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Inside Speidi's Torture Chamber!!!

6/8/2009 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A five-star hotel, it ain't -- but does it really look like Heidi and Spencer Pratt were being tortured in the Costa Rican jungle when they were held in solitary?

Heidi and Spencer

We got our mitts on these photos of the "chamber" Speidi was forced to sleep in (top), the camp grounds the rest of the cast slept in (bottom) and the detestable duo (just kidding, but it's great alliteration) kissing before they went into the chamber (inset) for a night of "torture."


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todd lissner anti adult activist    

much bs

1971 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

They have been torturing me every day on TMZ.

I hope Spencer gets a rare case of jungle herpes or jungle pigs flu down there.

1971 days ago


The rooms at GITMO at 10 times nicer than that. Funny that Heidi and Spencer are roughin' it more than actual terrorists. Gotta love ya some liberal craziness!!!

1971 days ago


Just some thought, I think why she was throwing up so much is because she was coming off valium, its the only logically thing, They both admitted to taking them and enjoying them, NO ONE ELSE GOT SICK, but she's not eating, sweating, stomach pains,and throwing up? You're not sick, you're detoxing.

1971 days ago


praying does work !!! i prayed that this would happen to them!!! i can't think of two people who deserve this more!!! karma is a b*tch baby.... we need to lock them up in solitare confinment FOREVER!!!!!!!!

1971 days ago


I love Heidi and spencer. I want them to be PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!God Bless them, I hope they keep reading their Bibles and praying to GOD for guidance. And dont listen to the a** holes who are mean. No one is perfect, except GOD. Grow up people. Be nice and love each other !!!!!!!!

1971 days ago


They keep saying that they are the biggest cleberitys on the show. I dont think do lou dimaond philips is the biggest one. He actually does work.Hiedi and spncer are losers and sad individuals.

1970 days ago


What the F is wrong with Spencer? I would ask if it was possible for anyone to be as stupid as he acts but clearly it is possible. He thinks he's a villian? Villian my ass, he's a hack. A hack posing as someone that THINKS he is famous. and THINKS he can market himself. Let's all pitch in and buy him a better inkjet so he can work on printing labels for his own lame-@ss products.

1970 days ago


Would it not be cool to see Danny Bonaduce on this show and what he would of done to Spencer.

1970 days ago
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