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Adam Lambert Mani's Up

5/30/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert in West Hollywood yesterday getting his groom on.


Bring it on, Clay Aiken ...


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Adam is doing what so many guys do - take care of themseleves. And anyone who thinks it's gross or whatever, your feet probably look like a moneky and snell like them too! I just don't get how all those women around him aren't jumping his bones! Maybe he sang a song for them! I love Adam Lambert and love the fact he's in tune with himself. Anyone who doth protests is hiding something. GO ADAM. Bring on Rolling Stone, the Idol tour, and you--you're hot, hot, hot and the best thing Idol has ever produced.

1981 days ago

Just Noticing    

He deserves it after being on his feet all these months. It must be hard work on the show.

1981 days ago

the end of the day    

You are all so vivildly STUPID. The comments "Go Adam" "Who cares is he's gay" blah..blah..blah. I'll tell you who used to care, the gays and lesbians that supported him during the contest. He had a chance if he was so comfortable with being "himself" that he could come-out and be recognized as a Gay artist, but he chose not to. He is not comfortable with himself, he is ashamed to be gay. I have lost all respect for him, he has brought shame to our community because he is a sell-out not a come-out. We thought he would be the one that could break the barrier by being himself --GAY-- and prove to America that orientation did not matter but being happy with who you are, did. He failed us all, miserably. What ever happened to people being honest?

1981 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Men do this in Boca and actually, *more* men should take care of themselves in the grooming department. You rock, Adam!

1981 days ago

You Go, Judge Joe    

Hey Lisa (#13)-
Shame on you for insinuating that people who live in the midwest are fat idiots. Trust me, there are idiots on either coast as well. Last I checked, Adam has a gut as well. Don't judge people on their physique - talent comes from within. We are just as educated as everyone else. Plus David Cook has a overwhelming fan base. There goes your misguided theory!

1981 days ago


For Gay and Lesbians are ASHAMED:

"I would rather not answer until it comes out," Leila Lambert said in a phone interview with E! News regarding Adam's reported upcoming announcement to Rolling Stone that he is indeed gay. But that's not the real shocker. Check out what she has to say about the behind-the-scenes antics of the Idol camp... Leila says she also signed a contract with American Idol and is not allowed to discuss her son's personal life anyway without THEIR PERMISSION. "We signed a contract with Idol and unless it has been set up by them, I'm not allowed to answer," says Leila.

1981 days ago


@Gay and Lesbians are ASHAMED : OH For the love of ****** get off your high horse. Adam doesn't have a 'responsibility' to anyone regarding his personal choices. Nobody does. His responsibilities are to his friends and family, and to his fans when concerning his music. He hasn't lied, or denied anything, and has tried to be honest as much as possible. I'm sorry, but any person with half a brain understands that he is restricted (for some reason or the other) and he has been hinting at the truth for us every bloody chance he gets - again, not that its ANYONE'S BUSINESS. ENOUGH with this already.

On a more serious note: HOLY MOLY he looks gorgeous, and ADORABLE!

1981 days ago


If he is so unashamed of being gay why didn't he come out DURING Idol? I'll tell you why, he was afraid he would lose if he was out. He lost anyway because he isn't that good and because the gays refused to vote for the coward.

1981 days ago


After seeing the US weekly with Kris and Adam, and then the one on EW, I think Adam has a wicked sense of humor. He seems to just roll with the punches, which I think is a good way to approach the entertainment and music industry.

1981 days ago


I am wondering if it was even fair for Mr. Lambert to be in the Idol competition.

Wasn't he a paid "professional" when he tried out, a member of Equity and in the show Wicked??

Isn't the competition for amateurs?


1981 days ago


Big deal, he got a mani and pedi.

1981 days ago



1981 days ago


I'm having a real problem with all this obsessing over Adam's sexuality.He doesn't hide who he is so what is the issue?If you met a man and his wife,you would assume he's straight.Would you even dream about asking him to verify it?Of course not.So why should Adam have to answer these extremely intrusive questions?I understand the obsession with HIM-He is the most talented,charismatic and original entertainer we have seen in decades!And he is ours!An American the whole world is watching with admiration.Let's not give the rest of the planet more reasons to think of us as morons with all this nonsense.

1981 days ago


Adam you look Great! I love your shirt ! Glad you are taking time to pamper yourself! You are sooooo Handsome!! Love you!

1981 days ago


SO what if he gets his nails fixed. I have seen plenty of handsome guys with nasty dirty nails and its a HUGE TURN OFF! It has nothing to do with other "stuff" the guy just likes to be clean and neat. You got dirty nails and long nails back off!

1981 days ago
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