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Pearl Jam Attack -- The Security Tape!

5/15/2009 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The surveillance video of Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament getting attacked by a knife wielding thug has just been released -- and his beatdown is brutal!

Pearl Jam attack: Click to watch

It all went down in Atlanta in April, when three masked hoodlums ran out of the bushes and jumped the dude's SUV, smashing the windows and demanding cash.

Ament tried to make a run for it -- but was knocked to the ground by one of the assailants. Ament suffered a laceration on his head and was treated at the scene. The attackers made off with $7,000 worth of money and goods.

No arrests have been made.


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You obviously haven't been to Atlanta lately if you think it's full of rednecks. You've got the wrong color.

1955 days ago


The "beat down" wasn't THAT brutal...geez...

1955 days ago


NOT PC----you wanna talk black and white, fool? You can't tell what color the robbers are, but you can see the WHITE guys running away and not helping their friend! A BLACK man would help his friend! So shut your mouth, idiot! Sick of racist pigs! You all need a club to the head!

1955 days ago


"Alec" I believe Washington DC, has Atlanta beat as the most dangerous city. Do your homework.

1955 days ago


The skin color is not important unless you were a witness giving a description. The person who said that beat down wasn't that brutal must have missed the portion stating it was with a knife, and the guy did draw blood. The condition of our communities are very sad. We are raising angry teens by providing them with excuses to be angry. Parents that don't provide their children with a mother and father aren't capable of being good parents, regardless of how hard they try.

1955 days ago


They didn't say it was $7,000 in cash alone, they said goods as well, maybe jewelry, phones, PDA's.... And this wasn't a house it was a recording studio, and what's the big deal about how the guy parked? It looked like regular angled parking to me. The guy on the drivers side had the window smashed in on him, I'm sure it takes a bit to get over the shock of that, hence why it took him a bit to get out of the car. I'm hoping Jeff was telling the people who were coming out of the building that he was ok and not worry, but didn't seem that way. First thing I would do would be to go over to the guy laying on the ground.....

1955 days ago

Bash a Pap    

I live in Atlanta and I can tell you first hand that this city has become a war zone. Thugs have taken over, the mayor has given up and the police have evaporated. They really need to call in the National Guard to take over. This city is out of control. Jut visit and check it out... at least three major crime stories everyday. Whatever you do... do not come to Atlanta for any reason till the "authorities" clean this mess up.

1955 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Sorry "fed up" but the vast majority of crime here in MY Hometown of Atlanta is perpetuated buy young black men... you want to try and dispute that?

1955 days ago


Can't believe the lame "kittens" in the studio didn't go out to check on him or do anything! It really looks like the thugs knew who and what they were after.

1955 days ago


This guy was set up by the driver. Why would he park like that? They didn't punch the driver!! Just broke the window. As soon as the guy tried to run away he was immediately followed and they didn't even check the driver for any kind of money.

1955 days ago

Not shocked    

Some of the comments are even more shocking than the attack. How sick are people that they would think it's o.k. that Jeff was attacked because they think Pearl Jam sucks and assuming that the thugs were black. Grow up! So many little fools and racists hide behind they're computers tapping out their hate!

Violence is a terrible thing and nothing to be joking about. I don't care if it's a guy from Pearl Jam or if the jerks that did this crime are black, blue or purple. It's a human attacking another human out lazy greed. And those of you who jeer and snicker are no better. And those who use someone else's pain to incite racial hatred are just a big of THUGS these guys in the video.
Shame on you!

1955 days ago

Too Many Fat Americans    

When bands are away from home (recording, touring, promotion) they and their crews are paid Per Diem. This is a daily allowance to cover the incidental costs - food, drink, etc. It is usually around $50 a day paid on a weekly basis.

I am guessing that a band assistant or tour manager was driving the vehicle and had the cash. Someone tipped off these thugs that it was Per Diem day.

1955 days ago

Bash a Pap    

They had just left Guitar Center where he had spent money on some equipment. Guitar Center is a VERY short drive from this studio...

1955 days ago


why would you carry around seven grand ?? if you have to pay up front to record why not pay by credit card or check?? i think this was set up or drug deal gone bad.these dudes were waiting for them to pull up,got what they came for and split!!!!

1955 days ago


Why couldn't this have happened to Queensryche?

1955 days ago
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