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Clothing Co. Kicks Prejean While She's Down

6/11/2009 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First it was the Donald -- now some clothing company is firing Carrie Prejean.

Sledge USA, which claims to create clothing for fashion-forward, young contemporary and junior women, announced in a press release today that they too were cutting ties to the ousted Miss California USA (seen right in a promo photo for the fashion line).

They say their decision was based on "was based on Miss Prejean's neglect to fulfill promotional requests." The Miss Universe organization cited similar reasons when they dumped Carrie yesterday.


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OH NO!!! NOT SLEDGE USA!!! Whatever will Carrie do now!?!?!?! You Socialist over there at TMZ still cant get over the fact that Carrie has beaten you at every turn and that your dumbasses are responsible for making her a star and rich, LOL!!! Oh the Karma!!! I think Carrie will do just fine without "Sledge USA!!" LOL!!!!

And again, to correct your lies, she quit Miss California, as well she should. Why be bullied and tortured by angry, jealous, intolerant liberal Nazis when you're the biggest Miss Ca to ever be? LOL, she's only getting started!! Thanks TMZ!!!

1958 days ago


she's busy!

1958 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

She got fired again for not showing up to promotional events she agreed to do again? I'm shocked ... wait ... no I'm not. Once her 15 minutes of fame are over, she'll probably have trouble keeping a job at McDs because she won't show up for work there, either.

1958 days ago


Bailing on yet another company she had a contract with eh? Very unprofessional and irresponsible

1958 days ago


Everyone who wants to look good to the politically correct crowd is going to use this excuse now. It is too hard to disprove.

1958 days ago


i'm tired of her and sarah palin moose hunter,i bet they get a joint show together on fox news channel! oh the comedy

1958 days ago


I trust her more than I do Sledge USA, or the snobs who run Miss Calif.
they treated her like trash just because she answered a question with
what she believed in. It would be nice if the people who hated her answer
would hold the President and Vice President to the same standards
they hold beauty queens.
If Obama had come out for Gay Marriage in Calif he might have
changed the outcome but HE DID NOT.

1958 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Somehow, Sledge USA telling her "you're fired" just doesn't have much of a ring to it. Surely, Carrie is shakin' in her designer t-shirt emblazoned with a bunch of crests from a Cub Scout manual.

1958 days ago


Thinking there is something more up with all of this then the media wants it to appear.
They just seem to eager including TMZ to take this lady down, think I'll wait and hear the other side.

1958 days ago


At least Carrie was not a kiss as* and held her ground on her opinion about marriage.
The suckie thing is that everyone declares that we have freedom of speech but in today's media has transformed this right as a mere afterthought. People are being bullied if they differ in beliefs and philosophies, they are more rigid than the right wingers, there is no longer flexibility in encompassing alternate views.
I can say honestly that I empathize with Carrie.
Trump was going to fire her no matter what, he just used the media to his advantage for more coverage and free hype, as long as Trump gets his name out there he got what he wanted all along, free advertising! Miss Carrie was collateral damage.

1958 days ago

robert c. maize    

Armadillo beauty queen carrie prejean.question?

If you put your self one public display and enter into a contest to compete for a chance at the brass ring and you put your name to a contract with the origination of which terms are laid out then you have made yourself a commodity and the rules do apply.

Also by this act you acknowledge you understand what you have steped on the stage for which includes the fact that all that occurs because are helping foot the bill for you to be someone.

You put yourself in this position and should know to have the answer for any question in a gentle maner.

But you chose to creste s flap and you got one. So don't cry it's your signature.

And add a snotty attitude dosn't cut it either..

Just an observation of the great armadillo.

1958 days ago



Speaking of looking dumb, you sound dumber than dog sh*t with your pro-gay talking points that you're spewing. Obviously there is a lot more to this story which is why the intolerant left, like this website, are trying their damnest to hurry up and tar and feather her before the truth gets out. She had a conversation with Trump where she said she was tired of all the bs, backstapping, and attempts to set her up to get her fired, and told Donald she'd leave it up to him to decide her fate. He in turn told that gay mafia puke, Keith, it's his call and BOOM, here we are. She had to hear she was fired from a media person calling her asking her for a statement to find out what had actually happened. This whole thing reeks of misconduct and breach of contract for the pageant officials that have a clear agenda.

And oh yeah, the e-mails you're referring to that were sent out by Keith and his associates are conveniently cut and pasted jobs from random responses from Carrie. Did you happen to read her e-mails that she has where she's outraged and offended that they'd even tell her that Playboy wants her in their magazine? Of course not, because like a typical liberal douche you don't like reality and factual information.

Suck it!!

1958 days ago


Dumbasses, this cheap ass clothing line that no one has ever heard of has a tie-in with the Miss California people, so obviously she's not going to be the spokeswoman anymore. This is a non-story and a complete reach for more hateful bs from the intolerant Harvey and his Nazi minons.

Can't wait til Keith Lewis is fired! I wonder if TMZ will even report it? Nah, the Communist in them won't allow it.

1958 days ago


Are all of you people dumb?


It had NOTHING to do with her answer at the pageant.

She signed a contract and then didn't honor it.

But, No, you have to twist things around to suit your own agendas. Carrie Prejean has been proven to be a HUGE liar. Why would ANYONE want her for a spokesperson?

Every 'complaint' that she has whined about has been refuted. The evidence is clear.

Carrie Prejean sent childish emails to the pageant people, didn't do her job, and she LIED.

Keep your personal BS out of it.

1958 days ago


So you beauty-queen-bigot lovers how many jobs does she have to lose for NOT SHOWING UP until you admint she may not have been the bast poster child? really come on now are you guys SO desperate to slign yourself with anyone who agrees with you that you're stil clinging to this sinking (silicone filled) ship??? And you're wondering why the conservatives are the lauging stock of America & beyond? You keep winners like palin, Joe The Plumber & twit that's why!!

1958 days ago
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