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Chris Brown -- 'I Am Not a Monster'

5/27/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the first time Chris Brown has addressed the Rihanna situation publicly -- and in person -- telling his fans on a YouTube video, "I am not a monster."

Chris Brown: Click to watch


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1972 days ago


once a batterer ALWAYS a batterer

1972 days ago


We all know he's not a monster. A guy can only take so much before he responds.

There is also a LOT of things that we still don't know about the situation. We don't even know what happened but people are acting like they do.

I'm glad he's dropping a single this summer, and I'm glad he's getting on with his life and career, Rihanna has so why shouldn't he??

1972 days ago


I beg to differ. And so does the vast majority of America. No one cares about your stupid album. "I luh y'all. I ain't a monster." Wasn't he supposed to love Rihanna? What a brilliant statement. Loser.

1972 days ago


"I am not a monster" -- I beg to differ.

1972 days ago


no he's not a monster, just a weak ass punk that feels like a real man when he hits on a girl. every mothers dream.

1972 days ago


What a piece of wussy garbage. He's no man, and never will be.

1972 days ago


No monster, Have you looked at the pictures!!!! Chris you are a ass!!! Nobody should support him in buying a record!! LOSER IS RIGHT!! Come hit me, punk!!! I'll drop you in one hit, Biotch!

1972 days ago


Whatever f^g..... You could have easily walked away from the situation. You fought A WOMAN like she was a man. The sad thing about this is there are sicko's and ignorant Americans will buy your future albums. SAD WORLD.

Posted at 10:19AM on May 27th 2009 by jax

Who cares about what happened? A MAN SHOULD NEVER HIT A WOMEN. He could have easily restrained her. THAT F^G FOUGHT A WOMEN.... What if that was your sister... Grow up you ignorant fool...

1972 days ago


YES YOU ARE, and you should be locked up for a bit. tottal LOOSER!!!

1972 days ago


A monster is a punk who runs after repeatedly belting his "love"
Chris, you fled first to Vegas, and then to Sean's place in Miami...and then,
to your Momma.

This makes you not only a punk, but a punk and a wimp.

I understand the "not guilty" plea based on the advice of counsel. But I hope you understand that by lawyering up,
rather than maning up, you forfeit your career and any impending manhood.

Because Chris, a punk is always a punk until he or she decides to Grow up. That means taking responsibility for bad acts, asking for forgiveness, *after* making restitution. Restitution includes a change in behavior. Like not pummeling others.

So far Chris, nothing you've done since - indicates you have even a clue.

And shame on your Mother or raising a punk.

1972 days ago


I'm so glad to see that most people are responding in the correct way. Except number 3 up there.

He is not a monster, but he is a coward, and one that doesn't deserve any ounce of positive enforcement. We don't know what happened, exactly, but we saw the pictures, and it wasn't he whose face was beaten to a bloody pulp.

I wish people would boycott his albums and wear shirts with his face and "Monster" on them. Just because of this statement.

1972 days ago

cat martinez    

Puss Boy, can dish it out but cannot take it. The Cardinal Clue of a Woman Beater.

1972 days ago


Is this his way of easing his way back into the public...Serious... Calling people HATERS... So I'm a HATER because I belive a man should never fight a women like she is a man... If that's the case, I'M ONE PROUD A^S HATER... WHERE CAN I GET CERITIFIED... Can I start a HATER'S CLUB... I WANT TO BE PRESIDENT OF THAT CLUB TOO..

1972 days ago

kenny darter    

People have been calling him a monster for months now. And that includes all the Rihanna hating victim blamers out there...

1972 days ago
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