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Adam Lambert Mani's Up

5/30/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert in West Hollywood yesterday getting his groom on.


Bring it on, Clay Aiken ...


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unashamed woman about sex    

To # 78 No hater blah, blah, blah, bullsh** or something like that. Your a** is a hater, and yes you shall be judged as well though your supid a** has no right to say anything about anyone else. Where did you get your brain cells? From a box of Fruit Loops? My dear God. Somebody help the child.

1933 days ago


OHH all of you need to just shut up...He chose to do what he wants he does not care about you or what you think...Remember this he said "I am what I am." JESUS get over it if he is gay so what if isn't would you leave him alone no I do not think so. HE has is own style get over it. I am BI and I do not be judge him for not coming out he wants his privicey so just let him MY GOD were fans because of his voice not what he is and who cares. MOVE ON PEOPLE!

GO ADAM GO ADAM do not let the haters bring you down be who you are. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TELL US IF you do not let yourself be what you want.


1933 days ago


TMZ is just adding to the fuel of the haters. LET HIM be let him have what he wants. THIS Is his life not yours...I choose to support his MUSIC. Will see what happens in the long run.

1933 days ago

angry white dude    

Freakin' Fruitcake.

1933 days ago


Adam would love reading all the stuff that's being written here. He likes pushing buttons. I love the poem from "ADAM WHO? He obviously hasn't checked out the number of youtubes of Adam compared to Kris, nor the fact that Adam is googled 3 times more than all the other contestants this year combined. Adam's Season 8 album on itunes is kicking Kris's butt. Check out the music video downloads too. Adam dominates. Sure, Kris has a few singles on the top 100, but Adam is still in the top 20 with Mad World that was originally performed in April. Talk about staying power.

So, it comes down to this...Time will Tell, Records will Sell...and the REAL icon (oops, I mean idol) will be revealed.

I find it interesting that the Kris fans..."Kristians" ...are some of the worst examples of Christianity I've ever seen.

Rock on ADAM....

1933 days ago


i love him

1933 days ago


Back off: boyfriend needs a mani ... last couple of times I have seen him on TV he had pulled off the black polish from one or two of his nails and you could tell b/c it was his mike holding hand. he either needs to have them "done" or get rid of the polish. I adore this man...if he wants the polish let him have it. he just needs the time to have them "done".

1933 days ago


Who cares if he is gay or not? He is very talented artist who can sing, dance, and act! I'm not interested in anybody's sexual orientation. I don't judge or discriminate people because of their sexuality. People, please grow up!

1933 days ago


Damn homo's are everywhere!!!

1933 days ago

BY . the number one Britney hater out there    

Adam is gay like the hoast of American idoil and that is hisz boyfreind. Plus Gay Ryan Seacrest is supposed make anocment if he is gay or not but we all know is along with Ryan seacrest.

1933 days ago

Pls don't make me feel sorry for Ryan!    

Ahhhh ... all the haters (non-gay, that is) are the MidWest hillbilly homophobic potbelly beer drinking trailer trash uneducated losers. Ohhh and I forgot ... the holier than thou cheater/immoral Christians.


1933 days ago

same same same    

Those of you calling out MY GOD.. Louder Please and Keep it Up! I't probably a great idea with all the trash you typed out!

Kris has OUT SOLD Adam 3 to 1 on Itunes... Who ever says different, does not know wht they are talking about!

1933 days ago


Oh My God!! What i wouldn't give to be the one touching his feet!! He is sooo sexy.

I am a straight married woman. I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!
For all of the right reasons.
He is funny, and supremely talented, and smart, and ok, I will be shallow here) HOT HOT HOT!!

1933 days ago


What a man! I could NEVER build up the courage to stick my feet into those horrid, bacterial infested tubs! I think it takes major guts to stck your feet in those nasty places. You're done, NEXT!

1933 days ago


My wife and I are 62 y.o. We BOTH get manicures and pedicures once a month. Would you rather see a man with nicely manicured nails or a man with thick, overgrown toenails that are grungy and overgrown cuticles and snagging fingernails? Many MEN get manicures. It's not just a woman thing and it's good for your overall hand/foot health. As any podiatrist. All you so called men out there - if you havent' tried the spa pedicure you dont' know what you're missing. A lovely female puts your feet into a hot bubbly bath, makes your toenails look great enough to be seen in thongs or sandals and then exfoliates your feet and legs and then gives them a massage. And you think that if men have this done they're gay? Regarding that subject, do you expect anyone to ask you who you sleep with? Don't you think it's rather presumptuous that anyone would ask you a question that private? I sure do. I don't go down the street shouting "I'm heterosexual" so why is it that Adam should shout "I'm gay"? I watch him purely for the joy of listening to him sing. I don't think I belong in his bedroom and none of you do either. WHO CARES!!!! Bill O'Reilly probably secretly thinks he's sexy. Adam Lambert is so great an entertainer that he will be a legend - how many other Idols have graced magazine covers or had such following or so many interviews and comments before they even won - and then didn't win and still has the hype going more than the actual winner? He will be another Tom Jones, Elvis, Elton, and etc. Watch and listen. He's phenomenal.

1933 days ago
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