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Jon Speaks -- I Never Cheated on Kate!

5/26/2009 3:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and Kate Gosselin, their eight kids and that busted weave have been tabloid fodder for the past few months -- and in a super-sized premiere last night, man did they play up the infidelity drama for the cameras.

Jon & Kate Gosselin: Click to watch
The couple -- who did the majority of their confessionals solo on "Jon & Kate Plus 8" -- addressed Jon's alleged affair, which he flat out denied.

Despite the denial, Kate still considered the dreaded D-word: Divorce.


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the episode was so sad! They have obviously done this to themselves and are in desperate need of marriage counseling. They can't stand each other and the resentment and anger is what's driving their lives right now - not good! If Kate admits regretting how she treated Jon in the past, why does she continue to do it?
Also, it's time for those kids, especially the older ones, to start some extracurricular activites. They say it's all for the kids, it's not. It's all about THEIR EGO! Grow up, Jon and Kate!

1955 days ago


Any couple that would continue to let their marriage woes play out on television in front of their children should have them taken away. You're screwing with their lives for money.

1955 days ago


nothing irks me more than lying. We saw the pictures Jon. He even looks like he is lying on this video. I think these two would say anything to keep their money machine show on the air.

1955 days ago


I feel so sad for them. I think they were two people who really loved each other at one time. As a result of their recent fame it's created an imbalance in their relationship. I see Jon needing to feel strong and valuable and I see Kate uncomfortable in her new, famous, skin. They end up attacking each other when they could be turning to each other for support, but with Kate's constant and overpowering 'I'm stong and I don't need help from anyone' and Jon's quiet need to provide and feel like someone's hero....they're drifitng apart, and they don't have to.
If they could turn to one another and acknowledge Jon's strengths and Kate's weakness it might help. For Kate it would be so important to acknowledge that she is not and does not have to be superwoman. It's her all powerful, perfectionism that is driving people away from her instead of drawing them to her, which is what she probably wants (support, love). And someone needs to help Jon see his own value and worth to his family; that he is needed and has valuable contirbutions ot make as a husband, father, lover and companion.
They have the potential to be so happy and to use their newfound fame as a gift. I wish all good things for them.

1955 days ago


I watched the show last night and I feel badly for them both. I don't think she's as bad as everyone says she is and I think he is just fed up with the show. They need to quit the show for their marriage and for their kids. They can still make money with specials, writing books, etc.

1955 days ago

Daisy Puke    

i felt really sick watching jon and kate last night. Jon seems really depressed to me and has for quite sometime. Kate seems like she is more upset over the money machine from TLC coming to a grinding hault. Jon had to quit his job and become a stay at home dad. i think he loves his children but between having no job and her bossing him around he's bound to look and feel like a loser. THat hugh mansion made her, not him happy, and shes NEVER there. Why dont you bring your whole family with you on those speaking engagments instead of always being gone and not working on your marriage KATE??? You could get a tutor, Your tummy tuck was paid for so im sure you could negotiate a tutor.

1955 days ago


I think these two should be awarderd The Summer Eve's Entertainers of the Year award. Job well done at selling yourselves out and your children.

1955 days ago


I feel very bad for everyone.......I don't think they could ever have expected this show to be as big as it's gotten! Who would ever think that? They made decisions that they thought would be best for their family, and as time goes on, and things progressed, now they may find themselves second guessing them. We have all done this, and so we shouldn't judge. I married thinking it was forever, and of course I did not forsee how our lives would lead, and the impending one can predict these things, and so we should all keep our snide comments to ourselves. They have signed a contract, and likely did sign it prior to all these allegations about Jon, and so now are kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. And in the public eye no less. And for any family, that's sad!!

1955 days ago

artie help    

oh the selfishness, 8 lives ruined , GOD BLESS THESE LIL GUYS.

1955 days ago


I got the feeling from last night's show that if there was a divorce, it would not be kate's choice. It seemed pretty clear that Jon is the one wanting to hightail it. I can't say I blame him based on the way she treats him. It sounded like he had been out of the house for a while now already.

1955 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

who watches fake reality shows.As my gut turns I puke NEVER gon na have timz2 watch smitties.

1955 days ago


Proof positive...Kate doesn't want to cry because it will mess up her makeup. How vain.

Jon says he was just hanging 2:00am while Kate was away and WHO was home with their kids? How mature.

These 2 selfish people have let fame and money rule their lives and now it's ruining their lives. How sad.

Octo-Gosselins should pull the plug on the show for their childrens' sake, they've made enough money off of their kids already!!!

1955 days ago


Jon looked like he minimally participated in the show because he HAD to, contractually speaking. He should have been part of the party planning but probably figured it's all Kate's way anyway so why bother. I did catch the daughter asking him not to go away anymore and he said "Dad's have to work" because he just got busted on camera, but later in the show, he said he hasn't worked in 2 years so he probably doesn't even live at the house. The party looked like a bust and like they had no one there. Jon ignored Kate throughout the show, wouldn't even look at her. When they were in the same camera shot, Kate was looking everywhere but at him -- Nice trees. When they were on the couch, you could fit a whole other person between them, they were so far apart and their body language was obvious -- stiff and legs crossed AWAY from each other. Why is show even on besides everyone wanting money? Last night was a cringe fest and that was only the first show. You tell Jon is being totally arm twisted to do this show and he's just going to show up and not say much.

1955 days ago


I will keep this as simple as i can. ITS A TV SHOW!!!!!! GET A GRIP...... HOW ARE THINGS UNDER YOUR ROOF ???? Guess you guys will watch the sequel Kate plus 8,

1955 days ago


I love Jon and Kate.I hope they can work things out.last nights show was sad.

1955 days ago
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