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Inside Speidi's Torture Chamber!!!

6/8/2009 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A five-star hotel, it ain't -- but does it really look like Heidi and Spencer Pratt were being tortured in the Costa Rican jungle when they were held in solitary?

Heidi and Spencer

We got our mitts on these photos of the "chamber" Speidi was forced to sleep in (top), the camp grounds the rest of the cast slept in (bottom) and the detestable duo (just kidding, but it's great alliteration) kissing before they went into the chamber (inset) for a night of "torture."


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Um, is it me or did they actually have it BETTER than those that weren't being punished? Albeit, the others are probably feeling tortured for merely having to be around Speidi - because that is torture.

1926 days ago

who gives a shit    

These two low lives signed up for this stupid program and they knew what they were getting when they did! Give me a break and just go away already.............................................

1926 days ago


I cannot even watch that mess of two crazy people. The rest of that cast is not too bad and probably it would be funny to watch with Frangela and now one of those ladies is voted off. They were the best part along with Lou. However, too much fakery. Realistic has ceased to be on any channel on any games...OH...perhaps Amazing Race is as close as they get to be REAL.

1926 days ago


Heidi my poor baby

1926 days ago

Lori Peters was SCARRY. um, not so much. Are these two actually adults?

1926 days ago


These two spoiled, whiny, pampered brats are pathetic. IF this isn't a publicity stunt, NBC should have to pay out the wazoo just for being stupid enough to think they are celebrities and putting them on this show in the first place.

1926 days ago


If NBC is doing this for rating they truly must be desperate!! There are a couple of actors on this show for their 5 minutes of fame; however I do believe some are there to win money for their charities as well. Send the youn’ home and let the TRUE Reality stars shine. If I have to watch these two for the majority of the hour tonight it will be my last night viewing this show.

1926 days ago


Of course they weren't tortured. They are beyond ridiculous! I just hope that they will never again be hired for any reality or non reality program. Its one thing to annoy the hell out of the audience (so people end up loving to hate you) but its entirely different to have the reputation of being difficult to even work with, and threatening law suits. No one will want to bother with them, not even worth the trouble. Star power or quality they do NOT have! Now the only air time they will receive is through their friends, the paparazzi, and I don't think they pay that well.

1926 days ago

paris phillippe    

first of all they are not celebrities, they are reality people and that is it. they try desperately to get a lot of attention but i think this time it backfired big time!
i wouldn't go on a show like this, live like that, or eat the stuff they have to eat.
all reality shows like this are the same, but this reality show is so boring, nothing happens here
and why did they have to stay in that shack for 2 days, what the hell for?

1926 days ago

Linda Mott    

Do you mean to say that newlyweds couldn't think of something to do?

1926 days ago


OMG TMZ... Seriously these are the two most pathetic and annoying people that you bombard us with stories on. I mean, come on, they do EVERYTHING in life for publicity because they know what you don't seem to want to admit; they are useless. PLEASE, TMZ, stop giving them the "fame" that they crave soooo much. It would be much more fun to (not) watch them sink into obscurity... Pretty Please?!

1926 days ago

speidi h8r    

Heidi and Spencer just made me throw up like 30 times and I have to go to the ER. I'm going to sue them for billions!!!

1926 days ago


They should have a reality show called:" WHO WANTS TO TORTURE HEIDI AND PUSS-boy!",..I'd stand in line,..hell, I'd pay big money to torture those two talentless idiots,..seriously,..Hollywood Royalty?? what the hell is that?? Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts,...Speidel??,...they are the open-oozing-butt-sore's of Hollywood, and I wish the news directors and network jackasses that continue to throw these morons in our faces will one day please stop. We don't need a new Pariz Hilton every few months,...the only good thing will be in a few years, when their 15 minutes of fame are up, and some new show catches up with them, and Spencil is in rehab and bald,..or working the drive-thru at Wendys,.and Heid-ich is fat and and has three kids to fathers she doesn't know,...

1926 days ago


Who's the ass that let them back into the world you finally had them captured away from the world and you let them go!!!

1926 days ago


This is all over TMZ because Harvey is Pals with Spencer!! Not because it's a good story! Who gives to Sh*ts about these two, they are money wh*res. Will do anything and everything to get more $$$> Like pretend to get married in Mexico. American Royalty!! WTF. They are royalty because......??? Being on the Hills doesn't make you Royalty!! A$$HOLE!

1926 days ago
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