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Adam Lambert -- The New King of Queen?

5/24/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

adam LambertWe already know Adam Lambert can rock eyeliner like the late Freddie Mercury, but can he front Freddie's band? The guys from Queen aren't ruling it out after their performance on the "American Idol" finale.

In a Rolling Stone interview, Queen's lead guitarist Brian May said, "It's not like we, as Queen, would rush into coalescing with another singer just like that. It isn't that easy. But I'd certainly like to work with Adam. That is one amazing instrument he has there."

He's talking about Adam's voice.


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Brian, I think New Blood will get New Fans Of QUEENS Music,Go For It,
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1979 days ago


Hmmm, I thought Paul Rodgers from Bad Co. was singing vocals for Queen?

1979 days ago

Bipolar is like any other disease she needs medication    

Adam's voice is AMAZING, and I think he would be a great front man for Queen, but he really wants to do something new, so I think once the AI tour is over, he should work with the best producers and songwriters and create that album that just blows everybody away. He is incredible...just watch how the audience falls at his feet when he performed Beth at the finale. That's not to say he shouldn't do a mini tour of a few special shows with Queen, that would be legendary...but it might take too much of his time away from an all-Adam glam/rock/funk/R&B/electro/pop album. I want to buy whatever Adam is selling.

1979 days ago


I'd love to see Adam make some special appearances with Queen. He was amazing performing with them on the AI Finale as well as with Kiss. But I'm really hoping he does some solo work first.He says he's already working in the studio on material for an album and I'm sure he'll be doing that throughout the summer while he's on tour. he says his album should be out by the end of the year. Then hopefully an epic solo tour with all sorts of costumes and special effects. What a compliment though that rock legends like Queen want to work with him. Slash also says he'd like to collaborate with Adam so maybe we'll hear him playing guitar on the album!!!!

1979 days ago

the end of the day    

Yep..that's the way to keep the "flame" going. What Adam really needs to do is go to Vegas and try and get a job there as a show performer. OR...try to start up the "Club Kids" from back in the 80's.

1979 days ago


Robbie Williams did the best collaborations with Queen in my opinion. Queen should just stick with guest stars like Williams and, yes, definitely Adam Lambert as well. There is no replacement for Mercury and they know it. Frankly, I think they just need to go with an unknown. High profile singers in their own right like Williams and soon, Lambert, are their own act already. A big name would be a distraction. Are you going to see Queen or are you going to see Robbie Williams or Adam Lambert (or fill in the blank with whatever other high profile name you want) starring with Queen? Go with an unknown.

1979 days ago


Adam is a huge star on his own. He doesn't need to join an established group. I'd rather see him form his own band like Chris Daughtry did.
I agree, Queen should go with an unknown who will blend more with the group and not stand out so much.
If they went with Adam, it would be" Adam Lambert and Queen".
Sorta like this summer's American Idol Tour is going to be "Adam Lambert and the other Idols".
The dude can't help it...he just stands out.

1979 days ago


Oh god no. doe's anyone have any integrity anymore? Jesus Christ.

1979 days ago


well, i am in my 40's, always been a Queen fan and felt that no one could replace Freddy. That is still true but I do think that Adam is as close to Freddy as Queen is going to find. He's young, he needs to learn but he has the voice and the stage presence that reminds me of Freddie Mercury. It isn't going to happen overnite, this kid has some learning to do but when he peeks, Queen will once again be the band that Freddie created. I hope they go with him, have patience with him and groom him as a replacement. I haven't seen one other person I could or would ever consider as a possible frontman for Queen.

1979 days ago

The Royal    

The title of the article should have been: "Adam Lambert - The New King of TMZ."......LOL

1979 days ago


God, no! Adam doesn' need those old fossils. He's scorching hot right now. They aren't. Adam is way too smart/saavy to let a bunch of geriatric rockers suck his blood to stay relevant. He's a rising star, anxious to do his own thing without constraint. Freddy was a genius, but Adam doesn't need to imitate him or sing his 30 year old songs for fame..

1979 days ago

Emilio Pastrana    

I am a hughe fan of Queen and certainly Freddie is irremplazable but why not trying to change the band's name and see if the proyect can work?

Thinking jut in substituing Freddie's voice may be easy but keep in mind that Mr. Mercury was the main composer and this is something that Adam cannot do well.

Brian just said it, ... "It isn't that easy".

1979 days ago


I think Adam should do what he feels in his heart and that is to make his first record and then what ever comes after that will be a bonus. I wrote this poem for you Adam:

~A True Shooting Star~

You fell out of the sky; like a shooting star.
Blessed us with your voice; from places afar.

You have been a true artist; right from the start.
You gave us great pleasure; from deep with-in your heart.

You will be very well known; all across our land.
Your music and video's; will be in great demand.

So raise your self up; and take your rightful place.
The contest is over now; and no longer a race.

You will shine the brightest; of all the stars in the sky.
You are the TRUE IDOL; this you can not deny.

Written today just for you Adam.
Copyright By AJ Dixon May 23, 2009

1979 days ago


Adam can make a big name alone. He should perform solo and make his own name in the music industry. He has a very big potential to achieve that, even if many already see him as a big star. However, he can be a guest to some of the gigs of the bands because he can really rock!

1979 days ago


Why does Adam need Queen? He doesn't need them. They are fading and he is raising so Adam should just do what HE wants, which is create something new.

1979 days ago
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