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Inside Speidi's Torture Chamber!!!

6/8/2009 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A five-star hotel, it ain't -- but does it really look like Heidi and Spencer Pratt were being tortured in the Costa Rican jungle when they were held in solitary?

Heidi and Spencer

We got our mitts on these photos of the "chamber" Speidi was forced to sleep in (top), the camp grounds the rest of the cast slept in (bottom) and the detestable duo (just kidding, but it's great alliteration) kissing before they went into the chamber (inset) for a night of "torture."


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Lol.. to bad for her

1960 days ago

First whores!    

I'm praying with you Speidi. I hope you sue NBC's pants off!!!! Nbc should not treat American Royalty the way they did. Screw NBC!

1960 days ago

guy rich    


1960 days ago


These worthless, talentless, brainless, personality-less d-bags are the downfall of society... but I digress. The only torture that went on is that they were kept away from the cameras too long while in the chamber. They have to get attention somehow. It's so sad that the media and the public fall for it.

The only time I ever hear of these two people is from rag mags. They're Z-list, at best. It is just weird how people who have really done nothing in life get attention? Why is that?

1960 days ago


I would PAY BIG MONEY to watch these two douche bags and their parents get waterboarded in true Gitmo fashion - what is good enough for a MUSLIM TERRORIST is good enough for them. Friday nights at 9pm each week for 3 months.

Their pseudo careers as celebrities has come to a screeching halt - - - - America, we need to start throwing our feces at them like monkeys do. Let's crap on them like they are crapping on us. Suffer Heidi and Spencer Suffer.

1960 days ago


So they wimped out on participating, so were given a private tent (vs. sleeping in the open like everyone else) overnight until they could be flown out the next day. Big deal! Was the network supposed to BEAM them out?

1960 days ago

c brass    

Unforntunatly, some "stars" don't realize that these are the actual living conditions of people living in poverty. Heidi and Spencer can always go home. To the poor people, this is home...

1960 days ago


I sure hope they are ok

1960 days ago

Carrys F.    

This is all a PR stunt and I am believing more and more that NBC AND the show is in on it.

I am so tired of this story. I can't wait until a real scandal breaks so we can all move on.

1960 days ago

Stronger than Rihanna    

tortured? did someone take away the stupid bi*ch's comb?

1960 days ago


The only mistake NBC was locking them in there and not throwing away the key

1960 days ago


Ratings------ I can see through that

1960 days ago


Spencer and Heidi are WEAK and PATHETIC. I am sure a lot of things on that show are hard, but there is no way I would let America think I was a wussy like that. I would suck it up and do the stunts. And I am FEMALE. I can't imagine a supposed man -- like Spencer -- allowing himself to look like an utter p*ssy on national television.

How embarrassing is that?? I bet if he got in a bar fight with Sanjaya - he would get his @ss whooped! He's an embarrassment to the male gender.. hell, he's an embarrassment to the human race.. and Heidi is just an airheaded, talentless, ignorant imbecile.

1960 days ago


It seems like the King and Queen of soap opera's are the only people in the jungle. Isn't this what they signed up for, They will still get a 6 figure pay check for a month to live outside their perfect little lives. 6 figures, I'll take their spots and i know a million other people that would too. STOP CRYING.

1960 days ago

oh brother    

I'm just upset they didn't leave them in there long enough where the CO2 could of finished them.

1960 days ago
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