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Tyrese -- Don't Mess with Francis Scott Key!

6/5/2009 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

During Game 5 of the Playoffs last week, Tyrese Gibson decided to change the words of the National Anthem -- and now he realizes what a colossal mistake that really was.

Tyrese Gibson: Click to watch
Gibson was booed hardcore after he replaced the line "our flag was still there" with "our Lakers were still there," and when we asked about his version last night, dude turned deathly serious and extremely apologetic.

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artie help    

these people have no respect, for tradition. Everyone takes completely for granted the amount of blood ,sweat and tears that came from millions of faceless names that have giving their lives so that WE can enjoy the greatest , freedoms the world can imagine. HE SHOULD BE APOLOGETIC.

1968 days ago


Roseanne Barr should be grateful. This totally eclipses her *performance* in presenting the National Anthem. At least she brayed the RIGHT WORDS!

1968 days ago


Hey douchebag Tyrese, what have you ever done for your country? You are a true disgrace to this country and everything my brothers in arms have died for!!

1968 days ago


I watched the video of his apology. It sounds like someone set him straight and he sounds genuinely sorry. Like he said, he was "in the moment" and didn't think. I doubt he'll do it again.

1968 days ago


First your bitch ass comes t the Kentucky Derby in Air-Force Ones. Now this. He does not have any respect for anyone or anything. I should have knocked your ass out at the Grand Gala. Punk midget

1968 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

It should be a crime to do that to our anthem during a public performance. I used to be a member of a military color guard and to this day I appreciate having had the opportunity to represent our nation and military at the start of several major sporting events. And it was good times with those guys--AFTER we presented the Colors. Until then, we were focused--we were there to represent. This singer should be ashamed of his public disrespect of our anthem.

1968 days ago


In the moment, the guy made a mistake for which he is sorry for. He didn't mean to insult anyone. He made a mistake... you know, something we all do from time to time.

1968 days ago


it was kinda stupid for him to do BUT he did sound very genuine in his apology. as for me i'll forgive him. its not like he pulled a stunt like mike vick's dog days.

1968 days ago


That's what happen when Laker Fans think Kobe is GOD and ride or die for his ass.

1968 days ago


12. Love internet tough guys like BIG STEVE , in post #6 lol..$100 says tyrese would kick your punk midget ass. He made a mistake,something EVERYONE does, get over it. You americans are way too uptight. No wonder Sacha baron Cohen has field day with you guys.

Only a $ 100.00. Broke ass bitch. LOL. Trust his midget ass would not last 10 sec

1968 days ago


The KC Chiefs fans change the Anthem at every football game. The entire stadium shouts "Home of the Chiefs at the end of the song and no one has made a story about that yet. But when one person does it, all hell breaks loose. Seriously? There are way bigger issues in the world.

1967 days ago

Chris N.    

While I've never been a Tyrese fan, it's only because his music is not what I'm in to. Regarding his apology, I thought it was classy and sincere. A little humility goes a long way. In a year or so, when this has truly cooled down, I hope that the Lakers invite him back for the final step in making things right. He said he's sorry. I have no reason to doubt him. Give him the opportunity for a do-over, and then close the issue for good.

1967 days ago

Donald Ray    

Man, it sure was a long, drawn-out apology, wasnt it? Working without a script is a bitch for real. Anyway, I've seen so many fkd up versions of the anthem, so WTFK? My question is, why in the HELL, does it have to be sung at a sporting event, ANYWAY?????

1967 days ago


...and stop talking about how GREAT this Country is. This COUNRTY has robbed everyone from the Mexicans to the Indians for the USA land. and stole African's from the motherland to help build this country.Speak out

Yeah, and the Mexicans have been stealing it back a little at a time. I believe they have California now and a good chunk of Texas. Arriba!

No one stole African's from the motherland. Africans in the motherland sold them to whomever wished to buy them. If you still feel bad about it, considering no slaves or slave owners are alive today, airline tickets to the motherland are available online in this great country of ours.

The Indians got hosed. We need to do something about that. Conditions on the reservations are deplorable. Unemployment, alcoholism, suicide rates for young people. I'd rather Obama give money to them than pay for abortions in foreign countries (1st 100 days), but I'm just one person.

1967 days ago


I have to wonder why every African-American that is ever asked to sing the National Anthem feels the need to change up the song???? I'm sick of everyone putting their personal take on the song!!
It's impossible to sing along at sporting events when you have fools trying to put out their version of it!! When you go to the UK and listen to them sing their Anthem they have the entire stadium singing along because it is sung the same way without some glory hound trying to bring attention to themselves.

1967 days ago
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