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Clay Aiken Shreds 'Idol' -- Can't Stand the Posers

5/22/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clay AikenYou're not a true ex-"American Idol" contestant unless you bash the show that made you famous.

Clay Aiken took to his personal website (available to view for the low, low price of $29.95/year) to rip "Idol" and its king of glam runner-up Adam Lambert. As Gawker pointed out, despite only hearing Lambert sing once, Aiken claimed he thought his "ears would bleed" when he belted out "Ring of Fire." Pot, perhaps you've met kettle?

Then Aiken played the "it was better back in my day" card and wrote, "The show was different then, and folks made it in seasons 1-3 because they were 'real' people who happened to sing/entertain well. But, somewhere along the way, AI stopped being about real people."

Note to Clay -- real people don't charge other real people $29.95/year to access their website.


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Ok, so I just read this on a news sight. Clay went barging onto the AI studio, where he wasn't wanted because of him leaving the record label. So he goes barging in unannounced and wanted to talk to Adam so they could cut a record together. The AI people threw Clay out before he even had a chance to talk to Adam. So now he's having his little hissy fit and trash talking Adam because he feels it's Adams fault he got kicked out of the AI studio. Boy, am I ever glad I never bought any of HIS records!

1947 days ago


Not a Clay fan and I am amazed anyone would pay for a psuedo celeb site access but .. whatever, LOL. I do agree with his take on AI though.. it used to be about giving the average unknown singer a chance to make it, to open doors... now you have people who have already had recording contracts, already big stage performers ect... it's not about about the unknown kid next door getting a one in a million break anymore and that sort of takes something fun out of the whole thing. I'm glad Kris won because he is that persona .. Adam will do well even if he didn't win because he was already doing well when he showed up for AI tryouts.

1947 days ago


No, #52 - Clay did NOT go 'barging' into AI. He went to visit friends there and took his son for them to meet. The whole silly story about getting kicked out and wanting to do a duet with Adam were pure fabrications, embellished by each succissive 'news' site until it became ludricous.

Jeez, give this man a break for having some common sense and for his honesty in saying what he did about how the AI machine works.

I cannot believe how this whole thing has just taken off like a runaway horse.

1947 days ago

Ms Kris    

What a comment from someone who
1 is a LIAR
2. Has no career in music any more 1 successful album, other albums did nothing
4 Did NOT SEASON 4 HAVE CARRIE UNDERWOOD AS THE WINNER? She along with Kelly are the most successful of the winners with MORE THAN 1 HIT ALBUM


1947 days ago


I think someone's Aunt Flo is in town. Heavy flow day, Gaykin?

1947 days ago

None of Your Business    

Clay is a jealous ugly gay man who doesn't have half the talent that Adam has. What a wussie. Adam probably turned him down for a duet saying he's too ugly.

1947 days ago


Comment to JeanCo....I beg your pardon darling but i wouldn't quite call Kris's win a landslide victory. Especially when 38 million votes were produced from a state containing only 3 million people! AI has to change its voting policies....ONE phone number, and after you've placed your call the voter presses #1 for contestant A or button #2 for contestant B. Its ridiculous the way it is now.
And as for darling Clay...the "real person" if he was so damn real, he'd still look like the true nerd he is... with coke bottle glasses, funky hair and howdy doody ears. Give me a break!
Adam might not be everyone's favorite but he's thousands of times better than Kris....who i can't even stand to look at when he sings....can he possibly sing out of his mouth without making gross contortions? Ugh...he's so nasty!

1947 days ago

Heather STaley    

Who does Clay Aiken think that he is to be talking smack about Adam Lambert. Mind your own business clay and go raise your baby.

1947 days ago


Note to clay:

Real people stay around their children and don't conceive them in a test tube!

1947 days ago


What a bitter queen..

1947 days ago


Maybe Clay and his "fans" should go take a look at Adams Lambert website. WHAT? He doesnt charge to get on it? WHY? Because his fans already pay for his mucic, he is making his money already, he has a personal video on there thanking his fans and giving them information and updates, he doesnt NEED thier money just to get information about him, it is all over the web.

Clay...Im sorry your so jealous. Face up. Your not near as good and evidently not making the money you need and have to charge fans to see where your performances are. Sad Sad World!

1947 days ago


screw you, clay. you don't know technically correct singing when it hits you in the face. go back to broadway.

1947 days ago


And hiding the fact the he himself is gay for YEARS was keeping it real hum?

1947 days ago


Adam Lambert Is One Million Times The Singer Poor Little Clay Aiken Is .

When Was The Last Time aanyone Heard His Music Outside Of A Gay Bar ?
No Where ?
Exactly .

Adams Music Outshine Clays Music Any Fking Day .

1947 days ago


hes just pissed cause he hit on adam and adam wanted nothing to do with his ugly arse.

1947 days ago
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