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Jon Gosselin

Biggest Flirt of 1995

5/22/2009 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before meeting his baby factory of a wife and going on "Jon & Kate Plus 8," Jon Gosselin was surrounded by a bunch of kids he didn't create at the Wyomissing Area High School in Pennsylvania.

Jon Gosselin: Click to view!
These are Jon's senior yearbook pics from 1995, when he was captain of his state champion soccer team -- which his dad coached -- and more importantly, the proud owner of the "Friendly Flirt" award.

Some things never change.


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The Gosselin eight support their Mother and Father. Should it not be the other way around?

1947 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Jon better get a professional food taster before he eats any food Kate gives him. Likewise, be better check the brakes on his car daily, and check for bombs under the hood. Kate's bodyguard supposedly packs a gun, so Jon better watch his back there too. In fact, if I were Jon Gosselin, I'd fear for my life. Greedy Kate would love to keep all the money for herself, and she despises Jon. I would put nothing past her after what she's already done to her husband and kids..

1947 days ago

Still in Shock    

I just heard on TV that they are getting a divorce, we will see!

1947 days ago

Go Wyo    

I thought Jon looked extremely familiar when I saw a picture of him given to me recently by my future mother-in-law. At first I mistook him for his brother, whom I graduated with. His little brother was a friendly guy who seemed to get along with everyone quite well while I was at Wyo. He loved sports and had a lot of charm.

Both of my future in-laws worked with Kate in her pre-reality show days and have said that she was a very unpleasant person to work with whenever they encountered her; her attitude issues aren't at all new.

If Jon's anything like his brother, I wish him luck through all of this. Although I'm sure that at one time Kate was perhaps a caring and loving wife, she's been coming across as a relentless, egotistical harpy for quite some time, now, and he certainly deserves better.

1947 days ago


you know if you go back and watch the marathon they are playing you can see how mean of a women kate is and when she started haveing everyone do everything for her and her rudeness got worse i dont blame jon one bit .......shes is in it for the money and she always had beth that was very rich.around her till they moved and had her million dollar home and look what happen to her now ...funny how all the old friends arent around her much...and how we never heard about her back ground.just watching there wedding this evening there was a time they did love each other , but now i think shes in it for all she can get .just look at how she change her style her tan and how she really never seames to do very much with the kids ..daddy always was there,just my thoughts

1947 days ago


Even Jack the Ripper deserves better then Kate for a spouse. She's the devil and proud of it. Pity any person that gets near the horrid beast disguised as America's Favorite Mom(ster). Too bad the chopper dudes didn't tip their bike when she was on it w/o a helmet -- might have knocked some sense into her thick skull.
Cancel the show == FREE THE GOSSELIN 8.

1947 days ago

reality sux    

I doubt they'd divorce just yet, as there are opportunities for more years of contract and free counseling perhaps on Dr. Phil. As long as there's money to be made, they ain't going anywhere.

1947 days ago


Oh, he got the biggest flirt award. I guess "guy most likely to marry a witch and have 8 kids" was taken.

1947 days ago


i think that everyone should just leave them alone if he did what the papers say he did that is there prob no one elses let them deal with it how ever they may and mind your own d**n business would you like all of your personal buness to be on every mag. cover omg i just think some people will go so low just for their own personal gain its sad

1947 days ago


I have always loved John and the kids. I had to stop watching the show after I saw the mother...or "Kateman" yelling and screaming all the time, It was so abusive....and that is witht he cameras rolling, I could only imagine what goes on with other people out of the house. I'm surprised that so many people think that her outbursts are just ok. I had a mother like that and it has caused me and my siblings so much pain, my father letft her....thank God for him. There is no doubt that in the future her own children will have thier own best selling book that describes mommy dearest. She should get help now before she ruins thier lives forever. I'm raising six little ones and could never imagine ranting and raving like she does, it would mever be allowed!
John please make the mother of your children get help for the sake of those children.

1946 days ago


She's a bully! She drives everyone away from the kids and John, even her pastor father. She has had a bad reputation in thier hometown in PA ever since the six kids were born. She would not take her fathers church donations unless they were matching and brand new, she wanted cashand wanted someone to donate a large hose to them. She alianated her and John's family because of her antics, if you noticed she makes it a point to say it thier life, and no one comes around on Christmas. I'm surprised her brother stayed around as long as he did, I'm sure because of Jodi and her free babysitting. I'm glad alot of stuff is coming out of the closet. John and the kids deserve to have a normal life and thier family back without Kate around. I hope Tmz reveals alot of the past information, just go to the old neighborhood.

1946 days ago



1945 days ago


At first I was thrilled to see such a morally correct family having 'normal' problems like the rest of us,because 'they' (kate, anyway) comes off as being so aloof and non-needy. I think any healthy coulple needs some quality, selfish, alone time to make it work. But now, my glee in their apparent failure, has turned to sympathy for the older girls as well as the other six. It must really suck for them. Even if kate is as big of a 'celebrity-dom' whore as she's made out to be, it's still is not fair to the litter to have to go through this crap with them

1944 days ago


Jon is a sweet guy leave him alone, its the skank Kate, I only watch the show because he is a good dad!! I say file for divorce and sue for full custody!! She will have to split everything and you will get child support! Your a great daddy.. What happen to Kate wanting to stay home and be a mother, now she wants to live at spas and be escorted by body gaurds. And for gods sake do something with that backwards mullet!! Jon keep up the good work and don't let anyone bring you down.. "hugs" Danielle in Pittsburgh, PA

1943 days ago


Ok, I have to stick up for Kate here. Jon is so childish its like he's another child for her. Don't you think she would like to just go out drinking too. And, he would never file for custody, he's too immature to want that. He complains about the show, but he's the one that quit his job. He should just go out and get a job and send child support payments.

1942 days ago
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