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Rapper Knocks Dude Out, Doesn't Miss a Beat

5/27/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fair warning: If you ever decide to toss money in rapper Pitbull's face, be prepared to get knocked the *&^% out.

During a show on April 30 in Aspen, Colo., a fan who was tossing money around in the crowd was pulled on stage by Pitbull. The guy then thought it would be a good idea to make it rain in Pit's face ... and was dead wrong.

Pitbull suddenly levels the guy -- repeat, LEVELS the guy -- with a devastating right hand, then follows it up with a Beckham-esque kick once the dude was on the ground.

We're told the fan was tossed out of the venue after getting socked -- but was let back in once he convinced security he meant no harm. Cops were never even called to the scene.

Either way, the best part of the whole thing: Pitbull never misses a beat when he knocks the dude flat.


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1973 days ago


who cares?? rap music is for retards anyway.

1973 days ago


I hope the rapper guy gets sued. What a baby. Must have only been raised by his mother, that's a real b itch move the guy pulled, must think that it's ok cause he had no daddy growing up. That's what happens when you're raised by your crack head mom or your crack head gramma. I

1973 days ago


WOW, he invites a fan tossing him money on stage then cold-clocks him? What a POS puzzy!
I have more respect for Vanilla Ice.

1973 days ago


Looks like Pitbull would have been cool with him if he would have kept throwing cash at the crowd. I think that's what he brought him on stage for. Let's see if the dude decides to sue in the very near future. He did throw the cash in his face kinda hard, so Pitbull could always use the "self defense" card. We'll see.

1973 days ago


Maybe next time this guy is walking down the street someone will come up to him and SUCKER punch him. What a coward. Too bad he probably never walks down the street by himself, he's probably a scared coward who goes everywhere with bodyguards. Like I said he must have been raised by his crack head mother or crack head gramma, or maybe his father was involved with him growing up and his father was just a b itch who taught him it's ok to sucker punch people.

1973 days ago

Thug Buster    

Momma said "Knock you out" !

1973 days ago


what a freaking looser!!!!! that was way too aggressive!!!!! i hope he gets sued

1973 days ago


Pitfool reacted this way just because some guy tossed money on him?? What an f'ing short fuse this loser has. Yeah, real badass, you cueball. Rap is the epitomy of what is wrong in society today.

1973 days ago


toofastforyou! likes man juice first in your mothers ass!! loser

1973 days ago

Justin is Calling    

Was that the blurry blue square and the blurry white square were next to each other?

Why bother posting such horrible video?

1973 days ago


i'm sure he only did that because he knew his bodyguards would get his back, i hope someone F him up, what an A HOLE.

1973 days ago


The writer of this post seemed real excited by the violence anyway, glad someone got off on it.
Only on TMZ would this loser beat down loser be touted as something spectacular

1973 days ago

Rip It Up    

Rap is for animals like this criminal. Nice to see the Aspen Police Department is sitting on their fat asses, doing nothing. The whole place is a drug den for losers and lowlife.

1973 days ago

Your name:    

Of course the guy fell over when punched. You would to if you got sucker punched for no reason and had no reason to expect being hit. The rapper didn't miss a beat because it certainly doesn't take any kind of talent or anything to be one.

1973 days ago
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