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Shields: My Mom Was Victimized By Reporters

5/16/2009 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke ShieldsBrooke Shields is claiming a reporter and a photog working for the National Enquirer checked out her 75-year-old mother from her nursing home in hopes of a good "tabloid story."

Teri Shields was signed out of her nursing home Thursday, and Brooke tells People that a reporter drove her mother around New Jersey in hopes of finding a good story. Brooke says her mother suffers from dementia, and claims her mom was allegedly tricked into leaving the facility after the journalist claimed they were friends.

Teri Shields was later found by police in a nearby restaurant, unharmed, having lunch with the reporter. The Enquirer claims the freelance reporter has known Teri for 10 years and was given permission by the facility to check her out.

No one was arrested and charges have not been filed.


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I think she should sic kieffer on that reporter!

1985 days ago

Keifer not ok    

I'd be mad too, actually. People with dementia will spill info from 30 years ago, as if was present time. Anyone that knows anything about dementia could exploit this fact - I think it is disgusting to interrogate celebs mentally ill parents for dirt to make a buck. Go get em Brooke!

1985 days ago


The facility could only give permission for a dementia patient to go with someone approved by the patient's family, in most cases. It is very unlikely that the facility gave permission. If they had given permission, they would not have notified the family or the police--thus the police would not have had to "locate" Mrs. Shields. I find it extremely unlikely that the Enquirer is telling the truth. For starters, they don't exactly have a reputation for truth...

1985 days ago


Regular Paps and gossip sites about celebs is fair game.

But preying upon a sick, lonely person is repulsive and should not be allowed.

1985 days ago


Frankly, I'd sue the nursing home and then charge the reporter with kidnapping. I'd find a way to make it stick. Print the reporter's name and address.

1985 days ago

Keifer not ok    

I'd be interviewing facility employees - who accepted money for the day pass or to look the other way. Surely someone knew someone who worked's how these things frequently happen. It's how patient records get leaked, anyway.

1985 days ago


my father is also in one the these "hotels" . to any others make sure you make good friends with the staff so that they know exacttly whe can and not take out the residents. think of it this way the saff can be overwhelmed with other residents and an emergency could be happening. also if the stores stop putting them out for people to see soon they will become out of sight and out of mind and soon they will be out of buisness.

1985 days ago



1985 days ago


If I could get my hands on those deadbeats I would slowly strangle them. What a horribly cruel thing to do. I hope they are charged and go to prison.

1985 days ago


If this story is accurate, I hope she sues them and their tabloid for every penny they have now and will ever have in the future. I hope they go to jail for years, preferably in Turkey. These aren't reporters, they are predators. They should be put down and made an example of so people like them won't prey on the weak and helpless to fatten their pocketbooks. This is no better than any other kind pervert that takes advantage of the disabled.

1985 days ago


Aren't there laws against taking advantage of the elderly? Someone should pay for this. It's an outrage!

1985 days ago


"The Enquirer claims the freelance reporter has known Teri for 10 years and was were given permission by the facility to check her out." Oh. So this means that the facility or someone at the facility was in cahoots with the Enquirer? I'm sorry, since when does a "friend" have the "right" to "check out" a dementia victim? If a person is in a nursing home with dementia, it means the situation is serious. It does not mean some stupid low-life bloodsucking leech/amoeba/freakfaced SOB can waltz in and "check" them "out." And what I find really pathetic and stupid about all of this is that Brooke Shields is not your typical wild, out-of-control "look at me, see me" celebrity. She had her heyday, she still works a bit, she has some profile, but she is not Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears, the type of "stars" that keep trash like TMZ and NE alive. The great thing about TMZ is it's free; now when people who are as stupid as the "reporter" who "checked out" Teri Shields get as "smart" as the people who read TMZ for free, then the birdcage liner (oh, I'm sorry, "paper") version of NE can go the way of all used toilet paper.

This is a tragic, sick comment on our world that the NE thinks that Teri Shields, in a state of dementia, is going to give them a "good story." Barf.

1985 days ago

Zebedee Doodah    

Teri Shields was a whacked-out boozehound many years ago, and she pimped out her daughter by letting her pose nude for photographer Garry Gross at the age of ten. She was the original Dina Lohan.

1985 days ago


Damn, that's f cke d up.

1985 days ago

Dear Bobby Blue    

You know, it's very easy to judge others when you don't know their real stories. I personally would not put my own mother in a nursing home and have nothing - NOTHING - of the financial means of Brooke Shields; however, it must be remembered that Teri tortured Brooke's childhood with her alcoholism. You can say alcoholism is a "disease" and Teri couldn't help it or you can say Teri was out of control. Until you've lived it, don't purport to understand it. Having survived a double alcoholic childhood with massive complications myself I can totally understand that Brooke has placed her Mom in the very good care of a facility best equipped to deal with her demetia (DIFFICULT by itself by the way) . We don't know Teri's needs and Brooke's situation. Until you KNOW that with 100% certainty (which none of us ever will) you should be quiet. People do what they do (Teri and Brooke) and that's theirs.... nots ours to judge.

3. I guess there was a story out of this story after all: millionaire actress keeps mom in nursing home.
Posted at 3:11PM on May 16th 2009 by NameMe

1984 days ago
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