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'Kate Plus 8' Weave

Takes Over 'Idol' Finale

5/21/2009 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last night's "American Idol" finale was inspired ... by Kate Gosselin's horrendous multi-level '80s female rapper reverse mullet 'do.

Queen Latifah, Kate Gosselin and David Cook
Everyone from Queen Latifah to last year's winner David Cook sported the inexplicable side bang/spiky top shag.

The Kate is the new Rachel.


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Leave her alone for god sake!!! let her be nd stop poking fun at her

1989 days ago


Kate's hair is terrible! What was she thinking? WHO told her that was a good look for her? The bodygaurd?

1989 days ago


Geez, I must be the only person who loves her hair! I think she rocks it for a mom of 8!

1989 days ago


Her hair makes me think of a Mullet in reverse. It is work in the back, party in front!

1989 days ago


I have to say that her hair isn't that bad at all. I wouldn't want that hair style. But it's really not that bad to be the butt of all of your jokes. She isn't a bad looking woman either, so I think she can pull the hair style off. Queen Latifa was braided in the back. And David Cook has had his hair like that for awhile. I am left wondering with new stories like this on TMZ, if it's a slow day the reporter's just pull something out of their asses and publish it. Kind of like that new story they ran about the wax in Zac Efron's ears. Wow great stuff TMZ prints. You guys are wasting space sense Britney has been able to keep it together.

1989 days ago


Gee, it's really funny how her hair resembles Rihanna's hair, but yet, KATE is the butt of the joke...if this is the case, poke fun of Rihanna as well...

1989 days ago


Kate is famous (infamous) for exploiting her children and forcing them to make money for her. Parents work to financially take care of their children; children don't work to financially support their parents. She's a disgusting person as is Jon who's said that his children are "very marketable."

This woman's hair matches the despicable that she is...

1989 days ago


Bull on that. Those hairdo's are so different and none of them are new. Kate looks like she went to get her hair done, they worked on the back and the kids needed her to come home. Come is ugly and unbalanced. Latifah looked great with hers up...not chort in back but pulled up. Cook has the same style he had before but lightened..come on..this is not news.

1989 days ago


At least her hair will make a great Halloween costume this year!

1989 days ago


I like her hair. It's a style all her own and there's nothing horrible about it. I mean, the woman is kind of crazy from what I've seen of her on the show, but her hair is fine. Oh the petty things we pick on.

1989 days ago


BS. I don't think Kate is exploiting her children. What is obvious is that she is setting up college funds that the profits from Jon & Kate Plus 8 will pay for. Jon has said he will do whatever it takes to ensure a future for his children and his lame job in IT certainly wouldn't have been able to provide that. . How else do you think they would be able to afford to put 8 children through college? That's mega bucks and in a dozen years it will be much more expensive than it is now.

1989 days ago


Kate could re-make the part of the Steward of the airport that LOVES Flock of Seagulls in The Wedding Singer!!

1989 days ago


Kate just needs some nice dookie chains and leg warmers to finish the look.

1989 days ago


I think it is quite amazing that MORE people are not alarmed and outraged at the way these two parents exploit their children for cold hard cash and then spend it all on themselves.

Robbing ones children? I mean, come on, what is right about that? Making little children work full time so you can quit work?

I reckon some of these people that defend the Gosselins abusing their children this way would have been happy to watch live video feeds from the mills of New England, where children worked all day to support their families

1989 days ago

NANA B    

Her hair looks great!! I only wish I could wear mine like that, so stop making fun of her. Makes YOU look like an idiot.

1989 days ago
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