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Bret Michaels Is Bloody Mad -- I'm No Liza Minnelli

6/11/2009 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You're looking at the face of a man who took on the Tony Awards -- and barely made it out alive.

Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels
just posted these gruesome pics of his busted ass face after a prop at the award show came down and cracked him in the kisser at the end of a live performance Sunday night.

The Poison frontman also posted a scathing press release on his website, attacking the Tony's for not caring about his injuries-- because he's not Liza Minnelli!!

Here's a snippet from the actual release -- "I feel had this incident happened to Liza Minnelli, Dolly Parton or Elton John the Tonys would have at least issued a letter of concern."

In the statement, Bret claims he was dazed and bloodied during the incident, but "the full extent of his injuries remains to be seen until all x-rays are back."

Michaels reps claim someone working on the Tony's should have prevented the injury form ever happening, saying "the prop should have been immediately halted until Michaels was clear."

Sounds like someone's setting the stage for a serious lawsuit...

Bret Michaels Tony Awards


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Thats a shame Leave Bret Michaels alone.. he is NOT gay and definitly not a sissy or a wuss. Ide like to see anyone of you have a Prop come down on youre head and lets see how you feel then, and Bret is NOT a dirty Old man thank you very Much ! He is an awesome Singer and still a Very Sexy man.. How man of you can say that you have or ever had as many beautiful women wanting you the way Bret Had and STILL has after him ? he has a million Fans that love and adore him and love the band Poison. so if you have nothing nice to say , say nothing ! and Bald or not ( doubtt he is ) Bret Michaels is still Hot .. even at 46 xoxoxoxxo Luv ya Bret !

1837 days ago


That wig and bandana must be glued on, His nose gets bashed up but the headband didn't fall off?

1855 days ago

artie help    

this guy is a bitch.

1855 days ago

mike cano    

what a gay. get over it. so you got hit in the face with a huge prop at the tony awards. what the hell were you doing there in the first place? Your the lead singer of POISON dumbass! you got what you deserved.

1855 days ago


If only he were gay
He could have pranced out the way
Then at next years Tonys
He could have pranced another day

1855 days ago


UNTIL ALL X-RAYS ARE BACK???? Where did he have them taken? Siberia? Big pop star can't get his fotos back right away like everyone else? Don't think so. Why lie??? Just waiting for the PR and legal machine to come up with the right words. What a phoney. Life awaits you.

1855 days ago


Sounds like lawsuit material to me. And Bret loves attention. Seems inevitable
But TMZ, "should have prevented to injury form ever happening" doesn't make any sense. Maybe you all were looking for the words "the" and "from"??? Just a suggestion....

1855 days ago


Notice in the picture on the right he's still doing that ridiculous lip pout. What a sissy.

1855 days ago


Dude.....ditch the bandana. Show us your Leif Garrett/Hulk Hogan bald head.

1855 days ago

steve allen    

What an idiot...must have missed rehearsals, because that's where the staging takes place...stand here, then move, follow the tape on the stage floor...simple stage commands...that jack ass wanted some more stage time...and Poison at the Tony's??? who knew....what a jack the way, the weather is nice in Malibu today...gotta start drinking my scotch, Jake's gotta get to school and Berta's going to be here in a few minutes...

1855 days ago


The Tony awards suck... I don't care who was on stage; that you like him or not is of no concern... Somebody got injured and they showed no compassion whatsoever...

1855 days ago


If he hadn't have been wearing that stupid cowboy hat to cover up his bald head he would have been able to see the wall coming down. It's his own damn fault.

1855 days ago

Nelson Muntz    

Do you NOT proofread before you post? Check your spelling & grammar, TMZ idiots.

1855 days ago


Won't know until all the xrays are in? Last I had one, I knew that very day what they showed. Grow up. You've gotten hurt worse than this in a bar fight.

1855 days ago


Oh please, I had worse injuries falling off my bike as a child. He is such a drama queen!

1855 days ago
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