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Chastity Bono

Becoming a Man

6/11/2009 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chastity BonoChastity Bono, civil rights advocate, journalist, author and musician, is in the early stages of changing his gender -- transitioning from female to male, TMZ has learned.

Bono, the child of legendary entertainers Sonny and Cher, began the process earlier this year, shortly after his 40th birthday.

"Yes, it's true -- Chaz, after many years of consideration, has made the courageous decision to honor his true identity," confirmed Bono's publicist, Howard Bragman.

"He is proud of his decision and grateful for the support and respect that has already been shown by his loved ones. It is Chaz's hope that his choice to transition will open the hearts and minds of the public regarding this issue, just as his 'coming out' did nearly 20 years ago.

We ask that the media respect Chaz's privacy during this long process as he will not be doing any interviews at this time."

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Mike Kochhertz    

oh contrere, mon frere Illinois. the media would have you believe "it's no big deal" anymore, but, ask around, outside your little liberal clique, and you'll see, it's a bigger deal than ever. Funny thing is, it has minority groups at each other, the
brothers and latinos hate gays more than any whites ever did. With the latino population rocketing, eventually, everyone
is gonna need to get back in the closet!!

1923 days ago



1923 days ago

Illinois person    

To: WOW ....and it's too bad your parents raised a real doofus for a child. They (your parents) aren't getting any pats on the back for raising a hate-monger, now are they? ....and the by the way, if you knew the real Cher then you would know she neither condones or does drugs including crack which is why she kicked Greg Allman to the curb all of those years ago. On the other hand you by all means seem to know what crack is all about ...which is way too odd! Guess it takes a crack head to know one. At best if Cher were a crack head, as you claim, at least she can afford it!

1923 days ago


Well, bless her heart. I wanted to say something negetive about this but couldn't find it in my heart to do it. If she wants to do that with her body it is her business. Hopefully she wont't regret it and will be happy with her decision.

1923 days ago



1923 days ago

Illinois person    

Mike K: Better to be in the closet then to have one's head stuck up one's (yours) ass, yeh?

1923 days ago


Way to go Chaz! Good luck on your journey!

(note to Iam Smartman-shouldn't you learn to spell before posting a stupid rant?)

1923 days ago


1st, Iam smartman is the biggest idiot of all. 2nd, good for her/him but why is she/he wearing all that girly makeup in the photo?

1923 days ago


If she/he wants to be left alone and no interviews, then why annouce it at all??
Oh, and why the makeup if you are a man? Maybe I should ask Adam Lambert. geez

1923 days ago

Linda Mott    

What a shame!

1923 days ago


I don't htink Sonny would have liked this!!!!!!!!

1923 days ago


Good for Chastity. He only has one life and should live it as he pleases. I wish him nothing but the best.

1923 days ago

Mike Kochhertz    

Ah, Illinois, yes, now I see, anyone who disagrees with you is a hater, ok, I know exactly who you are now.

1923 days ago


This is ridiculous. It is fine to be gay, but to completely change your gender? If SHE is wanting to become a man someday, why is SHE wearing makeup in the picture? Usually homosexual MEN like to wear makeup in the instances of drag, etc. or trying to portray the life of a woman. This makes absolutely no sense and unfortunately the public is falling for a massive publicity stunt. I wonder how long it will be before we hear about her day on the senate floor in D.C. about something she is trying to get passed.....

1923 days ago

Mike Kochhertz    

Definition of a liberal: someone who is open to peoples ideas, thoughts and opinions............unless they disagree with their own!

1923 days ago
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