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Lenny Dykstra

Explodes Over Rolls

6/9/2009 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Baseball legend Lenny Dykstra fired off an angry email to a TMZ staffer -- calling her "a f***ing drama queen" -- all because we had the audacity to ask if his $400,000 car was repossessed.

Lenny Dykstra
So it all started Monday afternoon, when we got some pics of Lenny's Rolls-Royce Phantom getting towed from his work in Camarillo, California. Given the recent reports detailing Dykstra's financial woes, we considered the possibility that it was getting repossessed. So we reached out to Lenny to find out what was going on. His eloquent response: 

Let you know what? I had the pick-up arranged with Rolls Royce - what do you think we are all doing there at the same time for?

Do you not have anything better to do - you f***ing drama queen! Get a life!

I worked out the pick-up with a VIP at Rolls Royce - I told them where I would be, the time I would be there ..... and now you want to know why? BECAUSE I WASN'T DRIVING TWO HOURS TO BEVERLY HILLS, PERIOD!

Do you not have anything better to do, how did you get the big assignment? You f***ing drama queen! Get a life!


Lenny K. Dykstra

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No Avatar


I actually do have to agree. Who gives a crap even if it being repo'd? Is this a top story for TMZ? C'mon!

1962 days ago

Ut Oh    

WTG Lenny.

1962 days ago


Amen, Lenny. TMZ on a slow news day is worse than a bored proctologist.

1962 days ago


Well, that's what people on here try to tell you for ages now TMZ. Get a real job instead of poking around in other people's lives. It's not interesting, it's not entertaining, it's not even funny most of the time...

Kudos to Mr. Dykstra!

Just cause a car gets towed doesn't mean he didn't pay the bills. This is what is called presumptuous... In real life you could be sued for libel and slander. But since you only report on "celebritites", it's called entertainment...

You must all be really proud of your accomplishments and the contributions to the American society... Way to go... NOT

1962 days ago


Do your homework, posters. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=4084962 He doesn't pay his bills and his house is in foreclosure. Everyone in Ventura County and all of his MANY former employees are aware that he had the Maybach repossessed and has been hiding the Rolls FOR MONTHS. Dude can't even buy a pack of gum. Guess he couldn't hide forever. Karma is a b****.. Need a ride to prison, Lenny??

1962 days ago

The 1 & Only    

"you f***ing drama queen! Get a life!"


1962 days ago


As if anyone at Rolls Royce who plans on keeping their job would arrange for a VIP tow from the back end of a Chevy pickup.

1962 days ago


lol! my job is to repo peoples cars, i'm sorry but it looks like it was a voluntary repossession. thats when the client makes a deal with the dealer or the with repo company to pick up the car, So the repo fees won't be to high and (sometimes) it could show on their credit report THAT he Voluntary give the car back. BUT hey i may be wrong, this guy may still have his car..

1962 days ago


I dont know who this guy is, but he doesn't sound very intelligent

1962 days ago


Hey Lenny is a public figure, and by his own admission a Media Mogul. Sorry to break the news
but everyone in Ventura County knows who's the real "Drama Queen". Lenny Dykstra is the
the next Bernie Maldolf; Don't let up TMZ.

1962 days ago

who dat    

Angle is correct. "a voluntary repossession" is exactly what that is. Give the guy credit for returning the car like a man. (Most) Everyone is going through tough times right now.

1962 days ago


Is his reaction not that of a drama queen?

Dumb hypocrite baseball player. He must of been hit in the head with some balls other than his boyfriends.

1962 days ago


to the tmz staffer that posted this. you sould be fired. its not funny or entertaining. its slander.

1962 days ago

John K    

I think he was kind of right.

You guys jumped to the dramarama conclusion that his car was likely being repo-ed.

Hence, drama queens? If you hunt out celebrities to try and find them at their worst or most embarassing, then by definition you pretty much are seeking drama. I'm not judging, I enjoy TMZ, but let's be honest..we ARE drama queens :p

1962 days ago


Why do you people complain about TMZ when theey report on celebrities...THAT'S THE BUSINESS THEY'RE IN...DEEUGH!!! If you want learned information go to mensa.com (but, be advised, that's for intelligent people - not the usual batch of morons on here and other socially slanted websites). If you want a burger you don't go to Red Lobster do ya??

1962 days ago
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