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'American Idol' Champ Dines with Loser

5/23/2009 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just because several million more people like one over the other, it doesn't mean "American Idol" champ Kris Allen and runner-up Adam Lambert can't enjoy a meal together.


After appearing on "Larry King Live" together, the pair hit up a local Poquito Mas with some friends.

So, who picks up the tab -- the guy Simon wanted to win or the guy America wanted to win?


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Adam was probably treating Kris to a meal as repayment for calling Gokey a "jerk" in front of a TV audience. Best.moment.of.the.season!!!!!

1947 days ago


TMZ-You would use the word LOSER when refuring to a man (ADAM LAMBERT) that Kris himself stated deserved to win too. Bottom Line! PEOPLE DID NOT VOTE FOR KRIS TO WIN AI BECAUSE HE WAS THE BEST. THEY VOTED TO BE SURE ADAM LAMBERT LOST because he is different than all the rest. Sad-we have so many hate voters out there! Kris is a great talented guy. Will you be walking out of a sold out Kris show calling all your friends with excitement because his peformance was so incredible? I doubt it. In 3-5-12 yrs. you and your friends will still be talking about the SOLD OUT!ADAM LAMBERT performance you went to because it was so fantastic and mind blowing. Kris and Adam are worlds apart. Kris talented and ADAM as Simon said "Extrodinary and The Whole Package!"
BOTTOM LINE~Kris did not win on talent. Everyone, including himself knows he skated on Danny's sympathy and underdog votes. The songs Kris got in the end fit Kris's style better and he did a good job. They show had unfarely almost been pimping Adam the whole time until the producers and Media pulled the plug. Kris was in the right place in the right time. Great last few songs and judges had to play nice. Kris got it! Poor Danny
IN THE END AMERICA'S- Close-minded people, who are in fear of change or getting out of their comfort zone got their guy. Amercia has proven it will always be about the average, apple pie, boy next door. Conservitive and judgmental people will always go to any lenghts to keep it that way if they can.
Guys like ADAM LAMBERT are to risky for most Americans. One time Simon stated he was a "Brave""WorldStar". How many people know guys like Kris in their lives. Super talented but A DIME A DOZEN.**
* People voted for Kris for the wrong reasons and they know it.They shouls be ashamed ot the selves.
***Check out AI site and compare judges comments for season, song for song. It's almost funny!**
Best wishes Kris & all of AI

1947 days ago


Yes it is wonderful that two guyse from very different backgrounds are friends but please, people are acting like this is the first time a gay guy and a hetero guy were good friends or even people from very different backgrounds. Happens all the time and especially in Los Angeles. I've got gay and hetero friends, single. married, living common law and divorced, various levels of education and income, differnt ethnic backgrounds- do I get a medal or something?

1947 days ago


Kris and Adam are both GREAT GUYS. I hope they have a long lasting friendship and excellent careers.

1947 days ago


Just to clarify, several million more people did not like Kris over Adam. Kris's fan's obviously do not have a life and dedicatd the time to vote over and over and over and over.... I loved Adam but I am not going to vote for anyone that many times through out the 2-4 hrs of voting times. This is why American Idols voting system is askew. It does not demonstrate the true results when it just depends on wacko's who have nothing better to do.

1947 days ago


ADAM! omg! he is so much better! he shoulda won! ILOVE ADAM LAMBERT! GAY, STRAIGHT, GREEN, OR PURPLE POLKA DOTTED!!! I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT! im a glambert and im proud of it!!

1947 days ago


If Adam fans need to keep up this diatribe to feel better so be it.

The contestant basically boiled down to do you prefer LIza Minelli or Bruce Springsteen. Celine Dion or Norah Jones.
Librace or Billy Joel. Freddie Mercury or Rob Thomas/James Taylor.

It came down to styles. You can't make people like a particular style of performance or music because you think that is the politically correct thing to do.

1947 days ago


I'm getting sick of Adam. Since LOSING, he's been an even bigger attention whore than we saw on the show. He is constantly trying to eclipse Kris. He should try a little he tried to fool us with during the finals.

1947 days ago


Adam Paid , Hes So Far More Sucessful Then Kris , Duh ?
Check The iTunes Charts Dumbasses .
Adams Album Is Selling 10x Better .

PLUS : Simons Always Right On Talent, So Yea , He Wanted Adam To Win .

1947 days ago

None of Your Business    

I'm getting sick of Adam. Since LOSING, he's been an even bigger attention whore than we saw on the show. He is constantly trying to eclipse Kris. He should try a little he tried to fool us with during the finals.

Posted at 2:26PM on May 23rd 2009 by Brian
You're an idiot. It's the media that is creating the buzz about Adam and it started when the show began. It's not going away because Adam should have won but homophobic Christians pulled Kris through. The forecasted winner Adam who lost to Kris is of course getting more media than Kris because Adam is more interesting.

1947 days ago


I just love both of these guys! Adam was my run-away favourite all season, but Kris was my second favourite. I adore their friendship, how they found their common ground in spite of initial differences, and those differences don't matter to them anymore. Every time I see them together, I love them even more lol They are both completely comfortable with who they are, and with each other, and adore each other. No need to qualify it. I hope Kradam do a ton of stuff together in the press and performances, because they are fantastic together! I wish them both amazing success, and am anxious for both of their albums!

1947 days ago


I wonder why the other idols didn't dine together. They were all on the show yesterday.

1947 days ago


I just looked at the picture again. He DOES look like Elvis, with the hair and the glasses.

1947 days ago


They probably C@rn-H@led each other after their dinner...together......WHO CARES...they both SUCK. Oh Ya and their singing is bad to....

1947 days ago


If Chris wasn't good looking, he would have been kicked off the show long ago. What a waste of a season!

1947 days ago
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