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Sticks It to Denver,

Moves Event to L.A.

5/20/2009 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Denver Nuggets won the battle -- but the WWE isn't finished with their war.

WWE event
After Vince McMahon raised hell when the team's owner screwed up and double booked the Pepsi Center for a WWE event on the same night as an NBA playoff game between the Nugs and the Lakers, the wrestlers have finally agreed to take their show on the road.

But in what seems to be a premeditated twist of fate, Vince is bringing the show to the Staples Center in L.A. -- home of the Lakers.

The Pepsi Center is now stuck having to refund thousands of tickets.

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I can't believe you guys are taking the WWE's side. First, this conflict could have never been predicted in 2008. There is no way they could have known a home game would have been played on this date even if they assumed the Nuggets would have gone to the playoffs. Second, this is a game for a national championship. Its not like the Nuggets can play somewhere else. WWE is an act that is decided before the fans ever set foot into the stadium.....it doesn't matter where they televise it from.

I'm from Denver and glad to see that Vince made an ass of himself. We don't want him or his fake sport in the state. Take your steroid driven actors somewhere else!

1878 days ago


Ok, Im sick of people calling the WWE fake.. DER! its World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT!! They in no way claim to be "real". But its still not an easy job to be one of the superstars. They can and HAVE really gotten hurt. And when they bled, its real blood, not fake.. Of course some of them cut themselves prior and the other one hits it to make it bleed, but they have really started bleeding not purposely or gotten a tooth knocked out.. gotten knocked out cold.. broken shoulders, hands, legs even.. hell one even DIED doing a stunt.. a stupid stunt he shouldnt have never tried, but it was a equipment error, but none the less, was a crazy thing to do. Their storylines are all fake, and they expect everyone to know that.

1878 days ago


Hey Dems r Evil, K-Mart is sooooo F***In Hott, those lips on his neck r sexy, i just want to bite him all over lol too bad he has a gf!!!

1878 days ago


I agree with Vince... they had that date booked for nearly a year. I hope in the settlement, the Nuggets are paying them all the money they spent on the arena and Vince sent the Legend Killer to give the owner a punt to the skull...

1878 days ago


The Denver Nuggets should host the game in the Colorado State Prison, half the players will end up there shortly anyway :)

1878 days ago



So your telling me that World Wrestling Entertainment(hence the entertainment) is fake. I had no clue all these years. Thanks for telling me that sports entertainment(there it is again) is scripted. I'm not sure how Vince made an ass out of himself. Double the people are gonna tune into his show next week, plus the litigation coming towards Kroenke is gonna be fun ass hell to follow. Plus, chances are the Nuggets are gonna get eliminated on May 25th anyways since they choked in game 1. So, all in all I'd say Vince wins this one.

1878 days ago


I hate to admit I used to watch this when I was younger. Although watching fake politicians and media isn't much better.

1878 days ago

George William Gockel    

I will watch WWE on TV even If I will be at Stpales Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

1878 days ago


WWE or NBA? Personally, I'd prefer to skip either event, stay home, watch the news and hope to see another rapper get gunned down at the mall on the evening news.

1878 days ago


Vince should never return to Denver. He does that with the states that don't pull in enough money to satisfy him. So I say, just don't bother coming back. It's their fault.

1878 days ago


8. People still watch wrestling? You people know it's fake right?

Posted at 7:05PM on May 20th 2009 by wwesucks


1878 days ago

Big Momma    

Are you kidding? Wrestling is FAKE?

1878 days ago

No wonder, huh John?    

Wrestling is fake?!?!?!

Please don't tell me... Kate and Jack aren't really on an island either HUH!? THERE NEVER WAS A FLIGHT 815 WAS THERE?! WAS THERE?!?!?!?!??!

1878 days ago

King of Kings    

Hey #13, I watch pro wrestling, and I make more money than you, am better looking, have better looking teeth, drive a better ride, have a nicer home, have more degrees, more women, more athletic, tougher, stronger, etc, than you. So do the world a favor and go flush yourself down the commode you piece of garbage.

1878 days ago


I'm taking the WWE's side on this one.

They had a reservation in Auguest of 2008. They signed a contract in 2009. The Nuggets owner did NOT inform the NBA of this potential conflict. If they had, there would have been an adjustment to avoid the conflict. The WWE is less flexible here than the NBA. The NBA could have just gone to Tuesday. The WWE is under contract to produce a live show for USA every Monday night. There is no flex in this.

But the WWE got their payback. Not only did the Pepsi Center lose the Monday night show, but the Smackdown show with the WWE later in the week. Plus the Pepsi Center will now have to refund about 10 thousand tickets per show. And I'm sure the WWE will never be back there again. That's millions and millions of dollars in lost revenue over the next few years.

1877 days ago
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