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Shawn Johnson

I'm Rich, Beyotch!

5/20/2009 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shawn Johnson won "Dancing with the Stars" last night -- but in more important news, she just banked $365,000 doing it. Repeat: THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Shawn Johnson

We got a hold of Shawn's "Dancing" contract a while back, which stated she would bank $125,000 up front, then incremental paychecks that topped off at $50k a week for the last 2 episodes.

That's a lotta cheese...


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It cracks me up how insanely crazy you people are at TMZ for hating a chick that's barely 18 years old. What is it about her that you can't stand? Her beauty? Her patriotism? Her class? For some reason I get the feeling if she was an anti-American, slutty skank you'd be applauding her on here on a daily basis. You people are weird, but glad to see Shawn getting the last laugh and under your skin, yet again :)

1981 days ago


Good for her. I hope she saves her money and goes to college. Be smart about your future Shawn!

1981 days ago


QE2, I don't know too many "young people" that watch ballroom dancing, let alone practice it. When you see 40, 50 even 60something year olds on facebook with I-phones I think everyone is well aware of the texting option. Shawn won because she was the best, period.

1981 days ago


I never knew they made so much money on the show------they never mention it!!!

1981 days ago

100% Me    

You all are horrible! Shawn was great as were the other two. And NO Shawn is NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!! She is thick, muscled up like most gymnastics you idiots!!!!!!! Any three should have won they all were that good. I think Shawn was the most popular. So shut up you bunch of slugs! That goes for you too TMZ!

1981 days ago


You mean her parents are rich.

1981 days ago


What did she get total, $325,000? Factor in taxes probably more like $200,000, tops? Even though Obama has tried to convince the world if you make six figures that means you're rich, that is not a lot of money. Especially for a girl who has come from such humble beginnings with a lot of bills to pay. David, why should she give it to charity? You forget she's not a former pro athlete, singer or actor that has made millions. This is her first paycheck, and I'm sure she'll give it to her parents who took out 3 mortages to allow her to follow her dream.

Don't be such an elitist idiot. You start giving half your paychecks to charity (or the Government now) before you say something so foolish.

1981 days ago


You can knock 40% off that immediately for taxes. It's really at most 219,000.

1981 days ago


she may not have been the best dancer in the world but she improved a lot towards the end. i thought gilles was cheesy and melissa was eehh. plus shawn had the best partner...who i would like to have relations with.

regardless of talent, remember america voted. I will say that i watched dwts this season more than boring yawnfest idol.

1981 days ago

Jillian in CT    

Sausage girl won! That's what she looked like dancing around on the stage. The show must have been rigged, because she was certainly not the best dancer. There is no way in real life she would ever make it as a professional dancer or even a ballroom dancer with her build. Will she try for ballerina next and have everyone ooohhh and aaaahhhh at her every lumbering step?

1981 days ago


Gilles should have won!! He was good from the beginning of the season...and a crowd favorite...guess it just came to the fan vote?? I would ask for a re-count!! And he does not have a BIG head...he is very humble!! Shawn does not even look happy for winning!!

1981 days ago


i don't have an opinion on the dancing. good? bad? i don't know, and i don't watch that show. people can be happy for her, but again i just don't care one way or the other.

what i do think, is that she won because of the stalker. that was the tie breaker.

don't even try to tell me this is her one short period of time to make money. she will have the best universities in the state of Iowa and the country offering her free tuition to be on their team. as soon as she's out of school she will get job offers from more companies than you can count, just so they can say they have her as an employee. she will never be without a job if she wants one. that is, if she even decides to work at all, instead of just getting married to some guy with a rich family or a good future.

1981 days ago


If you would look Shawn is not fat, it's all muscle from years of training every day!!!! She is incredibly strong, just look at some of the lifts she does and how she flipped Mark several times. (Note she is very short and the muscles show more on a short person than a tall one)

1981 days ago


DWTS ought to get Nastia Liukin next. I'd definitely watch that!

1981 days ago


Actually P Usain Bolt would be a better choice for DWTS. I would watch that.

1981 days ago
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