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Kate Gosselin's Bodyguard

The New Costner?

5/15/2009 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0515_gosselin_tmz_audio_launch-1According to Detroit radio personality Mojo from Mojo in the Morning, "Jon & Kate Plus 8's" Kate Gosselin is getting hands on with her bodyguard -- and he saw it with his own eyes!

Mojo says he saw Kate and her busted weave last night at the Marriott with her hired protector, Steve Neild ... and they were holding hands!


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I don't understand why TMZ keeps saying her "busted weave" if you new
anything about hairstyling, you would know it's actually called a

1986 days ago


Everyone has a camera cell phone, he should have taken pics to back up his claim.

1986 days ago

skanky skanks    

where is this skank from? Nebraska?? Canada? where everyone claps whenever one of their own gets out of the Sticks or the Mobile Park? i hope she gets cancer and that child services takes her kids away. they deserve love, not a pimp for a mom.

1986 days ago


Who the hell is she, Kate, that she needs a flippin body guard? Do the kids have eight, does Jon have one?????? Kate is a media wh@re & her kids are her cash cows. Nice Mom.

1986 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

I remember when Kate lived in Fresno. Her parents are still here. She visits them often. She is nice.

1986 days ago


Reverse Mullet....LMAO....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that's too funny! Thanks for the laugh!!!!!

1986 days ago

Carrys F.    

I HATE posts on these sights that say to leave the celebrities/reality stars/jerks alone. Jon and Kate purposefully and willfully signed on for this. They purposefully and willfully became public figures. And if they are defrauding the public with their lies and deceit, they do NOT deserve to be left alone. I say to anyone who tells me to back off: SHUT UP. They bought and paid for all of this. And if it's all just a big, fat lie, why aren't they suing the tabs? ???????

1986 days ago


People magazine is such a "tool" magazine. They print what the "celebrities" want them to print.

Kate is a fame whore.

1986 days ago


I was there and got her autograph last night and it is not true. He had her by the arm/hand getting her safely into the hotel. There were many people there crowding around asking for autographs after her appearance. Mojo is full of crap and his station is irrelevant in Detroit. Totally a waste of air-time full of nonsense and lies.

1986 days ago

Carrys F.    

In the People magazine article it stated that Kate was alone in NYC on MOTHER'S DAY!! What woman would leave their children on such a day? My kids would cry for hours if I wasn't home to get their home made cards and goodies they make me for Mother's Day. She's not really a good mom. She's just in it for herself. And who's watching these kids while JOn is partying up a storm and Kate is off playing media whore???????????

1986 days ago


** Hey # 22.. "STANK" or is it Skank? I am from Omaha, Nebraska, so I take offense to your illiterate comment. Don't forget this is where Warren Buffett lives, and if you don't know who he is , you must be trailer " trash"

As far as Kate is concerned , I wish she would take leave of that awful show, and that awful hair, and her really bad behavior. We are all sick of her and her little minnie Mady. I don't blame Jon for getting away from her.. That women never stops bitching.

1986 days ago

Carrys F.    

I agree with Liz that the re-marriage was a scam. Basically, they received a free trip and used it to boost ratings and get on the cover of People. According to Kate's brother, on radaronline, she left Jon SIX MONTHS AGO. Do the math. That's just AFTER the sham of a renewal ceremony. Again, just more free stuff for them. They are perpetuating a fraud on the American public to sell their books, autographs, and generate money.

1986 days ago

Carrys F.    

I got $20 she gets some sort of talk show hosting job. Actually I don't have $20 because my husband, who's worked for TWENTY years straight, (25 if you count high school) just lost his job due to a merger. One day AFTER he made a multi-million dollar deal for the company. I'm thinking we ought to just have a littler of kids to add to our brood. That seems about the only way to make alot of money these days.

1986 days ago

Holland Girl    

I hope Jon kicks her out, keeps the kids, and gets child support.

1986 days ago




1986 days ago
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