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Usher's Wife -- Divorce? What Divorce?

6/11/2009 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Usher Raymond filed for divorce from his wife Tameka Raymond -- it's news to her.

Here's what we know. Although there are rumors Usher has filed, we're told by sources close to Tameka that she has yet to receive any papers. But our source also tells us Tameka hasn't spoken to Usher "in a few days" and has been trying to get a hold of him the entire time.

As for the courts, there's no record of any filing by Usher.


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I hope it's a rumor. they have a family so they should try to make it work. and Iam Smartman, get a life.

1958 days ago


#16, I would think that Usher was quite aware of her past before marrying her. Many, including his mother, were against the marriage and I would suspect were the ones who informed him of his soon to be wife colorful past. I also would assume that perhaps his mother or other influential people in his life hired someone to "dig up her past." Many times people do not head to warnings due to believing people are trying to run their lives. Apparently Usher was being pulled in too many directions and was not thinking clearly. With that being said, I still would not wish a divorce on anyone.

1958 days ago

kosa! kosa! kosa!    

No one cares about Usher anymore! Let's move on David Carradine!!!!

1958 days ago

voice of reason    

what do you mean by

becoming a man

nuts to that opinion

1958 days ago


14. 10. Hey Iam "smartman" lol!!

Who peed in your cornflakes?

Posted at 7:17PM on Jun 11th 2009 by thatstyte
No one.

His third world country doesn't have cornflakes, ...or corn or food.

Posted at 8:22PM on Jun 11th 2009 by Dar

wtf.. Dar, "his third world country?" newsflash not everyone loves americans you stupid yank and the likelyhood of this particular poster coming on from a third world country are minimal because people in third world countries have better things to do than to bother their heads with the featherbrain yanks who voted bush in for 8yrs.. something that wouldnt happen in a any country where they actually have brains not paris hilton running the show...

1958 days ago


as for Tameka, well, its about time!! some people are just too stubborn for their own good and just because you have money doesnt mean you have brains to go with it..

1958 days ago


His mother - very wise...she knew this woman he married was going to be a a gold digging disaster.

1957 days ago


You black females are simply malicious to post your terrible comments against Usher's wife on here. From the very begining she has been the target of jealous snippets who have nothing better to do than berate her. I'll bet that you are also the same sluts who wouldn't think twice about coupling with that guy to commit adultry. The comments about Tameka's age are particularly offensive. Youth does not guarantee happiness. What if the divorce rumors are exactly that - rumors! His marriage is none of your business. Her womb bore his sons whether you like it or not. I am confident that Usher is quite capable of making decisions without your interference.

1957 days ago

me so horny    

. Honest to God... American people are just plain FAT and Stupid...
period... end of story... ya eat fast food all day... think
vegetables are Stephen Hawkin's and Christopher Reeves...don't
exercise... watch TV hour after hour... obssess over weight through
diets, game shows and gurus but still don't lose any...have the
highest percentage of Heart disease, diabetes and cancer, admit that
you're attracted to fat people BUT all your fashion is designed for
boneracks and your Celebrity icons that you drool over are anorexic.

Isn't it time to admit.... you're not a super power... you're a
pathetic race of materialistic, diseased wasters

Posted at 6:28PM on Jun 11th 2009 by Iam Smartman

Iam Smartman, you are one Dumba$$ what does your comment have to do with usher, you should change your name to Sir AHOLE!

1957 days ago

me so horny    

Usher finally came to his senses, married to a woman who has not one but three kids already and thens he adds two more to the litter. not very a smart move for any single person and not to mention the fact that she's much older than him. boy he was totally whipped and now he realizes that, maybe next time he'll make smarter choices like choose a woman with a career that she can actually support herself and kids.

1957 days ago


A babe
How do you know ANY black women made comments about Tamika? You sound very unintellignet with that statement. Unless you have throughly done research and calculated how many black women commented negatively, you shouldn't make a stupid statement like that. Furthermore, people are entitled to their opinions and it doesn't matter what race they are.

1957 days ago


38. kels I agree with you... some people are just pathetic like that.... I wonder if A babe knows what they say about people that assume... When a person assume their only making an a$$ out them self.... A phrase we use often in NEW YORK!!!!!And by you Ababe saying you black females, you assumed that we are black.... NOT!

Whites, Hispanics, and other ethnics also comment here too.....

1957 days ago


She looks like shaq and the goblin dude from spider man had a baby and that baby was b slapped by an ugly stick.

1957 days ago


Usher will get custody of his kids because of her criminal history. She wont get joint custody only weekend visition. That will make her child support order less. They have only been Married 22 months so Spousal Support will probably last about 1 year.

We all saw this coming.

1955 days ago


I think both of them was on two different levels and the only reason why they hooked up is she was the one who he talked to when he was going threw things. ( I mean who don't talk to thier hair dresser when getting your hair done) To me i love wasn't the case with them they were more friend. She got pregnant on one steaming night maybe they had two I'll give them that and she got pregnant so Usher married her cause she was having his baby. I don't think you should marry just because the kid situation just take care of your kids.

1949 days ago
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