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Mary Kay and Her Boy Lover -- All Growed Up

5/24/2009 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Now wave your hands in the air, and party like you're a teacher who did seven years and six months for raping your 12-year-old student!"


Mary Kay Letourneau didn't really say that last night, but she could have when she and her boyfriend-turned-husband, Vili Fualaau, hosted "Hot for Teacher Night" at a Seattle club.

They look so happy together -- for a second, you almost forget they started having sex when she was his elementary school teacher. Almost.


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Well it shows they really did love each other, they survived all the media and jail time. Im actually happy for them, they look very happy.

1978 days ago


In the words of Norm MacDonald, on Weekend Update, "The Girls in her class
"thought she was a slut, and the Boys thought she was simply, the greatest
"teacher that ever lived..."

1978 days ago


If a foreign country was looking at these comments, they would see it is "easy pickins" for understanding the slide in our culture. The Stupid seem to be taking over. Problem is , when it gets really bad, the Stupid, will be the first ones to mess up the survival of the rest of us. Kind of like when an airplane makes an emergency evacuation and the Stupid mess of the flow of the survivors by spinning around, not filing out in an ordering fashion, not READING the evacuation chart, NOT listening to evacuation orders, etc. How important will this loser teacher , who molested and married , be when it is our time to make IMPORTANT decisions?

1978 days ago


Your comments have been the funniest I have read in a long time. On one hand, it is good for that their relationship still works for them. On the other hand, if she did THAT to my son .... the police would be finding her body parts scattered between from Orange, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, .... by the time I was through with her .... LOL

1978 days ago


This is shameful. She has serious issues and they're both using it as publicity. I think I've heard about it ALL now!

1978 days ago

Tutti Froooooty    

I definitely don't think that Mary Kay has any kind of "hold" on Vili. Seriously now....what 12 or 13 year old boy didn't wanna bone the hot teacher??? It was definitely 100 percent consensual sex as Vili has repeated OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! And some people just don't get it!! Mary Kay was extremely vulnerable in her situation with an emotionally abusive and somewhat physically abusive husband. Men are the aggressors when it comes to sexual activity, and Vili definitely took charge when he noticed she was sensitive. I am happy for them and hope they have a wonderful life together. They shouldn't have done it the way they did, but I guess they really are soul mates. There's plenty of other people in this world with a 20+ age difference!!!!

1978 days ago


#11 The Roman Empire fell because of Barbarian invasions and mismanagement by its leaders, who were incompetent. Very much like George Bush.

1978 days ago


For 12:13 Foreign countries think that Bush was the stupid one.
I have to agree.
Bush/Cheney and their co-conspirators should be tried as war criminals.

1978 days ago

mellon bruse N    

Many of whom live in tribes without food or knowing thier fathers.Some are married to many wifes at early ages but the churches in the USA backed by the fed says this is this or that is that.WWII most married by age 13 while husbands just out of high school fought the SS BABY BOOMERS whom now this country rests on thier backs whom went off to nam and so on.REPRODUCTION is needed for a strong healthy country.reproduction is down in the USA and japan so we try tp import labor forces.MORE kids mean the USA stays on the map longer.They hurt no one he forgave her and even married her end of story BUT she could repete this action again and again and could be doing it now.If I was in his shoes and she was faithful I could deal with all that.

1978 days ago


It really oogs me out. He's 23 and shes 46. Normally age doesn't effect me that much, but I can't help but wonder what a 23 year old that has only been with ONE woman thinks when a nice, tight comparably aged woman walks by. One that hasn't had a google of kids. Hey, Cindy Crawford is still smoking hot, but her body parts aren't as naturally "perky" as a 23 year old. I don't know that my marriage would have lasted 21 years if I hadn't sowed some wild oats before hand......and my wife wasn't 23 years older than me.

1978 days ago

mellon bruse N    

Came from high school couples in WWII and after the war THE WHOLE DAM COUNTY is built upon ALL THOSE BOOMERS of which most had under age parents

1978 days ago


Brian, she was his first...noone said she was his last. Do you really believe that while she was locked up he didn't experiment. If I remember correctly, there was a short period of time after she got out of prison that he wasn't sure that he still wanted to be with her, but then decided he did. Maybe he was attracted to her maturity, young people look nicer in bathing suits but a lot of them have a big hole in their heads...nice to look at but not so much up there. I've dated younger men (all were legal though), and yes, they have great bodies, they are always ready, but they are sooo immature and most couldn't carry on a decent conversation. Trust me, that didn't make up for the sex part.

1978 days ago


BTW, I work as a substitute teacher, and the thought of having sex with any 12, 13 year old boy grosses me out. I can't understand what she ever saw in someone that age...even in high school. They all look like kids to me. But they look happy, so power to them.

1978 days ago



1978 days ago


#3, yes, life has turned out wonderfully for him.

Vili Fualaau was sentenced in SeaTac, WA on June 16, 2006 to a year in jail for drunk driving, with the time suspended except for one day. He was pulled over for speeding December 22, 2005; a breath test found a blood-alcohol level of 0.136, above the 0.08 state limit. According to People Magazine, Fualaau was unemployed in 2006, with hopes of becoming a tattoo artist.

High school dropout.

Yes, what a love story. I'm sure her kids from her previous marriage are doing well knowing that their mother cared more about having sex with a 13 year-old than being a mother to them. And her kids with Vili, well they sure have a great start huh? Their mother had sex with her student, went to jail twice, and is now pimping their "hot for teacher" relationship.

1978 days ago
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