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Kate Plus ... Another Woman's Baby

6/4/2009 2:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently eight is not enough for Kate Gosselin, as she held another woman's baby while waiting to board a ferry in North Carolina ... without her husband.


Fortunately, we're told the baby suffered no permanent damage for staring directly into Kate's chunk-stripe, bi-level reverse mullet weave.


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To the nasty B***HS that I offended, yeah you know what I might go on tv and do what she does, see the problem with me yelling at my son would be that that would make me a horrible mother as he has brain damage and many problems so yes I might put my child on tv so that I would have money to raise him, it is expensive, and you know what else, I never said that I aggreed with everything she was doing, but I bet she is doing a hell of a lot better then you would be doing with 8 kids.

1936 days ago


Kate said she is an introvert, likes her privacy and quiet...another piece of Kate crap.

She is parading all over the grocery store shelves in a BIKINI !!!!!!

If you "viewers" were smart enough, you wouldn't be sucked into Kate's web of deceit.

If you watch Jon & Kate because you are sick little fools who want to make Jon and Kate mult-millionaires on the backs of their 8 little children, and are entertained by such media hype that you believe is REAL....then ok. You can also count your fingers in your spare time...that should fill up your day.

1936 days ago


So what she is holding someone else baby! A lot of women love babies and like to old them, big deal!

1936 days ago


TLC should be put out of business. If they destroy Gosselins for the love of money, they should be accountable in the court of law.

Jon & Kate should also be accountable in the courts.

1936 days ago


Damn this is one FUGLY looking broad. I know judging on looks isn't nice, but aside from the hair ( chuckle. ) and her stupid expression why would anyone in their right mind marry this women? BTW Nice looking DUHHHHHHH expression there Kate.

1935 days ago

Sarah Henke    

Maybe I shouldn't have ragged on her so much about her hair, but you have to admit, it is a bit ridiculous. Yes, she is a good mother to her kids, however, she is exploiting them and that is totaly unforgivable. As I said before, she should be ashamed of herself and yes, I can't stand her.
The show should be canceled. How much money does this gold digger need? I feel the children should have as much as a normal life as possible. Growing up with cameras in their face 24-7 is hardly normal.
As for Jon, I hope he finds happiness. Kate is a witch, she needs to find her broom and fly away. She makes me deathly sick and I can't stand her. For all the readers that don't like my last comment #144, you are entitled to your opinion and I'm intitled to mine so kiss my ass!!!

1934 days ago


#63. "Then why don't you losers explain how these kids are not, happy..."


1934 days ago


Kate looks like Anna Nicole Smith when stoned--dahhhh cross eyed gaze - lol

1934 days ago


Kate's chunk-stripe, bi-level reverse mullet weave hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha! I AGREE TMZ!!

1934 days ago


kate is a good mother idont know y people have to hate her about, she takes care of her kids verygood wiht . i prey for their family.i hope they can stay togeather for saik of the kids thay yest need time & family councelin, god bless them. Plus this is a situasion that many people have been throug.

1933 days ago

I'd grab it ;)    

Jon is an idiot.. a typical male. Kate can do better.

1902 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

I wish her hair would totally cover that ugly mug!!!

Why are these douche bags so fu#cking popular??? Sperm + egg = Fame

They are just retards with kids!!! I wish this controlling bitch had birth control!!!

1924 days ago


Personally, people that have watched this show, haven't seen how lazy and uncaring Jon is, he's worse than the kids and acts like he NEEDS to be told what to do, somebody in that huge family has to step up and make sure that the days run as smooth as possible, I can't even imagine how ANYBODY, including that IDIOT that has the 14 kids, can get through the day, SANE. As for Kate's hair, come on people, that's a sexy lady, hair and all, and for the money she gets for doing her show is a must. I had trouble raising one child, the expense is NEVER ending, all you whore mongers need to look at the real situation, personally, jon is a whimp, spineless and if he tucks his tail and runs, I hope she sticks it to him BIG TIME. Just like a man, cause she works her butt off taking care of all those kids and may not feel up to taking care of JON, is to just damn bad. If he did HALF of what she did, he'd not feel like he was being neglected, poor baby. She'll probably be much better off without that whimp.

1923 days ago


I so agree with the no class way of stating your comments on this site, compeletly classless and most need glasses apprantly, if she's ugly then there is not much hope for the rest of society.

1923 days ago


Kate should do the show with her body guard instead of John. Lord knows the body guard is handsome. She could do well without John, People are sick to death of the infedelety of men. Now he parades around with young kids that he is humping while making a fool of him self. Doesn't he see that later his kids will be able to look back and see what he really was doing to thier mother.
He should be cut out of the show completely and not make any money to keep his little hotties happy.
What do they see in him? He is a very unattractive man.
Keep your head up Kate, You are doing the right thing and later your kids will see who the responsible parent was for them when they needed you the most.
You could do much better than bug eyes, Your adorable and I like your hair style.

1896 days ago
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