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Nancy Pelosi -- Total SHILF?

6/5/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We got Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi today in D.C. -- and the video leaves us with just one question ...

Nancy Pelosi: Click to watch


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Everyone in this country shoulkd be afraid this person is on line to be President.

1945 days ago


Not even with your two incher Harvey...

1945 days ago

John Galt for President 2012    

If Nancy Pelousy doesnt come up with evidence the CIA lied or have a prime time press conference where she apologizes for being a Communist Terrorist Loving Douche Bag Stooge, then she should be tried for treason then receive the appropriate penalty - air drop her naked into the Swat Valley of Pok-E-ston (as El Presidente calls it). Let her become Bin Laden's bitch.

1945 days ago


Absolutely the worst House Speaker in the history of the nation. This idiot probably can't even tie her own shoes. Not only should she be rotting in jail for all her own criminal financial activity, but she should step down and resign since she bashed the previous administration for bs "torturing" allegations for the past 7 years, now we learn she not only knew all about it, but she signed off on it. She's a typical lying, ignorant, hypocritical Socialist loving liberal that should be kicked out of this country like all the rest of them.

1945 days ago

artie help    

i really am afraid to comment honestly, i really believe that the gov. totally reviews these posts periodically. if they see things that they don't like they write down your e- mail and keep an "eye" on you, be careful and i will no longer post.

1945 days ago


Nancy is ugly inside and out. This left wing fascist has done everything possible to destroy this country and the bitch is still at it. Impeach and imprison.

1945 days ago


Nancy Pelosi is a total nutbag! Apologize bi$ch!

1945 days ago


The sleeveless Mrs Obama needs to get a note from Nancy Pelosi on how to cover up and still be hot.

1945 days ago


She looks like a Sleestak from the land of the lost.

1945 days ago


Nancy will keep getting plastic surgery on the tax payers dime. she is a pathetic piece .put a dog leash on this one

1945 days ago


I dont DO IT with liars.

If anyone can cause Obama to fail. Its her.

1945 days ago


Where's the dems when it comes to investigating her about her comments about the CIA? Of course, there won't be one as there isn't any investigation for any of the crooked dems in Congress. They are given a pass.

1945 days ago


If she were a Republican, the libs would have crucified her. Lying POS. This country is in BIG trouble with these pukes in charge.

1945 days ago


Is it any surprise TMZ is falling all over Pelosi? I used to laugh at the funny captions under celeb pics on TMZ. Now I laugh at how pathetic this blog has become. TMZ has crucified Miss California for having an opinion and constantly pokes fun at Christian celebs like the Jonas Brothers, yet glorifies self-righteous heathens that dominate Hollywood.

What's next: The ADILF?

And below is a picture of George Tiller. Wouldn't surprise me coming from this crap site.

1945 days ago


Gallup's most recent poll reveals "Darth" Cheney has better approval numbers than this lying c*nt! Though TMZ still treats her like she's the most beloved person on earth. Unreal. Liberals are so pathetically stupid that its scary.

Hey Nancy girl, unemployment is now up to 9.4%!!!! How are all you Obama voters diggin' that HOPE AND CHANGE!?!?!? LOL, idiots!!!!

1945 days ago
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