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Jeremy Shockey -- 'What Happens in Vegas...'

6/8/2009 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeremy ShockeyJeremy Shockey is falling back on the most tired excuse ever for his poolside collapse -- literally telling one newspaper "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." If only that were true ...

In an interview with the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the New Orleans Saint didn't go into details about what actually happened the day he allegedly passed out from "dehydration" at Hard Rock's Rehab, but said "If you're halfway intelligent you can read what everybody wrote" and he's just "looking to the future."

A tip for the future: Drink water.

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The John Daly of football. All the talent in the world just being pissed away....literally....very sad.

1963 days ago

guy rich    

i met shockey hes not a bad guy he just has a littlle brain.Hes cool as hell but he can barely write or talk.I started to ask him something about football and he was like yeah lets go get a beer.I was like jeremy your being traded to another team and you may not like it? He was like ah@#$#%#% again same thing happen back in school! Man i tried to calm him down but hes like a 7 foot rambo going crazy.He then signed to the saints and they advised they could always use a tool!!!

1963 days ago


He just needs to learn that alcohol minus food and water prior to drinking results in you falling out from dehydration.

1963 days ago


uuummm, Jeremy plays for the Giants, not the Saints......

1962 days ago


Cocaine's a hell of a drug... Or maybe someone tried to get him with Roofies.

1962 days ago


The dude probably G'd out! Seriously, who passes out from dehydration & remains unconscious for a while?? Factoring in the combination of desert heat, dehydration, alcohol & G (GHB), he may have easily went over his limit for his size! Only amateurs & messes G out like that.

1962 days ago


I'm tired of this drug thing. Not everyone is Vegas does drugs, not all celebrities do drugs either. I've met a lot who do and a lot who don't. Most athletes I've met don't mess with dangerous drugs. And what the h*ll is the point of him taking GHB? He would have been tested at the hospital for drugs. Chances are he was drinking too much alcohol, didn't even it out with water, add the heat and that equals DEHYDRATION. I'm in NY right now and the heat here compares nothing to the heat in Nevada. People just don't get it. The heat is BAD. He's not Lindsey Lohan, dehydration is real not just an excuse. I'm so tired of this I can't stand how every time something happens in Vegas someones supposedly doing crack or ecstasy. Its like a f*cking joke. I'd bet most of you commenting have been to Vegas maybe once or not at all, and most probably can't afford it. So stop spreading dumb rumors about it all being about drugs.

1952 days ago


I'm also in NY right now. Heat? What heat? ONE day in of 79 degree weather? It's been raining practically every day for three weeks. Key words in my previous comment: PROBABLY and MAY. I can gladly collect on your bet. I lived in SoCal for a number of years and drove to Vegas on whims before moving back to NYC. I've experienced the partying scene and the "non-bridge and tunnel" scene. Oh and let me make myself feel special also. The celebrities I'VE MET don't do drugs either.

1950 days ago


Yeah well I LIVE in Vegas, and the majority of people doing drugs here aren't famous. I also work in the party scene, its my job not just some pass time for me and with that I've come to easily recognize when someone is on drugs. Secondly from the view of the photos and then the video at what point was this guy unconscious for you to believe it was anything but dehydration? There are no photos of him on the ground or in a lobby like previously reported. He's outside, clutching his body and then paramedics got called. Where is the unconscious part??? Find it for me.
I grew up in NY by the way, and I wasn't necessarily referring to the current whether of rain storms occurring but to past experiences of heat here that I thought was horrible until I started living in Vegas.
With your comment of "Probably", that was the assumption that I'm referring to, ppl assume everyone in Vegas is on drugs at some point. And your comment with "MAY", you were referring to his size not possibility of drug consumption- so once again assuming its drugs.

Btw Congratulations you've lived in Cali (an overrated state) and you also met celebs. My comments weren't bragging just using information from my experience to add to my opinion of the situation.

1949 days ago

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