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Paris Hilton Doesn't Come or Go Cheap

5/16/2009 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Paris Hilton's neighbors hates her so much, he's willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars a month ... to get her out of his hood.

We've learned the neighbor (who we have been asked not to ID) has written a letter to the landlord of the place Paris and her BF Doug Reinhardt are living in -- offering to pay the landlord $5,000 a month more than he's getting now ... if he gives Paris and Doug the boot.

The neighbor says Hiltie is ruining his life. She's lived there a grand total of 5 days ... already cops have been called twice because of loud parties, screaming and yelling, and vandalism.

The house in the Hollywood Hills had been listed at $22,000 a month. So the neighbor is willing to give the landlord $27,000 a month if Paris goes away.

And get this ... we're told the neighbor complained to Doug yesterday about all the ruckus since Paris moved in. Doug said, "This is what you have to expect because Paris and I are public figures."

The cost of a Paris-free zone -- priceless.


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Paris Hilton and her BF is not all "that"! Get a life and show some respect for other people.

1989 days ago


Doug Reinhardt seems to be a pretty straight kid. He downplays the money and refused to discuss how much he spent on a gift for Paris when a reporter pushed him.

Yeah, so they party a little and make noise. They're young, let them have fun. Why doesn't the jerk neigbor spend a few thousand on better insulation for his house. Or buy earplugs.

1989 days ago


Doug is a good guy and I hope they stay together. he was nice on The Hills.

1989 days ago

carrie vorhees    

Um...Doug is a public figure? Hmmm...kind of like putting the cart before the horse. Seems all her friends like to do that.

1989 days ago

To hell with her    

Isn't there a restriction in the bylaws of the Homeowners Association that prevents whores from occupying homes in the development? If so, evict this stupid whore and her delusional "I'm a public figure" boyfriend.

The funny thing is, the neighbor is showing much more control than I would if that slutty whore moved in next door to me & pulled this kind of crap. I would have had a nice chat with them already, with my 10 navy seal buddies in tow. Bottom line - SHUT THE F*CK UP or we'll go to work on you in ways you don't want to know about. The dumbass whore and her boyfriend would be gone in days...

1989 days ago


If Doug & Paris want to have parties or whatever, they are renting the house. Their money is just as good as anyone elses. If the neighbors don't like it let THEM move.

1989 days ago


Oooh Mr. "navy seal" you're scaring me.

1989 days ago


She's nothing but white trash with money.

1989 days ago


Paris Hilton is a narcissistic, spoiled rotten little rich girl who has never done anything worthwhile with her life except consume booze and drugs and have sex with anything that moves. You think she gives a rat's ass about disturbing the peace of other people around her? They're just background noise. She cares about herself. Period. At least her sister has done something with her life and acts like a human being. She's trash that gets glorified because she's got money and a famous family name. That's it.

Oh, and yes Paris did have problems at her home before she moved to the gated community. The neighbors will thrilled to see her go.

Doug -- don't have an effing clue who he is. Flavor of the month sounds about right.

I don't blame this neighbor for being pissed. And it' not JUST the paps. I'm sure they're part of it, but the cops didn't get called to the house at god-know-what time in the morning because paps where having a knock-down drag out fight. That was the spoiled brat and her current lay.

1989 days ago


Yelling and screaming? Flavor of the month Doug best be towing the line and keeping his mouth shut. Behave Doug, or she'll show up in bruises and ruin YOUR "career" as she did one of your predessors. Of course since she's used that technique for shutting up an exboyfriend, she'll think of something else to destroy any idiot that actually tells her or the public THE TRUTH.

1989 days ago

Knock It Off    

I'd give her 5 grand to her just to listen to her say "DUH"

1989 days ago


Not 1, but 2, villages are missing their idiots.....

1988 days ago


Money sure doesn't buy class.

1988 days ago


Doug, a public figure? Please! ~ Paris, go live there.

1988 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

HIGH Priced Porn Star

Just pay it already

1988 days ago
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