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Mary Kay and Her Boy Lover -- All Growed Up

5/24/2009 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Now wave your hands in the air, and party like you're a teacher who did seven years and six months for raping your 12-year-old student!"


Mary Kay Letourneau didn't really say that last night, but she could have when she and her boyfriend-turned-husband, Vili Fualaau, hosted "Hot for Teacher Night" at a Seattle club.

They look so happy together -- for a second, you almost forget they started having sex when she was his elementary school teacher. Almost.


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mellon bruse N    

IN WWII most all girls were married by age 13 and thier high school husbands went off to war with them still in hugh school

1946 days ago


What to say, what to say???

1946 days ago


they do look happy together, which is more than alot of people can say, HOWEVER, if some wench was tagging my 13 yr old son, I think I would have to kill her

1946 days ago


I'm really looking forward to their daughters becoming 13 and having consentual sex with their middle aged teacher

1946 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

I had my first child by age six and 36 kids by age 14.I than gave sperm to a jewish doctor whom used that to produce more kids.I stopped haveing kids naturally by age 14 as a mormon child it was a given to have as many kids as possible.I didn`t know I was any different untill I got outside the mormon circle.I had kids as a kid and the kids I would see didn`t even know what that was.Someone has to do the work to build the next generation?.Now a sperm bank or cloneing can build designer babys and clones so the old ways are way over with.Every lady I was with was over 21,you can`t go back in time and change that.BUT I never married and I sure don`t think it would be good for a kid of todays world.I grew up and fit in for many years I`am NOT a mormon since age 14 but I still get the 20 radars though the head as some sort of killroy coverup smit`SS.She could be useing HIM? or he could be useing her who knows? she payed her dues to be with him.3Rd world and this is non-news

1946 days ago

Kayan Phoenix    

Wow i wonder how they'll react when there kids do something like what they did LOL

1946 days ago


I can't believe Im saying this...But Im actually happy for them. I don't agree at all with the way this relationship started but they have managed to stay in Love and together threw thick and thin which is a lot more than I can say for most couples. I think she looks beautiful, they look really happy together, I would never guess there was such a age difference, she has a little girl look about her and he looks quite mature....So it seems to be working for them...atleast for now anyway.....

1946 days ago


Can you say Desperate Housewife?

1946 days ago


It doesn't matter what they look like together. She is a CHILD MOLESTER. I can't even imagine how all of her children live with this.

1946 days ago

She's Dumb    

I think she should have waited until he was of proper age and she did pay for that. But now, I wish them the best. Obviously, they want to be together and make each other happy, so, more power to them!

1946 days ago


As much as I'd like to believe this stuff doesn't happen very often, something tells me otherwise. She is just one of few to get caught. It sucks we live in a world as messed up as this one is, but we got what we got.

1946 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

She`s his brain and his is her pizza

1946 days ago


We wonder why the United States of America has lost its prestige in the world? This is what we talk about? A pervert getting attention for doing WRONG???? The Roman Empire fell, so I guess we are next. The "signs" have been there for years, but spinning out of control seems to be our specialty. If it is destiny, so be it. The good and decent people can only pray for salvation!

1946 days ago

mellon bruse N    

they were a same sex couple?

1946 days ago


Oh good grief, she was no child molester. The boy came from a different culture and saw her with the approval of his family.

She came from a weird Republican bckground and was very immature and romantic.

This couple was very unconventional but hardly criminals. I'm glad things worked out for them.

1946 days ago
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