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Adam Lambert: Booze Before Babes

6/13/2009 2:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert's a smart guy -- despite the fact that he's openly gay, he's still giving the ladies a shot at a steamy make-out session.

Adam Lambert: Click to watch!

Lambert's revelation came at the end of last night's 20/20 interview. For all those ladies wanting to lock lips with their "American Idol" all it takes is a "couple of drinks."


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@still at it

They're giving Adam more coverage because he's the most interesting thing that ever happened to American Idol. He's the only one that ever got my attention.

1925 days ago

BY . the number one Britney hater out there    

Hey that Adam is look more and more like girl with all that make up on are you sure that you never had a sex change for female to male. Oh I forgett that your gay men ryan seagaycreast sex parnter.

1925 days ago


Adam was an UGLY kid & teenager...fat, bad acne, reddish hair, attractive girls wanted him.
Now, he's incredibly GOOD-LOOKING and women are throwing themselves at him and telling him how sexy he is so it's not suprising he's getting a little "bi-curious".
I could actually see him hooking up with a woman or women, particularly if he met some hot woman who he felt an emotional connection. I've seen him interact with women and he's a huge flirt plus there have been some intimate pictures posted on line of him and his best friend (who's a woman) so he doesn't seem "grossed out " by girls. But he will always be predominantly gay.

1925 days ago


Adam isn't stupid. He knows that by saying lately he's become more "bi-cuirious" that it will help keep his legions of female fans interested. Ironic thing is Adam is going to have the most women sobbing and throwing panties and bras at him on stage during the American Idol tour and he's Gay. Women don't care. They think he's incredibly hot, sexy and adorable anyway. Women love him!!!

1925 days ago


Adam is so hot I wanna kiss him, hug him, love him...hmmmmm

1925 days ago


You've got a better chance of limiting Oprah to one pass through the buffet line than getting this flamer to switch sides. Not gonna happen.

1925 days ago


I'd love a little bi-curious Adam action. Anytime Adam, you drop dead gorgeous sexy beast!

1925 days ago


Ha!! Hes not totally gay then if he'll make out with a chick after a couple of drinks. He would be Bi then. As a girl, you couldnt pay me to make out with a chick. Nothing wrong with those who do, just proving my point that he's straddling the fence, you know?

1925 days ago


Interesting comments. Adam is an enormously talented singer and entertainer. And he is a very handsome sexy man. He is particularly sexy when he is performing, and he knows how to work it. It's part of his overall appeal. It doesn't matter about his sexual preference because there's only one of him and millions of us. Odds are that he's not going to show up at your front door even if you're a super hot guy. So, just fantasize.

1925 days ago


Adam is gay NOT BI-SEXUAL. He is BI-CURIOUS which means he is curious but has no intention of having a relationship with a woman. He is curious enough to use them as a piece of meat to experiment with. Perhaps, he will impregnate women so he can have some baby Lamberts.

1925 days ago


Id Take That Anyday . Damn .

1925 days ago


Adam Lambert will be one of the hottest singers in the coming years. Trust me. He is like, the most talked about person in the whole world. Google and Yahoo have him as the biggest celebrity of the week with the most searches and news. And he hasn't even release a CD yet! he's going to be huge and a legend is born! He's Adam Lambert.

1925 days ago


yea I was so thinking the same thing when I saw this.... the dude could not get the women he wanted before AI so now he's having all these hot women throw themselves at him (think that video of a chick running on stage in just a bra) and I think he's starting to think about his options... Of course none of us really know what he is thinking so no one knows if he is bi curious or bisexual or you think he would be honest and say that. Saying straight or gay is a big enough story how about him going on the front of a mag saying "I'm bi-curious" I doubt people would go for that...he's just basically making it clear that he might be with women or he might be with men.. and he is definately open to either.. I mean look at the smile on his face....

and hello did anyone see where last year's winner david cook said along the lines of "Music has allowed me to date WAY out of my league",,,, yeah classy..using your fame to get women.. so I am guessing Adam is thinking the same thing

1925 days ago


Adam's adorbable. Little tease, trying to keep us ladies guessing. Smart move Adam. You ROCK!

1925 days ago


Man, Adam seems to be 100 times more desirable to so many women as a hot, "bi-curious", impossible-to-get little rock god vixen than any cute straight guy. Damn, the straight guys must be pulling their hair out over this one! How unfair for them! Listen guys, just go to Adam's concerts and you WILL get laid. There will be plenty of hot, horny women to chose from. Tell the women how much you adore Adam, that will make it even better!

1925 days ago
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