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Kate Gosselin's Kids Punch Out

5/31/2009 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As reward for all their hard work and dedication, the stars of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" -- and their mother -- treated themselves to a vacation in Bald Head Island, NC.


Jon & Kate -- launch photosThe Pennsylvania Department of Labor would approve.


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Carrys F.    

Who paid for this trip? Oh, never mind. I'm sure she'll plug the lucky business/person/whoever on the next very special episode of Jon & Kate Divorce!!

1941 days ago

Carrys F.    

I think it's weird that everyone thinks the kids and the family should be left alone. They would be TOTALLY left alone if people (the very same ones begging for privacy) would STOP WATCHING THE SHOW!!
I'm so tired of the hypocracy.
I actually saw a post last week of a women who admitted to watching the show and then saying it should be taken off the air. SHE"S THE PROBLEM!!

I stopped watching the show. It is the best chance of it going off the air and Kate leaving our lives.

1941 days ago


I think everyone should just leave them alone. I personally LOVED the show until all this crap started. I do not watch it anymore because i watched it for the kids not the parents relationship. I hope they can work everything out and do whats right for their kids even if that means divorce. The show should be canceled! And their family members should keep their mouths shut also! CRAZY

1941 days ago


Did you people who are "praising" kate know that she demanded extended nursing services from medicaid after she had the sextuplets? Did you know that they received public assistance for there children? That's out of Kates mouth. She wrote it in her own book (the first book not the second book). I feel for the kids and for Jon. Look at the way kate treats him and the kids. Kate is away from home doing book tours more than she is home with the kids and her husband. I wouldn't blame the man one bit for steppin out on her. For those of you who think I am a guy, guess again. I am a happily married mother of 6 kids. Let me tell ya, if I treated my husband like that, I would fully expect him to step out at the very least if not to slap me with divorce papers. Kate is nothing but a money grubbin *itch. I hope she swims in her own mess. One day her kids are gonna see the video footage from the show and see how she treated their dad and they are gonna hate her for it.

1941 days ago

Average Housewife    

I have to say even WITH a nanny 8 kids on a vacation is probably a LOT more work than fun! My hubby and I took our 2 kids to disney and I was EXHAUSTED!! With TWO!! I'd rather be in Jon's position, staying home with peace and quiet!! I feel for Kate on this one. She is probably just staying away from her hometown and Jon and trying to think things out.

1941 days ago


What a poor example for those 8 children - parents riding with NO HELMENTS!!!!

1941 days ago


I hope they are wearing sunscreen! Otherwise, child abuse! Who cares about this family? They are about as annoying as that reality show whore couple from a few years back, Rob and Amber. Thank God they decided to disappear from tv, now if only this family would follow suit.

1941 days ago


They are in NC because the vile Figure 8 people are based out of there. Protecting their little assets and the witch mom who kicked daddy to the curb. Guess she really didn't want to even pretend she's Christian enough to attempt to work on the marriage. In order to crank out the 40 promised episodes I'm sure this is no vacay but another work day for those kids. Note mommy dearest not in swimming attire. I bet she doesn't want to muss her do.
Any idiot that thinks Kate ever took care of those kids on her own for one minute is drinking the Katie Irene Kool-aid. She's never taken care of those kids by herself in her life. Just because they never showed all the volunteers, nannies, and other help doesn't make them not exist. I'm sure all those nice church goers that donated to the Greedy Gosselin Gang enjoys seeing them on another all exclusive expensive holiday. How nice for them and how entitled will these kids be in a few years. They will be as bad as mommy dearest.

1941 days ago


aaawww. You forget to get a pic of the bodyguard (boyfriend) who tagged along.

1941 days ago


Leave these people alone, its ridiculous and I think its amazing that all these people are coming out the wood work to talk about how they are exploiting these children. Where were they when everything was good no one had anything to say. Just like Kate's brother and wife. If I remember correctly they were on several episodes and so where their kids, so where they exploiting their kids as well. People kill me selling everyone out to make a dollar lol

1941 days ago


Remember to shut off TLC and Jon & Kate Plus 8 on Monday night.

TLC and Jon & Kate live life according to the money from the backs of their 8 little children.

In the preview Kate expresses surprise that a bus is in her driveway. You viewer Morons, do you believe Kate wouldn't know what that bus is for and where they are going? ALL STAGED for her Moron viewers.

Kate is smart enough to know the smart viewers will leave but she is smart enough to know the Morons will follow her to the depths of hell, if she wants you to go there. Thus, her bank account grows.

Hug your families and let the Gosselins be monitored by the state of Pennsylvania. Let the ratings drop and advertisers drop away. Jon & Kate have no brain cells left so we have to talk "ratings drop" and "advertisers leaving".

TLC will only do something, if forced by loss of revenue.

TURN OFF TLC for the entire night, so make a Super Statement that we've had enough.

1941 days ago


Nice to see Kate with the kids, for a change. Since she's gone "on business" so much, she's not around the kids on a daily basis. Oh wait... maybe the kids are better off if she's not with them. Those poor twins.... they are never happy, are they....

1941 days ago


It's time to pull-the-plug. Kate thinks she is a movie star and is forgetting that she is a mother/wife first. All this camera stuff is going to her head. It's okay that she writes books, but does she have to do all this traveling and "why" does she need a bodyguard????? All of this is definitely affecting her family and it's time to stop! I "will not" watch the show again!

1941 days ago

Me in DC    

How can anyone comment on their lives? You do not know what goes on at their home. All you know is what is in their show and what has been speculated about in the rag mazazines.

I would like to know however, how the Pennsylvania Department of Labor can even think of investigating them? How about all the children on TV? How about all the other reality TV shows on TLC about families? Why aren't they being investigated? The only reason Jon and Kate Gosselin are being investigated is because of the paparazzi and the rag magazines. The paps follow them everywhere and take pictures, the rag magazines speculate about their lives making up lies and inuendos. The rag magazines buy pictures taken by anyone who is willing to sell their souls for a dime.

Give this family a break! Leave them alone to raise their children and get on with their lives!

1941 days ago



How about they go off the air and then we will leave them alone? Don't you realize that they got to this place becase they didn't want to be left alone????? DUH !!
They want to be left alone, yea.....but only if you continue to see them as role models and keep watching.

They have no concept, of reality...without tv.

1941 days ago
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