVERYTHING is Jon's fault...she tried and tried, but he is just not happy. The only thing she DIDN'T try, it seems, is getting out of the spotlight. Fame over family.
Just another "Christian" family who doesn't know what compromise is and what it takes to have a marriage for the long haul. Poor kids.

1986 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Another useless media whore, why doesn't some one any one tell people like this to F*ck off and stay there. TMZ stop giving useless people like this media space

1986 days ago


So shes leaving the asian guy to go to the white guy?

1986 days ago


Does anyone recall when they were getting re-married? She went on and on and on how they were going to be together forever. She should have never said that...she lied to them. To the Gosselin kids - you're mommy lied to you!!!

1986 days ago


I live just outside Detroit and listen to mojo in the morning every weekday and these guy's are very reliable, they have a celebrity dirt report every morning and I've never heard a story or claim they've made that wasn't or didn't end up being true (much like TMZ). I'm sure that anyone that's ever watched TMZ or listened to any kind of celebrity reporting that show's that most celebrites are basically duche-bags and liars. What's going on is nothing more then set-up situations to generate public intrest that hopefully will translate into viewers for their tv show. Now I have to try and get the 5 minutes of my life back I just wasted on this story.

1986 days ago



1986 days ago

Carrys F.    

I pretty much stopped caring about this whole fiasco 3 days ago. I can't wait until they all crawl back under the rocks from which they came and we can get back to Speide stories!!

1986 days ago
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