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Lambert Out with Guy, Still Not OUT with Him

6/3/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After his hand-holding photo-op, we thought Adam Lambert was finally going public with his sexuality -- but when he was asked what the deal was between him and this Shia LaBeouf-alike, he closed that closet door again, refusing to say they're together.

Adam Lambert: Click to watch
The "American Idol" wannabeen and his guy Drake were in Venice yesterday, playing cute by pretending they didn't even know each other.

And they say true love is dead.


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who cares if he's gay. he is hotter that hell - a rock star. i wouldn't turn him away! ;-) obviously it doesn't matter to us women if he's gay or not. still dreamy, still hot! get over it. gay or not, he's gonna be rich and famous because there's no denying the talent...

1971 days ago


I also forgot to mention, I'd do Adam AND Blake together, in a heartbeat. I'm so happy to be gay!!

1971 days ago


Adam and Drake are a class act!!! I appreciate the fact they didn't make out in front on the camera. I don't really like it when straight couples do that in public either. I know Adam must be tired of being chased around by the media all day so I think he handled himself well. He's out and about with his boyfriend living his life...going to nightclubs, going shopping, going out to lunch, driving his boyfriend to the airport. Loved how the guy asked him what he was doing after the airport and he said "Going home". Folks, Adam's 15 minutes of fame are not even close to over....this guy is going to be a Superstar!!!! Get used to seeing him because he's going to be around a long, long time!

1971 days ago

Karen Silver    

EEnough already!!!! Can all these gender watchers Leave Adam alone w/ his friends???This is still a free society where one
can actually choose who their friends are....Maybe?? I can only hope that people will choose to evaluate his extreme talent
to entertain and not focus on a lifestyle that is NOT illegal as of now.
Karen S.

1971 days ago


Leave Adam alone with the gay stuff. Big deal. Freddy Mercury was gay and no one had a problem with it. Ellen is gay. Geezzzzzzzz grow up people.

1971 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

This is getting old. Leave Adam alone and let him record his music.

1971 days ago


#8-11 wow , you show stupidity is alive and well, Why aren't the hounding Kris to see if he is really straight!! You people are so hypocritical, why don't you start your posts off with something personal about your sexuality, fetishes, fantasies, I believe Adam is so playing you and you just fall for it everytime. If someone was hounding me about what is obvious I would play them too and they would play the fool. So all you fools, wake up and let it go and go crawl back under your rock, you belong in the dark ages.

1971 days ago


to Nasty...I think you are disgusting and blind with your homophobic hate. I'm happy I don't know you and feel sorry for people who do know you.

1971 days ago


Frankly, most people don't care that Adam is gay. It was obvious he was gay all season on the show. The guy has 282,000 Fans on his Facebook page, more than 16,000 people have signed up for his official web site and his album of songs on ITunes is a best seller. Fans love him. Love his looks. Love his voice. Love his personality. Love his honesty. Love his fashion style. Love his coolness. Love his weirdness. He's fascinating to watch and listen to and people can't get enough!!!!

1971 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Is it just me, or does the new boyfriend look like a brunette version of Ryan Seacrest?

1971 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Is it just me, or does the new boyfriend look like a brunette version of Ryan Seacrest?

1971 days ago


What Adam does is none of our business. He doesn't have to say a g-d damn word about his guy. Or his sexual preferences. TMZ stop already. In other words BUTT out.,

1971 days ago


As much as I hate to say this I must:

TMZ, thank you for all Adam videos, I love all the videos even though a part of me (the most part) wish you could leave him alone. Hm...

But he's just so CUTE! I want to see him every day!

I love Drake more and more. They look happy and relaxed.

1971 days ago


Thanks TMZ for such a hot look at Adam. Let me tell ya: You're just making Adam more popular. He's hot, sexy, sweet, polite, and don't forget that voice! Well, too bad TMZ guys aren't hot. But keep those Adam shots rolling. LOVE HIM! And by the way, he was robbed on American Idol and should have won. At least he didn't have Text-Gate behind him. Hugs all, Marlene

1971 days ago


As for "nasty" saying that adam is disgusting your quite the a**hole aren't ya? My god who the hell do you think you are? He is extremely talented does his sexual orientation really change how his voice sounds? If you are so disgusted by things like gay people and adam what are you doing on TMZ's site at all? You are a very ignorant person who is clearly stuck in another decade. The best advice I can give you is get off the internet and keep your opinions to yourself!

1971 days ago
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