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Kate Plus ... Another Woman's Baby

6/4/2009 2:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently eight is not enough for Kate Gosselin, as she held another woman's baby while waiting to board a ferry in North Carolina ... without her husband.


Fortunately, we're told the baby suffered no permanent damage for staring directly into Kate's chunk-stripe, bi-level reverse mullet weave.


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Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

OMG, it's Jon illegitimate baby! Kate you are such a saint to love on one of what could be many of Jon's drunken booty call babies, they are just starting to come out of the woodwork.

1946 days ago



1946 days ago


They have been in NC since last week. Don't her kids go to school? They are all school age and to my knowledge are not home-schooled.

1946 days ago


It's so nice to see that the comments here match the class of the reporting this website does. Lotsa class, all of it low.

1946 days ago


This woman has done what she needed to do to make a good life for her family. She may be a little obsessive compulsive but you need to be to keep 8 kids organized. As for Jon, he is lazy and self-centered. He quit work to help at home and he never lifts a finger unless Kate asks him several times. Never would he take the initiative to do anything unless it's for his personal pleasure!

1946 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

oh yes, let's all bow down to saint kate *rolls eyes*

1946 days ago


She probably jerked it out of the mother's arms when she saw the cameras thinking it would make a great photo for her adoring public.

1946 days ago


omg this is the most scandalous thing ive heard in my life!

1946 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Someone needs to kidnap Kate and Octomom and put them on a secluded island. KATE, you're voted off the island, go away already. She's like a bad rash that won't go away! Where's the KateBGone spray when you need it?

1946 days ago

Psyclon Nyne    

hahahaha... Oh geez that QUEEF expression is PRICELESS!!!

Sadly, I would not be surprised if that is exactly how she feels about each of her brood. Considering how much disdain she not only shows towards them but her ghastly comments about her own sons.

::banging HER head against the wall::

I want to adopt Alexis 'cause not only does she resemble myself at that age (looks and personality, minus the wide space between the eyes and I'm more haole looking) buuuut we're both Young, Wild and Free!!

1946 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Joan, go eat some fiber. You're starting to sound like moody Kate.

1946 days ago

Oh Please    

LOL, at the lackey from Kate's PR firm. You can post till you drop and Kate will still be the most hated Mom in the US.
Too bad, so sad. Kate is a monster that pimps her kids. Awful human being....just awful. The hair is a riot..I need a good laugh and I really do laugh when I see it. It is funny that peeps are photo-shopping it. Bye 15 min is running out puta.

1946 days ago


Wow what a bunch of jealous meanies just because she had the brains to turn lemons into lemonade.
Come on admit it...shes beautiful thats why we cant get enough of her or her darling husband.
So she has to treat Jon as a child? maybe now we know why!!!!!!
I love you Kate and wheee you guys are on PEOPLE.
I hope this show goes on foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

1946 days ago

Psyclon Nyne    

Rofl... @ Bad Rash

Well, who would pwn whom? Octoyerstillfuganallips will cast her infamous and fugtastic eye rolls. +50.

Khate would just counter cooly with her nasty side-eyes and immediately render Octoclowncar infertile. Not to mention bust up her plastic surgical fugface. +1000

1946 days ago

Oh Please    

wow, Joan and the other idiot. You are the same person. Why not try changing your posting style. Kate is hated and you will not be able to change that. You stand in the minority now. The show will never see Season 6, sorry. Kate is a beast!! She is common trailer park white trash and always will be. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.

1946 days ago
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