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Carradine's Family Outraged Over Death Photo

6/7/2009 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David CarradineAs if they weren't dealing with enough -- the family of David Carradine is now "profoundly disturbed" by the publication of a photo that appears to be Carradine hanging in his hotel room.

The photo -- which Thai police believe was taken by the forensics team -- appeared on the cover of a Thai tabloid called "Thai Rath." The photo shows a naked body suspended from a bar in the closet, with his hands apparently bound together above his head.

The paper did not identify the source of the image.

Carradine's brother Keith released a statement that says, "The family wants it understood that, per attorney Mark Geragos, any persons, publications or media outlets will be fully prosecuted for invasion of privacy and causing severe emotional distress if the photos are published."


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Where you at FIRST ? ha ha i`m first sucks

1963 days ago


Who cares!!! How old was his prostitute? Was she 3, 4 , or 5 years old??? He got what his karma gave him.

1963 days ago

Kid Charisma    

Maybe this tool saw too much Twilight and thought he was a vampire and tried to hang upside down.

1963 days ago

Mari Colon    

it's called Raw Footage!! In America u can do just about anything, but u can't see the real deal, oh but gays can be married.

1963 days ago


Ha! Perfect! Can't wait to see it - or to read all the posts by the holier-than-thou-hypocrites! Until the links are up I think I'll revisit some old pics of Chris Farley spread on the floor...

Remember, fame hags - you want fame, you belong to us in life, death, and everything else. SUCKERS!!!

1963 days ago


can someone link the photo ?

1963 days ago


WOW..Just let it go tmz...let him R.I.P. for once

1963 days ago

arte help    

Sorry Chris, if thats what you're into, go to Cambodia. Thailand doesn't have child prostitution anymore ,you pervert!!! I hope you burn in Hell!!!

1963 days ago

mellon bruse N    

DEATH by suicide in china is common and it is the most common form of sucide in china which leads the world in suicides.From 1995-1999 there were 287,000 suicides in china alone and for every suicide ten more tryed.A DEATH ERECTION a priapism is also common and can happen in the living from damage to the brain or spine.In SAMUEL BECKETTS waiting for godot a priapism is even joked about.The pain of death is eased by pleasure.I think he was making a statement about the suicide rate over there and NO one should be looking at a dead man`s PRIAPISM anyway unless some crime has been committed.I think the old HUNG FU master was handing his family(CLAN) a huge payday and making a statement in his death that he could`nt in his HUNG FU acting.HIS DEATH ERECTION and erotical death is not the issue the suicide rate in china is.

1963 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

saw the photo and his hands are not behind his back

1963 days ago


Just saw the photos. if that's a closet... geez they must have tiny clothes. if that is a luxury suite... man they must have lower standard. if that is david carradine... then he must have died his hair for the movie he was starring in. anywho how cruel to post the photo of a recent death. but i guess they did it because people like me wanna know, and see.

1963 days ago

Now what now?    

This whole situation is very unfortunate. What he did in his personal time is definately his business, but when it can lead to an embarrassing death like drug abuse you have to be really careful. Its really not the tabloids that have put his family in an uncomfortable position. It's actually David's actions and I'm sure they are just as angry with him.

1963 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Leads the world in suicide by hanging and a DEATH ERECTION is common in hanging.He went to the land of suicide and joined,he was amking a statement I think they will find he was dieing anyway and DON`t loot and look at a dead mans DEATH ERRECTION it`s NOT a crime to have one.

1963 days ago


OMG ! is scared ?

They removed my comment with the link to the photo.


1963 days ago


Don't know how Thailand police can say that he was the only one in that room, if that is true then how can this man have his hands tied above his head????!!! Someone killed this man either on purpose or by accident. RIP David Carradine

1963 days ago
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