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Bethenny Frankel

Finally Cracks

5/26/2009 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently, Bethenny Frankel's new book wasn't revealing enough ...

If there's one thing about those ladies from the "Real Housewives of New York" ... they always know how to keep things classy.


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Wow! For all of her working out I thought her bum would be Higher!

1971 days ago


PHOTO CAPTION: I have no talent but let me show you the only ASSet i have

1970 days ago


I for one wrote to Pepperide Farms and congratulated them on their new spokesperson= Bethenny the drunk slut who doesn't even bother wearing a g-string, Who goes to a book signing wearing a dress with NO PANTIES I love it when her friends come on boards pretending they are fans... all they talk about is the "empire" she has built. I heard there isn't even employees or a FACTORY where her products are made, instead it's her baking things in her kitchen and then selling them. Does'nt sound like an empire to me yet soooooo many people are buying in to her self promotion. She had the NERVE to publicly call Oprah on the carpet saying she could and WOULD help her loose weight along with ALL the women in the WORLD will too because of her book. Hello? Hey Beth, I think you bumped you head once too many times as you fell down drunk.
LADIES AND MEN write to Health mag, pepperidge farm and health,com and let them know that her representation of their companies is a BAD idea- pepperidge farm is supposed to be so wholesome. P. farms makes the tiny goldfish crackers, children don't need another publicly drunken bulimic diet book writter to idolize, I wonder if the companies have seen her X-rated naked movie? Nextg time I go shopping I will NOT buy any PF products, it will only remind me of Bethenny- a desperate attention seeker and SO desperate for a husband she dates any man who looks her way. What a bitch in heat!

1960 days ago


check out

it's a show idea about blue collar housewives of ny.

1947 days ago


How is she aprt of the real the real HOUSE WIVES don't you have to be marry to be a houes wife? ( ( I was infomred shes not even married) & who cares!! just go away w/ this scripted non reality mind candy, PLEASE who watches this crap?

1924 days ago


New Yorkers are infamously classless.

1944 days ago


She looks sickly,both body and mind...she needs some meat on her bones...shes a hot mess...just cause your skinny doesn't mean your healthy...again, body or mind...please someone feed her!!!!

1911 days ago


I'll wax that ass!!!!!!

1891 days ago


She's hot I'd like to spend a night doing her as long as she doesn't talk and leaves in the morning.

1278 days ago
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