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Great White Dope

Alba Defaces

Oklahoma City

6/9/2009 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dumb: Defacing all sorts of public property in landlocked Oklahoma City (including a United Way poster) ... to increase local awareness for great white sharks ... which don't usually dwell anywhere close to Oklahoma City.

Capturing all the stupidity on film and posting it on the Internet.

Jessica Alba
People in OKC are pretty upset after these photos surfaced yesterday on The pics clearly show Alba tagging downtown OKC with the posters, which ironically don't even have a clear message on them ... posters that stoners probably think are just advertisements for Shark Week.

The most ridiculous part is that one of the spots she's accused of tagging was a billboard for the United Way. A rep for the non-profit organization told us although the billboard was donated, they'll probably have to pay out of their own pocket to replace it. Either way, the U.W. said, "We remain focused on our work rather than this minor distraction."

So far, cops say no one has filed charges against Alba.


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I hate vandals!!!!! Throw the book at her!

1964 days ago


Yet another celeb thinking they can do what the hell they want...ridiculous. she is a DUMBASS.

1964 days ago


Ahhhh Alba, your roots are showing! Great example to your baby too. After all those years of paying for straight teeth I'll bet your own Mama's fit to be tied. You hurt sick kids....nice job!!!!!

1964 days ago


so lets get this straight! if you or i did that we would be locked up and fined, and on top of that have to pay for the damage and the united way poster, BUT because its Jessica "dumb ass" Alba, they wont go after her... so the moral of this story like some many others is: if your a so called celebrity you can get away with ANYTHING! good job!

1964 days ago


I agree with JLyne. I'm sick of celebrities doing whatever the hell they want and never getting punished the way you or I would. Look at that skank Kelly Bensimon.... Any "regular" person (especially a man) who busted someones face up, would get way more than 2 days community service. These "celebrities" are self righteous brats.

1964 days ago


Ok so let me get this straight... she covers a poster for a group that helps PEOPLE with a poster that is suppose to get us to help sharks? Fu*k the sharks... unless they are out of work and can't feed their little shark families I think the HUMANS take priority. I think she should have to replace the United Way posters including paying to put up more United Way posters and she should have to PERSONALLY go down and remove the friggin shark posters. Myabe she would get the f off her high & mighty horse if she was made to do community service such as removing other peoples grafiti to show her that just because your famouse you CANNOT do whatever you feel like doing. If she wern't an actress she would be charged with vandolisim, it will be interesting to see if the P.D lets her get away with this like all other stars do. What she did is no different then any young as*hole with no respect for other peoples property.

1964 days ago


I always find it odd when people care more about saving animals than saving humans

1964 days ago


I think she needs to just go home and take care of her daughter!

1964 days ago


Ummm...TMZ. It's OKC not O.C. Last I checked we were not anywhere near the West Coast.

1964 days ago


OH...and what a dumba$$! The biggest thing in OK is catfish. IDIOT! Go down to the Gulf area.

1964 days ago


This is what happens when people have too much money and too much time on their hands. Get a real job honey. Volunteer with a worthwhile cause like actually helping people. What can you expect though from the person that said - stay neutral - like Sweden. Ugh. She should have to clean up the mess she made.

1964 days ago


I actually hope this hits mainstream news. Didn't even think about the one-justice-for-all aspect of what she did...not even afraid to be caught. What an idiot.

1964 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Once more, it is proven, no amount of money or fame can buy thoughtfulness, morality, common sense or respect for others.

1964 days ago


The most ironic part of all of it is that she NEVER has a smile on her face....guess this is what it takes to make her smile. What a shame!

1964 days ago



1964 days ago
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