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Britney Takes Her New BF Out for a Stroll

6/10/2009 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears took a break between concerts to walk around Hyde Park in London with her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, and her boyfriend/agent Jason Trawick.


Now that he's met the kids, the next step is to meet her father ... and his lawyers.


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So let's see, at the William Morris Agency you get to sleep with your clients. Cool beans. Isn't LA grand? I guess ethics are for suckers.

1959 days ago


To poster #21 I've seen several more pictures of this same walk through the park where you can see the jeans better. Thats how I know they are william rast. lol

1959 days ago


Those children should be out of those strollers walking.Thats why god gave them legs.
And get rid of those pacifiers.Those should be gone before they reach 1.Lemme guess they are still in diapers too? lmao
Wake up and realize their age.

1959 days ago


I think it's great that she is dating him....he seems to be good for her and has that stability she needs. I mean she don't need to be dating Celebs or someone like's good she has found someone who makes his own money. As for the binky thing my younger son took one till he was 3yrs old nothing wrong with that. It is also not true they get buck teeth and bad breath for son has neither of that. As for the stroller I myself favor those stroller when traveling, if you are a mom you know what I am talking about, they are less hassle and so lightweight. And yes my son's still sit in strollers and they are 7 and 4, because AGAIN if you are a mother when sightseeing you know how much easier it is to get around instead of waiting for them because they do walk slowly because of their lil' legs. Geez if ur not a mother don't even comment on those things!

1959 days ago


The kids are WAY too old for a binky and too big for strollers. WTF is she thinking?

1959 days ago


Ok, my son is 15 months old and we do not use a stroller with him. He is so used to having to wak that when we would try and use a stroller he would just get mad. He actually prefers to walk which is great. I think it is whatever you get them used to. I did not want to be a mother of a 5 year old still carrying around a stroller! I would much rather my child be active and want to use his legs, rather than always expecting to be pushed around.

1959 days ago


Guys this is OLD. LIke two days old. Even print media beat you to it - that ain't cool.

1959 days ago


OK I know this question is kind of obvious but is Britney stupid? Her kid's teeth are going to be RUINED if she keeps letting them suck on binkys.........

1959 days ago

Big Bear    

Why is Britney's dad allowing her to hang around with these weird people?? Daddy needs to remind Britney that she has serious mental illness issues. Britney is not sane enough to make her own decisions!!!!

1959 days ago


If the pacifier reminds him of some "bonding time" with mom, then let the dear lad have a go at it.

1959 days ago


Seriously-w/all the money she has-she could at least use better umbrella strollers. THose look like the one's you get FREE w/purchase @ Babies R Us!
BTW-the paci is acceptable to most Peds until 3-don't think little guy is 3 yet!

1959 days ago


No wonder our society is appearing so mindless these days with most mothers working outside the home and not raising their own child/children. What do many of you know about the age-appropriateness of pacifiers and strollers when you've been raised by multiple and questionable babysitters throughout the years?

Each young child is different and has varying emotional, psychological, and personal needs. These two-plus and three-plus year-old little boys will soon be out of disposables, pacifiers, and strollers at the appropriate time with, hopefully, a sound preschool soon thereafter.

More mothers should be utilizing strollers on outings with their older toddlers-early preschool age child/children instead of yanking the growing, exhaustive, and crying young child around by its arms. Other mothers in the public and the entertainment industry should be using strollers to transport their children instead of carrying them around on babybumps and teetering around in highheels while carrying their child while putting their own safety and the child's safety at risk. People criticized Britney when she was doing that when they were infants and now that she's doing the correct, right thing you're still beating up on her.

Leave Britney and her sons alone, perfect your own lives, and do the correct, right thing by your own children, grandchildren, or nephews/nieces.

1959 days ago


Get those lazy ass kids out of those strollers. Llittle too big for a pacifier, as well.

These are grown kids not babies. Retard Britney.

1959 days ago


I agree with #26. That little boy has fetal alcohol syndrome. Look at his eyes. So sad.

1959 days ago


I agree the kid is to old for a pacifier..BUT the kids have been through a lot with their parents so maybe its more of a security they don't keep them forever..and he is the youngest so maybe its her way of hanging on to him being a lil guy a bit longer. There is no reason to slam them for it. It just needs to be replaced with something else. I think Brit looks great she finally looks like a mom enjoying a day with her kiddos..

1959 days ago
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