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'Gossip Girl' Star

I Spied for My Son

5/22/2009 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a move straight out of the Bart Bass playbook, "Gossip Girl" star Kelly Rutherford hired a detective to videotape her ex -- but today outside court, she insisted it was only to check in on "my son's safety."

Rutherford hired the private eye to prove her ex, Daniel Giersch, didn't properly secure the pool and play areas at his home -- which she said endangered the couple's 2-year-old son Hermes. She also wanted Daniel to stop potty training the kid.

The judge ordered Giersch to properly cover the pool -- and today in court Daniel proved that had been done. As for the toilet talk, Hermes will continue to use pull-ups and can use a toilet if he so chooses.


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Hermes, hahahaaaa! Poor kid!

1982 days ago


she looks very cute while preggers! LOL! I wish her good luck with everything! BTW many celebs give their kids weird names!

1982 days ago


She wants him to stop potty training? WHY?!

1982 days ago


She probably wants him to stop potty training because they say NOT to potty train during a transition period....such as divorce and the birth of a new baby. I think she's right to tell him to stop. The kid is only two, he has plenty of time, he should wait for a few months so Hermes gets adjusted to the new baby and the divorce.

1981 days ago

Ya Think    

Kelly's nuts! If the kid is already successfully potty-training, there's no reason to stop. If she were struggling to potty train Hermes, it would make sense to stop during the transition period. What's with these Hollyweird types? They're all ass-backwards.

1981 days ago


Kathleen get a life; transition period or not age two is when u need to start potty training. Whether u have money or not pampers/wipes get expensive and changing them is time consuming. Plus why in the hell should a child who is eating adult meals, talking, walking/running etc. wearing pampers? Are u honestly telling me that if this lady decides to be pregnant the next 5 yrs her son shouldn't be potty trained, b/c according to you a new baby/babies is a transiton period? I don't think so.

1981 days ago


Or she is being selfish and she wants to potty train him herself. Whatever is going on between them she needs to grow up and let her child grow up as well.

1981 days ago


Kelly Rutherford has strange ideas about parenting. She wants to breastfeed her son as long as possible... she said in an interview that she might until he is 5 or 6, and has said before that she doesn't want him toilet trained for a while because she likes him to stay a baby as long as possible. I know someone who worked with her and apparently although she is very nice to work with, she is an odd duck when it comes to her kid.

1981 days ago

bsb fan    

It's her kid, her life... let her do what the hell she wants to do.

1981 days ago


Must be fun to be married!! Why do people continue this farce??

1981 days ago


I have seen too many parents make the mistake of coddling their children because of whatever! At two years old it's time to begin potty training. It is never to be done as a punishmnet, but rather as one of many milestones your child will be making on his journey through his life. It is our jobs as parents to encourage them along the way, yes, even bribe them if we need to (jelly beans are great), same with having the binky fairy come and get all the binkies to give to the babies that need them. Our children need to be loved, encouraged and yes even empowered to grow up. Whether we want them to or not, they will and the more we do along the way to help them...the will grow up to be very confident young adults. Do not coddle them during the storms.

Yes, divorce is sad and even tragic for most children, but they will grow up to love their parents as long as they are being loved by both parents along the way. The greatest gift you can give your children, is to be best friends with their Mommy or Daddy. Never bad mouth the other parent in front of the children, Trust me, it will back fire on you, and they will end up hating you for it later. Regardless of what you may feel for your will both be together as joint parents to these children for the rest of your lives. PERIOD. So, grow up and show respec tot one another for the sake of these children. They did not ask to be born into the dysfunctional family. What saddens me more is that so many people have a baby thinking it will fix a bad marriage. Hey people...don't rin the lives of your innocent chidren just because your marrige did not work out!!

1981 days ago


She's a control freak! Forcing her child to breastfeed when he doesn't want to. Spying and lying and now she is carrying another potential victim. When do the courts get involved in this? Soon I hope. Talk about an unfit mother!

1981 days ago

Sarah Jones    

I would have been thrilled if my husband was this hands on to want to potty train our children at an appropriate time.
Most men wouldn't have care one way or the other. Instead of going along with her son's father on such a simple matter -
this witch takes him to court. No only that, but she claims ON THIS VIDEO that she might write a book about him or
HELP other women who are SUFFERING with a hand's on dad during a divorce. Just because HERMES can wear a pull up diaper until college - doesn't mean John Crawford won this battle. She's a control freak nut, hellbent on ruining her kids if that's what it takes to destroy their father. The father should be awarded full custody of these kids.

1981 days ago


Damn it people, quit breeding, every time somebody from hollywood drops trousers it weakens the gene pool

1981 days ago

Maria Sanchez    

How do you know she is forcing her child to breast feed???? As a an advocate for long term nursing, it is a natural process, and yes, some children do nurse till they are 4 or 5 years old.

1981 days ago
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