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Kate Gosselin -- Another Man in the Picture

5/17/2009 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes a photo really does say it all: here's Kate Gosselin, her kids, and her friendly bodyguard, Steve Neild, casually watching the rear.


A local radio DJ said he spotted Kate and Steve holding hands last week -- but Steve was ninth in line to get that kinda treatment while the whole family -- minus Jon -- was at a park in Penn. yesterday.


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It was probably something like she fell down and he grabbed her hand to help her up, or he was handing something to her - or something equally as ridiculous. And what kind of credibility does a "local DJ" have? Oh hey guys - I'm a cashier and I saw Jessica Simpson making out with Taylor Swift!

And it's JON, not John.

1985 days ago


kate, you are a disgusting, evil woman. to treat their children like this is beyond reproach. i have a feeling your next piece of "jewerly" will be a millstone tied around your neck. so you can throw yourself in the deepest part of the ocean than deal with the Lord Jesus Christ! when you offend a little one this is what Jesus said it would be better for you to do than deal with Him. God is so awesome! remember Katie Irene, Pride cometh before the FALL. and honey, your at the edge of the cliff aleady and the rocks and dirt are getting loose under your feet.

1985 days ago


ok. the body guard is not even looking at kate in this picture. so what that he's with them!? he is HER BODYGUARD. jeez. i dont know why ur harassing kate about cheating.. jon is the one prancing all over town with a 23 year old. stop blaming her.

1985 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

If you look up the word b-i-t-c-h in the encylopedia, you'll see a picture of Kate.

1985 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Don't back off TMZ until Kate stops her downward spiral and quits the show and the media tour for the sake of her kids. She'll never quit unless she's forced to, she's too much of an ego-manic. Kate only cares about Kate, not her kids. Anyone who believes otherwise is drinking some of that Jim Jones Kool-aid.

1985 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

When Kate is alone with the bodyguard, walking through airports, she's always dressed like a hooker, with her skirt so short, you can almost see her ass, and with hooker high-heels. What mother of 8 dresses that way? This woman has no shame. She has abandoned her children, she's only with her kids if they are filming the show, and thus making money for her.

1985 days ago


....after all those kids, it must be pretty loose down there.


1985 days ago


Clearly, this was a photo op to show she is with her kids.
She has been promoting herself and her book for the last 3 months and has been on the road with her body guard. A body Guard who was an anti terriorist specialist in a previous gig.
I am sure the paps are not as dealdy as the terrorists in the middle east, why does she need this kind of protection.
Putting those kids on camera for 8 hours a day will surely leave them with serious problems.
Can you imagine your entire childhood filmed.

1985 days ago


Wow, some of you aren't too smart. Those children are in the public eye, and perverts are out there preying on children. I don't think they should be out there on display, but I still think it's awful the way some are so mean about them.

1985 days ago



1985 days ago


Does anyone else remember back toward the beginning season when Kate said she wished she were Korean? (BTW, the racist posters here should be deleted.)

1985 days ago


Bitch is kinda fine. since she likes bangin' minorities I think I'll knock her a s s up..what's one more? He'll be one of thos nice mullato kids like Shane Battier or half the Lakers. She won't have to worry about me sticking around, I just like makin' em. Well I gotta run bitches.

1985 days ago


She let celebrity go to her head, and now this. I feel nothing but disdain towards her for how she has and continues to treat Jon. Chances are her daughters will treat their spouses exactly the same way due to learned behavior. It's always been "about Kate" and nobody else. She's a narcissist and she makes me ill.

1985 days ago


It's one thing to hound celebrities but it's another to be hounding this family. Yes, they have a popular TV show but that doesn't mean the pap should be following them....especially while they have their children with them. Once a celeb is out with their kids they should be left alone. The kids can't help who their parents are. They shouldn't be punished....

1985 days ago


#74 - Terri

Maybe you should go to grammar school as well....check your sentence that stated you where watching TLC should be "HAD" not has....smarty pants!!

1985 days ago
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