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Kate Gosselin's Kids Punch Out

5/31/2009 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As reward for all their hard work and dedication, the stars of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" -- and their mother -- treated themselves to a vacation in Bald Head Island, NC.


Jon & Kate -- launch photosThe Pennsylvania Department of Labor would approve.


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How fast things change. A month ago Jon & Kate plus 8 was a beloved show, now everyone is hating on them.. Boy we are a fickle bunch. When the chips are down everyone goes against them. How sad. I don't know what happened to there marriage, but I'm sure the kids will suffer greatly, they love both there Mom & Dad, so we should leave them alone at this hard time in there lives.

1936 days ago


Leave the kids alone, Harvey.

1936 days ago


Why aren't the twins in school?

1936 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

If the gossip is true and Jon is moving out or aparment hunting, can Kate get him for abandonment in a divorce? Both are self gratifying and immature, like they lost their youth and are in mid-life crisis, but those really victim to their bad judgments, are the children. Kate wrote 9 Little Faces, now it's going to be (even in this picture they don't look happy and with so many others the fear in their precious faces, the confusion, the sadness is apparent in paparazzi photos for front pages of magazines), but now it's 8 Little Sad Faces. A book of photos and biblical quotes that Kate said in a video how she does not care if even one of them sells but that she did it for the children to have a photo album, THEN MAKE A PHOTO ALBUM, don't have to tour away from your kids for so long while your hubby strays, to lie and say you did this for the kids you two? I think they both have their own agendas at heart, and not acting in the best interest of those kids, to create long lasting, 8 VERY HAPPY HEALTHY LITTLE FACES! The immaturity, materialism, greed, fame, God Giveth, and God Can Taketh Away. Hope they both come together in the best interest of the kids and do what is right for the children over what they feel is self gratifying to themselves. They are NOT possessions, they are not commodities, they are tiny human beings deserving of boundaries, privacy, a normal little childhood. The best thing they can do is go off air, stop airing it all on air and take care of the family and bring God back into the picture like He once was in the beginning of their show. Without God, it all will fall apart. My heart breaks for these kids and the unhealthy enmeshment going on, the isolation, the lack of healthy boundaries in their lives. There is a reason their behavioral issues have increased on screen over time, I hope Kate and Jon take the blinders off and see their children are speaking volumes, in their faces, their acting out, their tears. Take care of God's precious cargo Jon and Kate, one day they will leave you Kate like you discard everyone else. It will backfire, family estrangement from toxic people is REALITY!

1936 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

They are not accessories either!

1936 days ago


I had six brother and one sister growing up so there were eight of us. My father was in the Air force and we lived in base housing. My father was either over seas or on Alert or TDY. He was never there, mom had to raise us kids all by herself. She didn't have family that could help her out, she was on her own. So every year just about, during a ten year span she was pregnant. I don't know how she did it, and looking back now I realize how tough it must have been for her. But she made it look easy and she never complained. She's gone now :( she passed away from leukemia eight years ago. Since mom pretty much ran the show when dad was gone, it was hard to just hand over the reins to someone who was only there a few times a year. Maybe that is what is happening with Kate. Someone needs to be in charge and Jon doesn't seem to know how to do that. So Kate has to do it and everyone comes down on her for it. Good luck Kate your going to need it.

1936 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

LOL at post # 12!!! kate is with them 24/7??? what planet do you live on??? she is allways gone promoting her book or show the nannieS and jon are the ones "taking care" of the kids this is a trainwreck and if darling kate didnt care so much about the all mighty dollar and her so called "fame" the show would be over to protect the kids from this mess

1936 days ago

Nanny of 8    

Hey Harriet I totally agree with you. Leave kate and kids alone already. im sure your life is not perfect, and you people sit on here and judge her and john, shame on you. let them live their lives, so what if they are given things, are you jealous
she loves her children and she loved john, there were times that made her look like a bioth, but you don't see everything either, so stop watching and stop reading about them if you don't care


1936 days ago


I don't think the tabloids should back fact...I hope they make Kate Gosselin's life a living hell. She sold out her kids' lives for money. She has been exploiting her children and destroying her marriage and her husband's reputation all to be a celebrity. I think this was a ratings stunt gone bad. When you disown your own family, push away all your friends and relatives and decide that your "PR people" and security guard are your best have problems. If she were truly doing the right thing for those kids she'd be off that show and dealing with her marriage and children. She has hired help that take care of her children (and Jon...same thing) while she spends 20 days of the month on "book tours" and doing TV interviews. Well I think karma has finally caught up with her. I hope TMZ and the others keep up the pressure to force her to realize the idiot she is making of herself. When Octomom looks normal in comparison...that should be a wake up call.

1936 days ago


I doubt very highly they "treated themselves"!!!

1936 days ago


It's funny how Kates brother and sister-in-law never had a problem when THEY were on the show. Then it wasn't WORK for the kids. Anyone will say anything for moeny, and they are being paid a lot to say it.

Jon doesn't seem like a take charge kind of guy so Kate has to be in control. She basically has no other chioce.

She is just like any other working mother....she just makes more money and you have a problem with that then you're jealous.

Shes working because she has no one else to rely on.

They need help. You can't have 8 children that young and not have help.

I think shes doing a good job and if her husband wasn't out sleeping with 23 year olds and hanging in bars I bet you would see a whole different side of her.

1936 days ago


To #12 Woot, are you blind? Have'nt you seen the premier of the show? It is very clear that they are already separated. If you noticed Kate doesn't seem to like being around Jon at this point. So what do you suppose Jon should do when Kate doesn't want him there? If he insiste on going with them it will just make the trip more miserable. Also, should the poor guy stay at home and sulk all day?

Besides, have you the seen the rest of the picture on their trip? Kate's new LOVER is already with them. It should be very obvious by now that this BODYGUARD is really her NEW BOYFRIEND. Because knowing that there is this MASSIVE RUMOR going on between them how come Kate wouldn't even seem to consider replacing this guy? That is with someone who can't possibly become her LOVER (a guy who is not as handsome or as charming).

It is also possible that KATE CHEATED ON JON FIRST with this guy. Because according to Kevin (Kate's brother) Jon told him that he believes that Kate and the BODYGUARD are having an affair. This is probably the reason why SIX MONTHS AGO Kate told Jon "HEY IT'S OVER".

1936 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Do the math...Jon and Kate plus 8 minus grandparents minus family friends minus aunts and uncles minus Jon plus 8 sad faces plus bodyguard plus PR rep plus 2 divorce lawyers plus labor law investigation interest plus verbal abuse plus children being made fun of plus who knows what else minus who knows WHO else equals....CHILDHOOD AND ADULT THERAPY FOR 8 INNOCENT FACES WHO DON'T DESERVE THEIR PARENT'S MADNESS AND IMMATURITY AND GREED...they need safety parents boundary issues and from their lack of impulse control problems. The math equation of Jon and Kate goes on and much more will their parents cost them? 8 children that the parents make fun of on TV, criticize and exploit. The lack of parenting here I can only hope gets child welfare to step in next or a guardian who WILL have the children's best interest where their parents lack it. Hope the booty call was worth it Jon, hope the verbal abuse was worth it Kate, hope the intentional on air criticism of their children's tender years was worth it, hope the book deals were worth it Kate, hope the mansion was worth it, all at the expense of your children. Call me a naysayer, if the media attention at least gets some official to step up and protect these kids, check into their welfare, to get the kids off the TV so they can enjoy what is left of their childhoods, (Mady and Cara only have a few years left), make them the best years of their lives, PRIVATELY and by both parents stepping up and re-prioritizing, GOD, marriage, family...things, stuff, money cannot replace an unhappy childhood. Jon and Kate, IT'S NOT TOO LATE FOR THE FATE OF YOUR EIGHT! BOTH....Stop whining about how much is on your plate and regurgitate ( the immaturity, the fallen ways of greed, fame, infidelity, mid life crisis screaming), then you'll stop being bait! For once, work hard, ON YOUR FAMILY! FOR YOUR FAMILY! No one is ever themselves or can be with a camera constantly in your face, the kids are in school now, you both are young enough to get careers and make an honest living, not use your children to rob them of a healthy adult life. Why can they not see what they are doing to their own kids? Why do they not care? This wrenches at my heart so much, I cannot have children and here they are taking advantage and for granted theirs. It's not okay Jon and Kate. The self entitlement has consumed the parents. I feel sad for them and pray God opens their hearts to put the children first above their own wants.

1936 days ago

Oh Please    

Bev...I agree with you completely.

TMZ...the camera crew is there!! They are shooting a segment.

Kate is getting a little wide around the middle and her breasts are expanding....hmmmmmm

1936 days ago






1936 days ago
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