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Adam Lambert -- Living Under a Rock

5/18/2009 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" finalist Adam Lambert claims he was completely unaware of "biblically correct" Miss California's now infamous gay marriage answer because the "Idol Bubble" blocks him off from the outside world.

Adam Lambert: Click to watch
Think he's telling the truth -- or did he just chicken out on the issue before his all-important final vote?


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I dont think he is lying. I think they are not allowed to watch the media stuff because of Idol regulations. BTW abc123 poster, you are an a**hole. Do something constructive instead of posting negative comments about Adam Lambert!

1949 days ago

the end of the day    

Hey, Rockon09. Go back to $ucking up adam/eve Lamberts A$$, looks like thats what ya do best. Hows that for being constructive?

1949 days ago


First of all, Adam is such a class act that he is not going to discuss political issues with strangers walking down the street. Second of all, even if Adam is aware of the Miss California story, it is such old news and the question asked was so vague, he probably didn't really know what was going on. If I had the opportunity to interview (not harrass) Adam, that question wouldn't even come to mind. Why don't you hire someone intelligent, TMZ? Oh yeah, no one intelligent would work for you!

1949 days ago



1949 days ago

the end of the day    

OK...then if you think that being gay or not has NOTHING to do with winning or not..then WHY can't he just make a little disclosure statement like the rest did when they were asked?? Kellie Clarson did...Clay Aiken did...(a few years too late)..and countless others. Come on, wake up, it has everything to do with being gay or not. If America KNEW for sure he was light in the loafers do you think there would be this much to say about him? HELL no. GET real, a$$holes. I would NEVER want my children looking up to a GAY man as an IDOL.

1949 days ago


I'm a heterosexual woman, but I can't deny that - Damn! He's hot!

1949 days ago

the end of the day    

Well, bnj, maybe you two can exchange make-up tips and hair stylists. ROTFLMAO!!!

1949 days ago


I'd rather get him to bat for the other team! :)

1948 days ago


Why does anyone think this screaming, diva's opinion on ANYTHING matters? He's an awful "singer" - way too much screeching and posturing. Hope Adam Mansquirt loses big time!

1948 days ago


#44 and I would never want my kids to look up at someone with so much hate indide. If you dont like something or someone walk away, but, keep your ugly thought to yourself and save the poison for you alone.

1948 days ago


In regards to all the people posting, why are you so vulgar? Seriously- does being a hater mean being a pig too? I think alot of you are afraid of something??? Running scared??

1948 days ago


Thanks TMZ for more footage of Adam, and for giving him publicity! As they say in show biz, any publicity is good publicity! All your attempts to malign ADAM LAMBERT are blowing up in your faces. He is by far the most talented Idol ever and is a sweetheart and damn on the ball at that. He's not just a gorgeous face! Talent, looks, humility - he has it all. VOTE FOR ADAM LAMBERT EVERYONE! IT'S ADAM EVE ON IDOL!

1948 days ago

white chocolate    

Here we go again with all the chicks getting pissed when someone says something bad about Glambert. He ain't all dat. My sexiness would wipe the pavement with his ugly mug. All yall ladies don't know wat your missing. You could uv had me but instead you got some puffy faced girlie man. I'll be back!

1948 days ago


He is probably not as stupid as TMZ for running this story in the ground because their staff & writers are homosexuals. He also might think that just because a man wants to screw another man or BJ him does not mean they should get married.This also include 2 women eating & using fake male parts (dildos) on each other. Move on to another story already.

1948 days ago

Token White Guy    

I'm sure he'd be quite happy to keep his own sexuality in the closet for a bit longer, being that he's in the finals and all.

He doesn't want to lose the millions of teenage girl votes.

1948 days ago
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